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WWE Royal Rumble Live From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Booker T, and Corey Graves

If you missed last night’s NXT Takeover:  Philadelphia, you can click here WWE NXT Takeover: Philadelphia Live Results 1/27/18 (Almas Vs Gargano for NXT Championship) 


Match Number 1:  AJ Styles (WWE Champ) Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a 2-On-1 Handicap Match for the WWE Championship

History was made, sort of.  AJ Styles defeated Sami and Kevin.  Sami was in the ring, AJ threw him over the top rope, like it’s the Royal Rumble.  But before this happened, Owens tried to reach a tag, and they just missed each other, but the ref allowed it to be legal.  Owens tried to attack AJ, and nail a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but AJ rolls it up, and covers Owens for the win.  In other words, we are continuing this story.

Winner, and STILL WWE Champion:  AJ Styles, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Sami, Kevin, and Shane

Once again Kevin screams at Shane saying a referee screws him at a title match.  Did he even see the match?  Something needs to be done about this, did he even see the match?  The answer?  Yep, and Shane walks away.

Match Number 2:  The Usos (SD Live Tag Team Champs) Vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable for the SD Live Tag Team Championship In A 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match

The first fall took place for a long time, back and forth finish.  The Usos win the first fall with a Double Superkick, pinning Gable.

Winner Of 1st Fall:  The Usos

Benjamin and Gable had The Usos beat down, but Jey rolls up Shelton before Gable was able to save his partner, and The Usos win in a clean sweep.

Winner Of 2nd Fall, and STILL SD Live Tag Team Champions:  The Usos, by pinfall


Match Number 3:  30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble Commentator:  Jerry “The King” Lawler

Entrant Number 1:  Rusev, it’s Rusev Day for everyone!!

Entrant Number 2:  Finn Balor

Entrant Number 3:  Rhyno

Entrant Number 4:  Baron Corbin

Elimination:  Rhyno, by Baron Corbin

Elimination:  Baron Corbin, by Finn Balor

Corbin takes out both Balor and Rusev

Entrant Number 5:  Heath Slater

Corbin takes out Slater too, so all 3 men are laying.

Entrant Number 6:  Elias

Elias gives us an in-ring concert, saying we won’t see the clock until he is done singing.  The clock continues on.

Entrant Number 7:  Andrade “Cien” Almas

Entrant Number 8:  Bray Wyatt

Entrant Number 9:  Big E

Entrant Number 10:  Tye Dillinger

Owens and Sami attack Dillinger backstage, and Owens tells Sami he got this.  But Sami enters instead.

Entrant Number 10:  Sami Zayn

Entrant Number 11:  Sheamus

Elimination:  Sheamus, by Heath Slater

Elimination:  Heath Slater, by Bray Wyatt

Entrant Number 12:  Xavier Woods

Entrant Number 13:  Apollo Crews

Entrant Number 14:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Elimination:  Sami Zayn, by Shinsuke Nakamura

Entrant Number 15:  Cesaro

Entrant Number 16:  Kofi Kingston

Elimination:  Apollo Crews, by Cesaro

Entrant Number 17:  Jinder Mahal

Elimination:  Xavier Woods, by Jinder Mahal

Elimination:  Big E, by Jinder Mahal

Entrant Number 18:  Seth Rollins

Elimination:  Cesaro, by Seth Rollins

Kofi was on the verge of elimination, but Xavier helped him, Kofi’s foot was on Xavier, so New Day had a plate of pancakes, and flip him over.

