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WWE Smackdown Live From Charlotte, North Carolina

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Backstage Promo:  Team Smackdown

Shane is pumping them up for tonight, and Survivor Series.  Raw could be here tonight, so keep an eye on everything.

In-Ring Promo:  Daniel Bryan


It is great to be back on Smackdown Live, but to be honest, he is lucky to even be here.  Part of it was his fault, he went to Monday Night Raw, trying to settle peace.  The moment he saw Stephanie McMahon, he should have known he would not be in one place, and they attacked him.  But like Smackdown Live, they get right back up, and we fight back, twice as hard.  They are desperate, and embarrassed, because they may come here tonight, and counter attack.  But we are not afraid, and we will be ready.  He is proud of Team Blue, and this Sunday at Survivor Series, we will prove beyond a shadow of doubt, Smackdown Live is the premier show, and they will prove to be superior over Raw.  Things have changed over the last week.  16-time WWE Champion John Cena is now the 5th team member, and this man, the new WWE Champion, AJ Styles.

Charlotte loves AJ Styles.  Daniel tells AJ that Smackdown Lives likes to treat their champions better than Raw.  Over there, their Universal Champion has an advocate, so for one night only, AJ will have an advocate, his name is Daniel Bryan.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Daniel Bryan.  He is the advocate of the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Champion, “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.  Now Paul Heyman brings some great points on selling the WWE Network, but he is wrong about one thing, F-5.  Brock is a big man, but he is also a quitter.  He quit WWE the first time, he quit on a weak Armbar in the UFC.  As big as Brock is, he can’t last for more than 10 minutes.  AJ is the best in-ring performer in our industry today, and he will make Brock tap out to AJ Styles.

AJ believes in one thing that Paul Heyman brought up, Styles is the ultimate underdog, and that is the way he likes it.  He promises that AJ will show what he can do to Brock, and prove Smackdown Live is the A-=Show.

Tonight:  The New Day Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Tonight:  Charlotte Vs Natalya for WWE SD Live Women’s Title

Next:  Kalisto Vs Baron Corbin, for the US Title

Backstage Segment:  Jinder and Styles

Jinder tells AJ he will get beat by Lesnar, but that won’t be as bad as when he gets his title back.

Match Number 1:  Baron Corbin (US Champ) Vs Sin Cara for the United States Championship

Baron had something to prove, and he took care of business, nailed End of Days on Sin Cara, and retained his title.  At Survivor Series, it will be The Miz Vs Baron Corbin.

Winner, and still United States Champion:  Baron Corbin, by pinfall

Video:  Smackdown Vs Raw

Backstage Segment:  Daniel and Shane

Daniel and Shane are on the same page, but Daniel said after Survivor Series, the two need to have a sit down meeting.  He never agreed to the Under Seize, and he wants to share their views on it.

Match Number 2:  Natalya (SD Live Women’s Champ) Vs Charlotte Flair, for the SD Live Women’s Championship

We have a new Smackdown Women’s Champion.  Natalya tried to control the portion of the match, but home field advantage took over, and Charlotte got out of a Sharpshooter, and put Nattie in a Figure Eight, to male Natalya tap out, and win the Smackdown Women’s Title.

Winner, and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion:  Charlotte Flair

In-Ring Interview:  Charlotte Flair


Renee Young is with Charlotte, congratulating her to win the Women’s Championship.  Charlotte talks about this title means everything to her, and she dreamed of winning the championship after she came to Smackdown Live, it took longer than she thought, but it’s worth it to win here in Charlotte.  This Sunday, she will take on Alexa Bliss, she knows she will win, because she is a Queen, and a Queen will beat a Goddess any day.  WOOOOOOO  And everyone know that her dad has not being doing well lately, he is at home watching Smackdown Live, so this title win, and her match this Sunday will be dedicated to him.

Ric Flair shows to give her little daughter a big hug, and raises her hand for winning the title.  This Sunday, Alexa Bliss Vs Charlotte Flair

Tonight:  The New Day Vs Owens and Zayn

Next:  The Usos

Match Number 3:  Jey Uso (SD Live Tag Champ_+ Vs Chad Gable in a non-title match

The two partners tried to interfere, but Jey nails a Superkick, and pins Chad Gable.

Winner:  Jey Uso, by pinfall

We will find out Team Smackdown’s new partner this Sunday, after Charlotte won the SD Women’s Title.

Next:  Owens and Zayn Vs The New Day

Backstage Segment:  Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

They are upset that they aren’t a part of Survivor Series.  The A-Show, The B-Show, who cares?  The only thing that matters is the Sami and Kevin Show.

In-Ring Promo:  The New Day

This Sunday is Survivor Series, the on;y time Raw and Smackdown will compete against each other for competition.  Combined, The Shield has 13 Title reigns, Ne Day has 25.  This will be The Hounds of Justice Vs Magical Unicorns.  The one thing they can rely on is The Shield not agreeing with each other.  They are together for a short amount of time, because at Wrestlemania time, they will be turning on each other again.  But they are the team that stay together.  And why?  Because New Day Rocks.

Match Number 4:  The New Day Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

The match ends when The Shield come out, and they come to the ring, Owens and Zayn knew it was time to leave, they exited left.  But now Under Siege Part II begins, and Raw took care of the beating on Smackdown.  They have Shane set up, they use 2 Triple Power Bombs, and an Angle Slam to take Shane out.  Raw Vs Smackdown this week, the show ends with the question being who will reign supreme?  The show ends here.

Winner:  No Contest

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was the go home show, and we are now 5 days away from Survivor Series.  We now will see Bliss Vs Flair, and Styles Vs Brock.  Survivor Series is shaping up to be very good.  This felt like a big show, we all were waiting when Under Seize would take place, and it was at the end.  What were your thoughts on the show?  I will talk to you Saturday night for NXT Takeover:  WarGames, which should be a lot of fun.  Did you like tonight’s show?  Sound off here.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**Baron Corbin (C) def Sin Cara, to retain United States Title

**Charlotte Flair def Natalya (C) to win SD Live Women’s Title

**Jey Uso (C) def Chad Gable, by pinfall

**The New Day Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn ends in a no contest