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WWE Smackdown Live From Cincinnati, Ohio

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Commentators:  Todd Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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Video:  The Yep Movement

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are starting the Yep Movement, trying to get Shane McMahon away from Smackdown Live.

In-Ring Promo:  AJ Styles


Welcome to the house AJ Styles built, Smackdown Live.  It feels great to win back the WWE Championship, but he has to be honest, AJ hasn’t been ab;e to sleep, because he keeps thinking about Sunday night, when he defends the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions.  We don’t need a champion that doesn’t even defend the championship, like Jinder Mahal.  He always had the home field advantage, The Punjabi Prison Match, where he brought back India’s own The Great Khali, and he had The Singh Brothers help him out.  And here come The Singh Brothers.  They are here, not to introduce “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal.  But they are here to say they are against him, and we see two weeks ago when Jinder attacks The Singh Brothers, after losing a 2-on-1 Handicap match against AJ.  So AJ feels bad for them, and wants them to come to the ring, and they can hug them out.  The Singh Brothers want to be in AJ’s corner this Sunday.  They want nothing to do with Jinder.  But AJ brings up the footage that The Singh Brothers were in Jinder’s corner this past weekend in India at a live event show.  And here comes Jinder Mahal.  AJ tells him to stay away, he isn’t fooled by any of this, and shoves The Singh Brothers out of the ring, and puts the title on the ground, and dares Jinder to come to the ring.  Jinder tells AJ he will take that title back home this Sunday.

Tonight:  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Kevin Owens

Next:  Charlotte Flair Vs Ruby Riott

Match Number 1:  Charlotte Flair (SD Live Women’s Champ) Vs Ruby Riott in a non-title match

Natalya is at ringside for commentary, and when Charlotte fights off The Riott Squad, Natalya clothesline Charlotte for the DQ.  The Riott Squad attempts to take out Charlotte, but a returning Naomi comes back, to fend them off.

Winner:  Charlotte Flair, by DQ

Next:  Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler

Backstage Segment:  Daniel Bryan

Daniel is on the phone with Shane, assuring he has everything under control, and will be at ringside during tonight’s main event.  But then Owens and Sami hand Daniel a Yep Movement pamphlet.

Match Number 2:  Baron Corbin (US Champ) Vs Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match

Another DQ finish here, I am seeing a trend.  Bobby Roode gives Ziggler a Glorious DDT first, so I guess Baron gets the DQ loss.  Then he nails a Glorious DDT on Corbin.  They are set for the Triple Threat match.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler, by DQ

Next:  The Bludgeon Brothers

Video:  The Fashion Files

It is streaming on, but Fandango tells the world they will take up the challenge of The Bludgeon Brothers, and it takes place this Sunday.

Match Number 3:  The Bludgeon Brothers Vs Joe Monroe and Colin Dalane

The Bludgeon Brothers won, with ease.  I guess they are ready for this Sunday.

Winners:  The Bludgeon Brothers, by pinfall

Next:  The Yep Movement


In-Ring Promo:  The Yep Movement

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out to the ring.  The Yep Movement has arrived.  Sami asks Kev if he feels the energy in this arena now?  Yep.  It feels like finally, the WWE Universe is on the same side as Sami and Kevin, for once.  Yep They finally stand united in the event of change.  Yep.  Last week, management finally took things one step too far, didn’t they?  Yep.  We see video of last week when Owens has handcuffed.  You think Stephanie McMahon is ruthless, you think Vince McMahon is the most vicious promoter, but Shane McMahon is the worst promoter of them all.  Yep!!  Not only did he handcuff Owens to the ring like a common criminal, but he made himself the special guest ref in their tag team match this Sunday.  Yep!!  Then he made it that they would be fired if they lose to Orton and Nakamura.  Yep!!  He’s jealous because he couldn’t take care of his own family’s honor.  Yep!!  So now it’s time to stand up, join them to Occupy Smackdown Live.  Nobody shows up, but Daniel Bryan.  The inspiration to the Yep Movement, Sami thought hundreds of people would walk here, maybe thousands.  But it doesn’t matter because they have the one person that represents Occupying The Yep Movement.  What are you guys doing?  Kevin tells Daniel for 9 months, they have been degraded, and treated unfairly, just like Daniel.  You are nothing like me, if anything this proves it.  The Yes Movement was never about Daniel, it was about the fans.  It was about what The WWE Universe wanted, and what they deserve.  Okay, it’s alike that, but this is about what we want, and what we want.  Kevin tells Daniel he didn’t drink the kool-aid, we know Shane wants to take food off their tables.  For years, they had been on the independents, just to get here.  Now Shane wants to take everything away from him.  Daniel tells them that he has Shane’s back, just like Shane has Daniel’s back.  So he will make sure everything is done by the book.  And if they lose, there will not be any excuses.  There will be a second referee added to that match, and that second referee is Daniel Bryan.

Next:  The Usos Vs English and Rusev

Match Number 4:  The Usos (SD Live Tag Champs) Vs Rusev and Aidan English in a non-title match

All four teams came to state their case why they are going to win this Sunday in the Fatal 4-Way match, but in this match, Aidan English and Rusev prevail with a Machka Kick, and Aidan nails a Director’s Cut for the win.  Perhaps it truly is Rusev Day for us all.

Winners:  Rusev and Aidan English, by pinfall

Earlier Tonight:  AJ Styles and The Singh Brothers

Backstage Interview:  AJ Styles

Renee Young’s interview with the champ, he was not fooled by The Singh Brothers, and this Sunday, he will be beating the odds.  Jinder attacks Styles, and he says this Sunday, he will not be beating the odds.

Next:  Nakamura Vs Owens

Clash of Champions Kick-Off Match:  Mojo Rawley Vs Zack Ryder

Match Number 5:  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Kevin Owens

Before the match started, Orton and Shinsuke are ready for this Sunday, and they have a chance to get rid of Owens and Zayn once for and all.  Daniel Bryan and Byron Saxson get into it during commentary.  Byron actually accused Daniel of being a part of Owens and Zayn’s group, and Daniel tells Byron he just does what the boss tells him to say, which is funny.  Oh yeah, the match.  We had a ref bump, so of course Daniel Bryan puts the ref’s shirt on.  Sami and Orton  fight each other outside, Sami then distracts Shinsuke for a moment, and Kevin turns it into a Pop-Up Powerbomb, for the win.  Earlier, Daniel came very slow when Nakamura had a Kinsashi, but did not get the win.  Made Orton and Shinsuke look foolish here.  After the match, Owens said this Sunday, they will not leave WWE, and nobody can stop them because they are the best in the WWE.

Winner:  Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

At least SD Live had something to prepare for, but the matches were just eh.  Its sad too they just turned Nakamura into a normal WWE performer, exchanging wins and losses, like its nothing.  They will do that to Asuka shortly too, after she loses her first match.  Clash of Champions is this Sunday, and the 2 refs could be a disaster, especially if they are in the ring at the same time, which I doubt will happen.  But it IS Rusev Day.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Sound off here.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results

**Charlotte Flair (C) def Ruby Riott, by DQ

**Dolph Ziggler def Baron Corbin (C), by DQ

**The Bludgeon Brothers def Colin Dalane and Joe Myers

**Rusev and Aidan English def The Usos (C), by pinfall

**Kevin Owens def Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall