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WWE Smackdown Live From Lexington, Kentucky

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Shane McMahon


What’s up Lexington?  We all know we bleed blue here in Lexington, but he knows 2 superstars who do not.  These 2 superstars let the entire roster down.  He was on his way to firing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, because they had no respect for the Smackdown roster, they have no respect for their brand, and they have no respect for you.  But Daniel Bryan changed things, and while on paper it was a good idea.  He put Owens and Sami in the ring against New Day, with the entire roster taking care of them in a Lumberjack Match, then Daniel would fire them.  But he did not do that, and they have been talking all week, but he thought he would have Daniel address why he did not fire him, so come on out Daniel Bryan.

Daniel understands why he and other people believe Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should have been fired.  But coming from someone who had been fired a few times, he believes in second chances.  He also knows the two of them wanted to be in the Survivor Series, and while admitted, their sense of jealousy, they made a bad decision.  They never should have interfered in the Survivor Series match.  But sometimes Shane lets his temperament get the upper hand too.  Shane agrees in this sense, remember, Kevin Owens was the one who attacked his own father, so to quote Sami Zayn, check on there.  Also, Sami got involved in his Hell in a cell match against Kevin Owens, so double-check there.  And they cost Team Smackdown in the Survivor Series match too, so triple check.  Daniel tells Shane they are two very talented performers, and if they fire them, ultimately they will wind up on Monday Night Raw.  So as Shane puts it, they would be his sister’s problem.  But you left Daniel in charge last week.  He took this job in pre-tense, he would use his judgment.  So if you want just a yes-man, he is not your guy.  But if you want someone who can give opportunities to superstars, then he is Shane’s guy.  So as Shane put it, they are still here, and he did agree with one decision, Orton Vs Owens.  So Shane will add some things, for one, Sami Zayn is barred from ringside, and to make sure things will be taken care of, this match will be a No DQ.

Tonight:  6-Women Tag Match

Tonight:  2-on-1 Handicap Match

Next:  New Day Vs Benjamin and Gable

Backstage Segment:  Daniel Bryan, Owens, and Zayn

Owens and Zayn are upset about the tweak to tonight’s main event.  Sami is trying to get Daniel to change Shane’s ruling.  Sami says this is on Daniel, and the GM tells him who is Sami to lay this on him?  He has a job to keep too, so the answer is no.  The answer is actually hell no.



Big E has some pancakes and syrup from his tights for The Usos.  I would not touch that, if I were The Usos.

Match Number 1:  The New Day Vs Benjamin and Gable

New Day picks up the win, with Xavier pinning Shelton with Up Up, Down Down.  The Usos were watching on, and I am thinking we are going to see a Triple Threat Tag Title match at the PPV.  They brought up Benjamin and Gable earned another title shot down the road.

Winners:  The New Day, by pinfall

Video:  Last Tuesday, with the Women

Backstage Promo:  Charlotte, Naomi, and Natalya

Naomi and Charlotte are ready for their tag team war tonight.  Natalya tells Charlotte to relax, tonight they are on the same page, because those NXT women will learn about respect, and they will find out while they were big fish in a little pond in NXT, tonight they will be at the bottom of the totem pole.

Next:  The Bludgeon Brothers

Match Number 2:  The Bludgeon Brothers Vs Hype Bros

What are they doing with Hype Bros?  Remember, Mojo won Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania, and less than 10 months later, he’s jobbing to The Bludgeon Brothers, that is it.

Winners:  The Bludgeon Brothers, by pinfall

Well, okay Mojo Rawley just turned on Zack, so they are done.  Dasha interviews them, and Zack says the landscape has changed, and now Mojo had enough.

Tonight:  Owens Vs Orton in a No DQ Match

Tonight:  Styles Vs The Singh Brothers

Backstage Interview:  Mojo Rawley

The interview woman asks Mojo why he turned on Zack Ryder, and he makes it simple, as Zack said, the landscape has changed

Video:  Last Tuesday with Corbin Vs Roode

Backstage Interview:  Bobby Roode

Dasha asks Bobby his thoughts about last week when Corbin accidentally laid into Roode, well Bobby doesn’t agree with that, but he does believe what Corbin said last week about Bobby being “absent-minded”, but the truth is Baron knows someone smarter can come along and take that United States Championship away from him, and that man is absolutely….GL….Baron shows up, and calls Bobby an idiot, and says he isn’t afraid of him.  Bobby tells Baron to prove it by facing him tonight, for the United States Title.  No.

Match Number 3:  AJ Styles (WWE Champ) Vs The Singh Brothers in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Jinder Mahal attacks Styles before the match began, but when things quieted down, the WWE Champion prevails, with a double Styles Clash.  Jinder was beside himself, after the match.

Winner:  AJ Styles, by pinfall

Now after the match, Jinder nails both Singh Brothers with a Khallas.

Tonight:  Owens Vs Orton in a No DQ Match

Backstage Interview:  Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan

Dasha is with the newest members of the SD Live Women’s Division, Charlotte Flair said nobody would remember their names after tonight.  Ruby introduces them, and calls themselves The Ruby Squad.  Becky Lynch knows who they are, she is probably still suffering her injuries.  They are not here to make friends, or be a part of Total Divas, they are here to make some enemies, and she has some great friends.  Liv Morgan is her firecracker, and Sarah is her hunter.  Their match is next.

Match Number 4:  Charlotte Flair (SD Live Women’s Champ), Naomi, and Natalya Vs The Riott Squad in a 6-Women Tag Match


The women took out Naomi, and we had Natalya leave her partners, so it was Charlotte against herself.  The numbers got to them, nails a leg to the head, and pins the champ.

Winners:  The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Randy Orton

The new interview girl is blown off by Orton.

Video  Fashion Files:  Sawed

The AScension are locked in with Breezango.  They must choose a loved one to go, or else they will be locked with tear gas.  They killed the horse, found the key, unlocked each other, and left The Ascension to die.

Match Number 5:  Kevin Owens Vs Randy Orton, in a No DQ Match, with Sami Zayn barred from ringside

KO picks up the win after Sami Zayn shows up, with a chair, nails Orton with a few shots, the end of the match came when Kevin nails a Frogsplash, and pins Orton.  We end the show with Owens celebrating.

Winners:  Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show tonight, they gave us new stories, old rivalries being renewed, scores need to be settled.  Clash of the Champions is among us, and am looking forward to see it,  What are your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Are we going top see Shane Vs Daniel Brien here at Mania?  Let me know.

WWE Smackdown Live Quick Match Results

**New Day def Benjamin and Gable, by pinfal

**The Bludgeon Brothers def Hype bros, by pinfall

**AJ Styles (C) def The Singh Brothers in a 2-On-1 Handicap Match

**The Riott Squad def Charlotte (C), Naomi, and Natalya, by pinfall

**Kevin Owens def Randy Orton, by pinfall