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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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Tonight:  Samoa Joe Vs Dean Ambrose

Tonight:  Seth Rollins Vs Sheamus

Tonight:  Roman Reigns Vs Cesaro, for IC Title

Tonight:  Kane Vs Braun Strowman in a Number One Contender Match

In-Ring Promo:  Samoa Joe

Now you all have heard of The Shield.  One of the most dominant forces in WWE, men who would beat down if you crossed their path.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Evolution or The Undertaker, when The Hounds of Justice come after you, like rabid dogs.  Joe has crossed The Shield, and he is not impressed.  He is not impressed with the man he snapped his leg on his first night, Seth Rollins.  He is not impressed with the man who is like a human cock roach, in Dean Ambrose.  And he is not impressed with the man who he had put to sleep, Roman Reigns.  He has a match later tonight, but he is here for unfinished business, Roman Reigns.  He does not want his cockroaches, in the back.  He wants Reigns himself.  Seth tells Dean to go get Reigns, and Joe continues to remember what happened last week, when he slapped The Koquina Clutch, but if it wasn’t for that nitwit Jason Jordan, Joe would have gotten the job done.  And if it wasn’t for Joe, his buddies would have won the Tag Team Titles last week, and they could have been grand champions.  But Joe ruined that plan, and he can do this by himself.  He doesn’t need Cesaro and Sheamus.  He doesn’t need anyone, he is Samoa Joe, and he can get the job done.  Here comes “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns, ready for a fight.


Joe and Roman fight, but Cesaro and Sheamus help Joe, and its been a setup.  But Rollins and Ambrose come out to help, the segment ends with Cesaro, Sheamus, and Joe standing tall.

Moments Ago:  Joe, Cesaro, and Sheamus take out The Shield

In-Ring Promo:  Absolution

Paige talks about last week, she competed in the WWE ring for the first time in a year, she beat down a former Women’s Champion, and a legit boss.  Absolution is ready to take their spotlight.  Paige needs to tell their opponents that this is Absolution’s time, and that ring is her house.

Match Number 1:  Paige and Mandy Rose Vs Bayley and Mickie James

Absolution continues the roll they are in, Paige and Mandy win when Mickie sets up a Mick DDT, but Paige nails her with a kick, and Mandy picks up the win.

Winners:  Paige and Mandy Rose, by pinfall

Video:  Clash of Champions

Tonight:  Kane Vs Braun Strowman

Next:  Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

Video:  Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

This has always been about light vs dark, and good vs evil.  Matt tells us The Great War has just begun, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS.  Bray talks about Matt’s words mean nothing, and Matt tells us they have crossed paths before, but Sister Abigail has grown into the darkness, and she has ventured into a vessel named Bray Wyatt.  Why would you choose anything else?  The Woken Warriors are preparing for war, and now they should DELETE!!  More laughing between these two.  The two sides seem like a flashback from The Brady Bunch.  But it’s still BRILLIANT!!

Video:  Last Monday with Enzo

Backstage Segment:  Enzo Amore

Enzo looks at his Cruiserweight Title, like looking in the mirror.  Drew Gulak shows up, and he informs us tonight with Rich Swann being suspended, there will be a Second Chance Fatal 4-Way, with the winner facing Gulak next week on Raw.  And then the winner faces Enzo for the Cruiserweight Title.  Enzo knew that, and he can face anyone, whether its Alexander, Noam Dar, Mustafa Ali, Nia Jax.  Wait a second, Enzo just brought up Nia Jax, she isn’t even on the 205 Live roster, so why mention her name?  Drew assumes its to prepare Drew to face anybody, and Enzo goes along with that.  How ya doin’?

Match Number 2:  Finn Balor Vs Curtis Axel

Axel and Bo Dallas poke fun at Finn Balor, and Curtis is still wearing that neck brace.  But he takes it off to show us he doesn’t need it.  The bell rings, and Balor nails a Coup De Grace, possibly re-injuring Axel’s neck.

Winner:  Finn Balor, by pinfall

Next:  Seth Rollins Vs Sheamus

Backstage Promo:  Kane

Braun, you and I step into the abyss, where normal men go to die.  But then again, you’re not normal, are you?  We both know what it’s like to choke out people, but tonight is different.  Kane says he will come put on top, and he will be the one smiling, because for the first tim,e ever, he steps into the ring against Brock Lesnar.  Then at Royal Rumble, Kane becomes Universal Champion.

Match Number 3:  Sheamus (Raw Tag Champ) Vs Seth Rollins

Sheamus worked on Seth’s knee, but at the end of the day, Rollins picks up the win with his knee, pinning Sheamus.  A good match.

Winner:  Seth Rollins, by pinfall


Backstage Interview:  Dean Ambrose

Renee Young interviews her husband, asking if the events that happened earlier changes his strategy, and he needs to avoid that kick, and the Koquina Clutch.  But he can’t think about that now.

Tonight:  Intercontinental Championship

Next:  “Second Chance” Fatal 4-Way Match

Match Number 4:  Cedric Alexander Vs Tony Nese Vs Ariya Daivari Vs Mustafa Ali in a “Second Chance” Fatal 4-Way Match To Determine Who Faces Drew Gulak Next Week

Not as good as last week’s match, but this was still good.  Cedric picks up the win with a Lumbar Check, pinning Daivari, after everyone hit their movie.  Sadly though, no Spanish Fly by Ali, but we did get to see his 054, which is quite impressive too.  Next week, it’s Drew Gulak Vs Alexander, for the right to face Enzo.

Winner, and Advances to Finals:  Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

In-Ring Interview:  Cedric Alexander

Charlie interviews Cedric, and he says this was his second chance, and he won’t fail this time.  Next week, he is facing Drew Gulak, then he will face Enzo Amore, and become our new Cruiserweight Champion.

Backstage Interview:  Gulak and Enzo

Enzo is talking to his title again.  Drew tells Enzo we know who he is facing next week, and then Drew will face Enzo, and become the new Cruiserweight Champion.  Enzo asks what did he just say?  This was just a friendly conversation, and Enzo informs Drew that he works for Enzo.  He had one win, and suddenly he thinks they are on equal footing?  He has word to describe Drew’s Power Point, and he’s going to spell it out….Drew interrupts, and says informative.  Enzo shoves Drew away, and he says How Ya Doin’?  And it’s Nia Jax.  She says hello to Drew, and enjoys his Power Point Presentation, which Enzo says are informative.  Nia says she wants to talk to Enzo, when he has time.

Match Number 5:  Roman Reigns (IC Champ) Vs Cesaro (Raw Tag Champ), for the Intercontinental Championship

This was another good match tonight, with Reigns nailing Cesaro with a spear, retaining his Intercontinental Championship.  I can see Cesaro wrestle for a 3 hour show.

Winner, and STILL IC Champ:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Braun Strowman

Kane, you tried to take my throat out, and end his career.  And he gained his revenge, but tonight, he wants his shot against Brock again at Royal Rumble, and Kane is standing in his way.  But not for long.

Tonight:  Strowman Vs Kane for the Number One Contender

Next:  Asuka Vs Alicia Fox

Match Number 6:  Asuka Vs Alicia Fox

Nobody comes out, and here comes Absolution.  Paige has the mic, asking where is her ex-bestie, Foxy?  Let’s find out where she is.  Absolution jumped her backstage.  So she won’t come out, so this gives Paige time to talk.  Paige respects her, she has heard about her.  That is why they allowed her out of the ring the last few weeks, so they have a bit of a pickle.  Either she moves out-of-the-way, or they make her move out of the way.  Asuka stands guard, and she asks again, either move out of the way, or they will make her out of the way.  Okay, as Paige says as you say nobody is ready for Asuka.  Well, meet Absolution.  The numbers game catches up to Asuka, but here comes the entire Women’s locker room, including Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.  They clear the floor with Absolution.

Winner:  No Contest

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Kurt wants to make sure the ring is re-enforced for tonight’s main event.  Jason comes in, apologizing for his actions last week.  He just wished he was in the ring with Samoa Joe.  Especially for what Joe said about Kurt.  Jason wants Joe, and Kurt tells him he wanted to go after Joe too, but he can’t.  He is the General Manager.  Jason tells him he can beat him, he was in the ring with Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, he almost beat every single one of them.  But the key word there is almost, he didn’t beat them.  His time will come when he says it will.  Okay Dad, I mean okay Kurt.

Match Number 7:  Dean Ambrose Vs Samoa Joe

Jason Jordan came out to observe the match, but he found a way to get involved.  He went after Joe, and Dean flew out of the ring, and nailed them both.  Jordan put Ambrose back in the ring, and this was not amused.  Both of them went face to face, with Jason trying to nail a Suplex, but Joe now hits a tope of his own, and gives Jordan a Senton.  Dean has his back to Joe, and he slaps on a Koquina Clutch, making Ambrose pass out.

Winner:  Samoa Joe, by submission

Backstage Segment:  The Good Brothers and Titus Worldwide

I guess Dana Brooke has joined Titus Worldwide as an official statistician, and this of course gets a NERD comment from The Good Brothers, but here comes Braun.

Next:  Braun Strowman Vs Kane

Video:  Braun Strowman Vs Kane

Match Number 8:  Braun Strowman Vs Kane for The Number One Contender to WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week, and this match ends in a double countout.  But we still had quite a fight after the match.  Braun brought out a table, Kane brought out a chair.  Kane and Braun nail a double body block, Kane sat up, and Braun did too.  Kane tries to hit a Chokeslam, and Braun blocks it, and nails a Powerslam on Kane THROUGH THE TABLE.  And this is how we end the show.

Winner:  Double Countout

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was just a wasted show tonight, now the matches were good, but nothing happened, and this is what I was afraid of.  WWE does not have a PPV this month, so they have nothing to build on.  They just chose Kane and Braun, and said these two would face Brock, but of course we did not even get a winner.  I wanted to see a tournament, that would end on Christmas night, starting with 8 men.  I have no clue why they couldn’t do that, but here we have, just another show.  It was weird to see Alexa Bliss fight on the same side as Sasha Banks against Absolution.  Not even Elias, but I was told by our very own Anthony Joki, who was there that Elias had a message for the Cleveland fans, during commercial….Go Browns.  Just a disappointing night, overall.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here, but with this being WWE Week on USA Network, it did not start off well, and usually Cleveland are big shows.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Paige and Mandy Rose def Bayley and Mickie James, by pinfall

**Finn Balor def Curtis Axel, by pinfall

**Seth Rollins def Sheamus (C), by pinfall

**Cedric Alexander def Mustafa Ali, Tony Nese, and Ariya Daivari, by pinfall to advance to “Second Chance” Fatal 4-Way Match

**Roman Reigns (C) def Cesaro (C), to retain IC Title, by pinfall

**Asuka Vs Alicia Fox ends in a no contest

**Samoa Joe def Dean Ambrose, by submission

**Braun Strowman Vs Kane ends in a double counout