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WWE Monday Night Raw Live from Miami, Florida

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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Tonight:  Intercontinental Title Match:  Reigns Vs Joe, if Reigns gets DQ’d, he loses the title

Tonight:  The Year of the Beast:  Brock Lesnar is here live

Tonight:  Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka

Backstage Segment:  Alexa Bliss and Kurt Angle

Alexa does not want the match with Asuka tonight, the way she kicked Alexa in the head, and he rewards her with a match?  Kurt said this could be a Wrestlemania match.  She can settle it in the ring, and remember this isn’t for the Women’s Championship, yet.

In-Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle

Kurt runs down the year that he has had, coming back to the WWE.  Becoming the Raw General Manager, and in 3 weeks, Raw celebrates 25 years.  Then we will have the Royal Rumble, which will include John Cena in the men’s Royal Rumble.  Which brings us to the Women’s Royal Rumble.  We have 30 women enter the ring, and the last woman standing will head to Wrestlemania, and choose which championship she wants to go after.


Here comes The Bar.  They were screwed out of their Tag Team Titles.  He chose favoritism, of giving his son a title shot, and gift wrapped Jason with Seth Rollins.  But what Kurt did after the match was too much.  Kurt gave Jason a big hug.  Watching that footage Kurt makes Sheamus sick to his stomach.  That was nothing but favoritism.  Your son did not deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles, and they want their rematch tonight.  Kurt said they will get their Tag Title shots when Kurt says so.  And here comes Jason Jordan.  If he didn’t deserve an opportunity for the Tag Team Titles, then what is he doing wearing the titles?  Kurt did not act in favoritism, Jason had earned that shot.  Cesaro, if you keep running your mouth, you will make a return trip to the dentist.  Kurt orders Jordan Vs Cesaro, and we have the ref coming out.

Burn it down….Seth Rollins comes to the ring, first.  Jason, they may be Tag Team Champions, but he has a lot to learn about being a team.  You see that stupid guy with the haircut, he puffed his mouth, and they could have jumped them.  What does that do to the team?  You don’t have to like your teammate, but they must look out for each other.  You came out to run your mouth in front of your dad, so that forced Seth to come out, and protect the Tag Team Titles.  Seth will be in Jason’s corner tonight, but the way he sees it, he is only out here to watch him lose.

Match Number 1:  Jason Jordan (Raw Tag Champ) Vs Cesaro

Jordan picks up the win, after selling most of the match, Jordan wins with his Belly to Back Suplex, into a Swinging Neckbreaker.  Seth had his partner’s back eliminating Sheamus.  After the match, Jason acted a bit cocky, and it seem to bother Seth a bit.

Winner:  Jason Jordan, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Roman Reigns

Roman used to call Joe a very good opponent, but now he is a punk, who took out Dean Ambrose, and does not deserve a title shot, but be careful what you wish for.  He punked out Joe last week, and he will do everything he can within the rules….maybe,

Match Number 2:  Bray Wyatt Vs Apollo Crews

This was a good showcase match here, Apollo even hit some moves of his own, but Bray picks up the win with Sister Abigail.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

Video Promo:  “Woken” Matt Hardy

YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS Bray Wyatt, I woken your Fireflies, and turned them into woken warriors.  Once your Sister Abigail powers are gone, Matt will delete you, and we see several screens of Matt Hardy, and his BRILLIANCE!!

Backstage Segment:  Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax

Alexa wants Nia by her side tonight,. but Nia has some chicken noodle soup for Enzo, who is in the hospital.  He needs her, but Alexa needs Nia too.  She doesn’t want to do this, but it’s either Alexa or Enzo.  Nia walks out on Alexa, the soup is getting cold.

Next:  Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka

Monday January 22nd:  Raw 25th Anniversary

Match Number 3:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champ) Vs Asuka, in a non-title match

This was Asuka’s longest match, as it should have been going against the champ.  Asuka picks up the win, making Alexa tap out to her Armbar.  Asuka is set for the Women’s Royal Rumble match in 4 weeks.

Winner:  Asuka, by submission

Video:  Joe Vs Reigns

Backstage Interview:  Samoa Joe

Renee Young barely acknowledges Joe, saying he doesn’t even have to beat Reigns.  Joe interrupts this saying he will beat Reigns, he owns Reigns.  Not too long ago The Shield was talking about being champions together, but Joe systematically changed that, and now Dean Ambrose is a stay at home husband living on his wife’s paycheck.  And last week, Reigns lost his cool, and cost himself the match.  Tonight, he takes that championship and while that might be Roman’s yard, he lives in his world.

Match Number 4:  Braun Strowman Vs Rhyno

Running Powerslam, Strowman is a beast, he picks up the win.  Slater tried to help, but come on.  The crowd wants one more Slam, but Slater fights back.  But Strowman nails another Running Powerslam.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by pinfall


Royal Rumble:  triple Threat Match For WWE Universal Championship

Rhyno gets hit with another Running Powerslam, 3 for him.  Add another one to Slater for a total of 5.

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Returns

Backstage Segment:  Reigns, Rollins, and Jordan

Rollins wants to make sure Joe doesn’t get into Reigns’ head, Roman is good, and will prove to the world you never mess with family.  Jason Jordan comes over and says while they aren’t on the same page, they have dealt with Joe the last few weeks.  So if The Bar tries to interfere, Jordan and Seth will take care of them.  Believe that, and we get Seth and Reigns looking around, which was funny.

Backstage Segment:  Kane and Braun

Kane wants to work together to take out Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble.  Braun doesn’t care about that plan, he is the only alpha monster in WWE.  And when he takes out Brock, he will do it under his own terms.

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Finn Balor

Kurt is on the phone, when Finn shows up.  He is entering the Royal Rumble match, but he also found 2 partners in the 6-man tag match later tonight against The Miztourage and Elias….The Good Brothers.  He has fought with them, and he has fought against them, it’s better to be on their sides.  I love Balor is with Gallows and Anderson.  WWE is finally listening to me.

Match Number 5:  Roman Reigns (IC Champ) Vs Samoa Joe for the Intercontinental Championship

John Kohn was the official during the match, the same ref who worked last week’s match, so we had a story with that.  Another high-intense fight between these two.  Joe tried to use Roman’s head a few times, even shoving Roman into the ref, making Kohn think he should DQ Roman, but the fight continued, and Reigns retains the title with a Spear, pinning Joe.

Winner, and STILL IC Champ:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman

Kurt seemed to like the match he just saw, and Heyman just told him that there are rumors of Kurt losing the locker room, and favorites are being pushed.  So if Kane and Braun fight together, to beat Brock, he warns Kurt Brock will be proactive, not reactive.  Because 2018 will be The Year of the Beast.

In-Ring Promo:  Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

Drew and Daivari are in the ring, delivering us a memo from Enzo Amore.  He is in the hospital, due to the flu, so he will not be defending his title.  He would have wiped the floor with Cedric Alexander, and here comes Cedric.  Cedric came here expecting a Cruiserweight match, he wanted some competition, so since he is “sick”, which one of you will step in his place?  They propose a tag team match, of the two of them against Cedric and the first person who walks down the ramp.

Match Number 6:  Cedric Alexander and Goldust Vs Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

Lumbar Check, match is done, Cedric pins Gulak.  Goldust even pulls off a Moonsault.

Winners:  Cedric Alexander and Goldust, by pinfall

Next:  The Club Vs The Miztourage and Elias

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Hello, I am Elias, and after what I did to John Cena last week, one thing remains true, WWE still stands for Walk With Elias.  Which means WWE Monday Night Raw is his show, and that WWE Universe is his universe.  So he has one question for us?  Who wants to walk with Elias?  Now after he wins the Royal Rumble, he will main event Wrestlemania and puts on a great performance of his life.  But for tonight, he brought together 2 very talented performers, The Miztourage.  Now you have seen what they can do with harmonicas, we have heard their angelic voices, and tonight they will bring out the new year.  Bo Dallas wants to dedicate this to the A-List superstar who returns next week, and Rolling Stone’s Superstar of the Year.  The Miz, this is for you.

They give us a horrible rendition of Auld Lang Syne, and Elias sings about Miami, and The Rock.  Anyway, moving on.

Match Number 7:  Finn Balor and The Good Brothers Vs The Miztourage and Elias

The Good Brothers had Finn’s back, the combination of Magic Killer with Coup De Gras wrapped everything up for the brothers.

Winners:  Finn Balor and The Good Brothers, by pinfall

Next:  The Beast Returns

Next Week:  The Miz Returns

In-Ring Promo:  Brock Lesnar

My name is Paul Heyman, and it would appear to me that the WWE’s New Year’s Resolution is to once again continue to stack against the deck to his client, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion, BROCK LESNAR!!  I mean really, why explain that once again, Brock has to defend his title against challengers again.  Do you remember back in the day, where they would say ladies and gentlemen, introducing the challenger.  Notice the challenger, but once again, Brock has to defend against 2 challengers, in Braun Strowman and Kane, and that means Brock can lose the title, if Kane defeats Braun, or if Braun defeats Kane.  Spoiler alert, we all know Brock won’t lose the championship.  It doesn’t matter how you stack the deck against Brock Lesnar.  You can line up Braun Strowman, Brock will defeat Braun.  You can stack the deck against Kane, and you know Brock will defeat Kane.  You can deck the entire 30 men Royal Rumble match, and Brock would beat them all.  Because the truth of the matter Brock fears nobody.  Brock fears no challenger, Brock will defeat all, because he is the OMEGA!!  And there is nothing anybody can do about it.  Brock does not believe in monsters, he doesn’t believe in the Devil’s favorite son, because Heyman met that man downstairs, and his favorite is Brock Lesnar.

This brings out Kane, who starts to beat Brock, and nails a Chokeslam, but Brock sits right up, and this sends the entire locker room to hold Kane back, and try to send him to the back, and we end the show with Brock celebrating with the Universal Championship

Kevin’s Thoughts:

From top to bottom this was a fun show.  Joe Vs reigns once again highlighted the show.  We also saw the return of Balor and The Good Brothers, which was awesome to see, and it sets up the return of The Miz next week, who had a great video, showcasing his abilities.  The best thing too is over the last 8 months, the IC Title means something important again.  And I credit The Miz, but I also credit Roman too, for these matches lately.  With the Universal Championship being on and off, depending on who the champion is, that needs to be the landmark championship.  The quest Joe has made for that title means something too, and you have to think he will get that title down the road, which is something he has deserved too.  Jordan and Rollins have a unique relationship right now, are these two setting things up for Mania?

Overall, a good start for 2018, and with Royal Rumble around the corner, and the 25th Anniversary of Raw, things are starting to shape up.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them out to me here, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Jason Jordan (C) def Cesaro, by pinfall

**Bray Wyatt def Apollo Crews, by pinfall

**Asuka def Alexa Bliss (C), by submission in a non-title match

**Braun Strowman def Rhyno, by pinfall

**Roman Reigns (C) def Samoa Joe, by pinfall to retain IC Title

**Cedric Alexander and Goldust def Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

**Finn Balor and The Good Brothers def The Miztourage and Elias, by pinfall