Elimination:  Jinder Mahal, by Kofi Kingston

Elimination:  Kofi Kingston, by Andrade “Cien” Almas

Entrant Number 19:  “Woken” Matt Hardy

Elimination:  Rusev, by Hardy and Wyatt

Elimination:  Hardy and Wyatt, by each other

Entrant Number 20:  John Cena

Elimination:  Elias, by John Cena

Entrant Number 21:  The Hurricane

Elimination:  The Hurricane, by John Cena

Entrant Number 22:  Aidan English

Entrant Number 23:  Adam Cole BAY BAY

Elimination:  Aidan English, by Finn Balor

Entrant Number 24:  Randy Orton

Elimination:  Andrade “Cien” Almas, by Randy Orton

Entrant Number 25:  Titus O’ Neil

Entrant Number 26:  The Miz

Entrant Number 27:  Rey Mysterio

Elimination:  Adam Cole, by Rey Mysterio

Entrant Number 28:  Roman Reigns

Elimination:  Titus O’ Neil, by Reigns

Elimination:  The Miz, by Reigns and Rollins

Elimination:  Seth Rollins, by Reigns

Entrant Number 29:  Goldust

Entrant Number 30:  Dolph Ziggler

Elimination:  Goldust, by Ziggler

Elimination:  Dolph Ziggler, by Balor

Final 6:  Reigns, Orton, Mysterio, Balor, Nakamura, and Cena

Elimination:  Randy Orton, by Balor

Elimination:  Rey Mysterio, by Balor

Final 4:  Cena, Nakamura, Balor, and Reigns

Elimination:  Finn Balor, by John Cena

57:34 for Finn Balor tonight, entered at number 2.

Elimination:  John Cena, by Shinsuke Nakamura

Final 2:  Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura

Elimination:  Roman Reigns, by Shinsuke Nakamura

Winner of 30-Man Royal Rumble Match:  Shinsuke Nakamura

In-Ring Interview:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee Young congratulates Shinsuke on winning, and she wants to know if he has made up his mind on who he is facing at Wrestlemania?  AJ Styles

Backstage Segment:  Daniel, Shane, Kurt, and Stephanie

The SD Live people are giddy over Nakamura winning Royal Rumble, there is more to come tonight.  And Stephanie said we are ready for a big surprise.

Match Number 4:  Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Cesaro took out Jason Jordan earlier in the match, threw him into the ring pole.  Jason seemed to have a concussion.  So this match was Rollins taking on The Bar.  Jason makes the tag, then tags right back in.  The Bar becomes 4-time Tag Team Champions, nailing their double team move, after a Brogue Kick, and Cesaro pins Rollins.

Winners, and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions:  The Bar, by pinfall

Match Number 5:  Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Champ) Vs Kane Vs Braun Strowman In A Triple Threat Match For The WWE Universal Championship

3 broken announce tables, 2 broken tables, 2 Powerslams, 2 F-5’s, 6 or 7 trips to Suplex City, Brock Lesnar retains his Universal Championship, pinning Kane.  Strowman screams at Brock that he did not beat him, but Brock is still the champ.

Winner, and STILL WWE Universal Champion:  Brock Lesnar, by pinfall

February 25th:  Elimination Chamber

Maria Menonous as Special Guest Ring Announcer, and Stephanie McMahon as Special Guest Commentator

Match Number 6:  30-Women Royal Rumble Match

Entrant Number 1:  Sasha Banks

Entrant Number 2:  Becky Lynch

Entrant Number 3:  Sarah Logan

Entrant Number 4:  Mandy Rose

Entrant Number 5:  Lita

Elimination:  Mandy Rose, by Lita

Entrant Number 6:  Kairi Sane

Entrant Number 7:  Tamina Snuka

Elimination:  Tamina Snuka, by Lita

Elimination:  Lita, by Becky Lynch

Entrant Number 8:  Dana Brooke

Elimination:  Kairi Sany, by Dana Brooke

Entrant Number 9:  Torrie Wilson

Elimination:  Dana Brooke, by Torrie Wilson

Entrant Number 10:  Sonya Deville

Elimination:  Torrie Wilson, by Deville

Entrant Number 11:  Liv Morgan

Entrant Number 12:  Molly Holly

Elimination:  Sarah Logan, by Molly Holly

Entrant Number 13:  Lana

Entrant Number 14:  Michelle McCool

Elimination:  Sonya Deville, by Michelle McCool

Elimination:  Liv Morgan, by McCool

Elimination:  Molly Holly, by McCool

Elimination:  Lana, by McCool

Entrant Number 15:  Ruby Riott

Entrant Number 16:  Vickie Guerrero

Elimination:  Vickie Guerrero, by Sasha, Ruby, Michelle, and Becky

Entrant Number 17:  Carmella

Vickie nails Carmella with her briefcase.

Entrant Number 18:  Natalya

Entrant Number 19:  Kelly Kelly

Elimination:  Michelle McCool, by Natalya

Entrant Number 20:  Naomi

Elimination:  Becky Lynch, by Ruby Riott

Entrant Number 21:  Jacqueline

Entrant Number 22:  Nia Jax

Elimination:  Jacqueline, by Nia

Elimination:  Kelly Kelly, by Nia

Elimination:  Ruby Riott, by Nia

Entrant Number 23:  Ember Moon

Elimination:  Naomi, by Nia

Entrant Number 24:  Beth Phoenix

Elimination:  Beth Phoenix, by Natalya

Entrant Number 25:  Asuka

Elimination:  Ember Moon, by Asuka

Entrant Number 26:  Mickie James

Entrant Number 27:  Nikki Bella

Elimination:  Carmella, by Nikki Bella

Entrant Number 28:  Brie Bella

Entrant Number 29:  Bayley

Entrant Number 30:  Trish Stratus

Elimination:  Mickie James, by Trish Stratus

Elimination:  Nia Jax, by everyone

Elimination:  Bayley, by Sasha

Elimination:  Natalya, by Trish

Elimination:  Trish Stratus, by Sasha

Final 4:  The Bella Twins, Sasha, and Aksuna

Elimination:  Sasha Banks, by The Bella Twins

Elimination:  Brie Bella, by Nikki Bella

Final 2:  Nikki and Asuka

Elimination:  Nikki Bella, by Asuka

30-Women Royal Rumble Winner:  Asuka

Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss who was watching at ringside comes into the ring, holds both of their Woman Titles up in the air.  And now here comes Ronda Rousey.  Ronda points at Wrestlemania sign, she holds out her hand to Asuka, the Rumble winner slaps it away.  She points to the Wrestlemania sign, tells Charlotte she will see her there.  Then shakes the hand of Stephanie McMahon to seal the deal.  We end the show still asking questions about what all of this means.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, we know now why the Women’s Rumble main evented tonight.  I think it means the prediction I had made last summer will come true.  Charlotte Vs Rousey at Wrestlemania.  It gives WWE news, and I was very impressed with how well Michelle McCool had looked.  Trish and Lita showed they still had it.  Vickie Guerrero screamed.  Overall, this was good match to end the show, and now we will get to see Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka, and Ronda Vs Charlotte.

But the Men’s Royal Rumble is going to give us Styles Vs Nakamura, which will be incredible.  I didn’t see their match they had with New Japan, but I know it was an instant classic.  Nakamura eliminating Reigns was also noteworthy too.  Roman will more than likely compete in Elimination Chamber, and get his match with Brock at Mania.  So everyone wins.

The Road to Wrestlemania has officially begun, and now I am looking forward to seeing Raw tomorrow night.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Royal Rumble Kick-Off Show

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Commentators:  Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Social Media Lounge:  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Sam Roberts

Sam is spewing about nothing, but he brings up the first ever 30-Women’s Royal Rumble match, which leads us to….

Video:  30-Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Alexa Bliss Joins the Panel

Alexa is ready for tonight’s historic match.  She is excited to see who wins.  It’s official, the winner of the 2 Royal Rumble matches can choose which champion to go after at Wrestlemania.  Alexa is a fighting champion, so she will face anyone.  She has proven she does whatever it takes to win.  Is there anyone she does not want to face at Wrestlemania?  No, she will do the impossible at Wrestlemania.  Alexa loves how the women’s division has taken such a big step, and to have all of the women come together for this one match is huge.

Royal Rumble Kick-off Match:  Bobby Roode’s US Title Open Challenge

Royal Rumble Kick-Off Match:  The Revival Vs Gallows and Anderson

Royal Rumble Kick-Off Match:  6-Man 205 Live Match

Backstage Segment:  Jordan and Rollins

Jason tells Seth he is proud to be Seth’s partner.  His dad knew they were going to be such great champions.  With his athleticism, and Seth’s intelligence, they can beat any team.  Gable and Shelton show up.  Jason and Chad embrace a moment, but then they start ribbing each other.  Chad tells Jason he moved on to Raw, with a singles career.  So how is that singles career going?  Well, Jason has gold, so he is doing better now.  He also tells Shelton they were going to call he and Gable The World’s Greatest Tag team.  Jason is making friends very quickly.

Tonight:  the Usos vs Gable and Benjamin in 2 out of 3 Falls Match for SD Live Tag Team Championship

Video:  1988 Royal Rumble

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was the first ever Royal Rumble winner.

Royal Rumble Kick-Off Show Match:  Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado Vs TJP, “Gentleman:” Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak

This was a good match here that gave these 6 men time.  There will be a new General Manager announced this Tuesday on 205 Live.  Kalisto picks up the win for his team, pinning Gulak with a Salinas Del Sol.  TJP is irate about the loss, blames both men for the loss.

Winners:  Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado, by pinfall

Tonight:  Social Media Lounge

Charlotte Flair Joins The Panel

Charlotte gives us her thoughts about tonight’s 30-women Royal Rumble match.

Video:  1992 Royal Rumble

Video:  Royal Rumble:  Inside The Numbers

Rusev showed up, and it’s always Rusev Day here.

Social Media Lounge:  Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Sami and Kevin are answering our questions, and they are doing it brilliantly.  They are prepared for their big match.  One of them gets the pin fall, they are both champions.  It won’t matter, 2 side plates, 2 fantastic competitors.  They won’t take any questions from Peter, which is hilarious.  The WWE Championship match is going to kick off Royal Rumble tonight.

Video:  1995 Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Kick-Off Show Match Number 2:  The Revival Vs Gallows and Anderson

The Revival gets their revenge, after last week’s Raw.  They pick up the win working on Anderson’s knee, and wins the match, chopping at Karl’s knee, and pins him for the win.

Winners:  The Revival, by pinfall

JBL Joins The Panel

JBL has worked with WWE for 22 years, and he is ready to see what unfolds tonight.

Video:  NXT Takeover:  Philadelphia

Alundra Blayze Joins The Panel

Alundra is ready to see history tonight.  She wishes to be a part of that match, she’d love to face Asuka.  She refuses to answer who she thinks will win the Women’s Royal Rumble match.  She picks Nia Jax.

Sam Roberts Waste Of Time

He offers nothing to the table, he is just jabbering along among the masses.

Video:  WWE Universal Championship In A Triple Threat Match

Next:  US Title Open Challenge

Video:  1998 Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Kick-Off Show Match Number 3:  Bobby Roode (WWE US Champ) Vs Mojo Rawley for the United States Championship

Mojo couldn’t unravel the upset win, Roode nails him with a Glorious DDT that wasn’t so Glorious.  It seems Mojo didn’t jump at the right time for Roode to land it perfectly.  But Bobby retains his title.

Winner, and STILL GLORIOUS and United States Champion:  Bobby Roode, by pinfall

Video:  2008 Royal Rumble

Ric Flair Joins The Panel

Flair talks about his moment at the 1992 Royal Rumble match.

WWE Royal Rumble begins now.

WWE Royal Rumble Quick Match Results:

**Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado def TJP, “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak, by pinfall (Kick-Off Show Match)

**The Revival def Gallows and Anderson, by pinfall (Kick-Off Show Match)

**Bobby Roode (C) def Mojo Rawley by pinfall, to retain US Championship (Kick-Off Show Match)

**AJ Styles (C) def Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, by pinfall to retain WWE Championship

**The Usos (C) def Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, by pinfall to retain SD Live Tag Team Championships (2-0)

**Shinsuke Nakamura wins 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

**The Bar def Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (C) to win Raw Tag Team Championship, by pinfall

**Brock Lesnar (C) def Kane and Braun Strowman to retain WWE Universal Championship, by pinfall

**Asuka wins 30-women Royal Rumble Match