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WWE Smackdown Live From Norfolk, Virginia

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Shane McMahon

What’s up Norfolk, we are days away from Survivor Series, where this is the one day that Raw and Smackdown Live go head-to-head.  Now people may want to know why Smackdown Live took matters into their own hands with Monday Night Raw.  Raw is about to celebrate 25 years, which is a great accomplishment.  But ever since Smackdown Live came into existence, Raw looked at us as inferior.  All the way up to his sister Stephanie McMahon, all the way down to the lowest denominator of Raw.  So what can they do to make a statement?  They went live every Tuesday night.  They also doubled their draft picks, hired Daniel Bryan as General Manager, so what else can they do?  They conducted a roster meeting over how they can make a statement, and they came up with the plan to take Raw under siege.  Shane thanks the crowd for tuning in every week, and showing up every week, cheering their brand on.

Which brings a very uncomfortable incident, Daniel Bryan went to Raw last night   And how was Daniel Bryan treated?  He was disrespected, he was locked in the office.  And then he was beat up, and set up by his former partner, Kane.  Where was Kurt Angle?  Where was Stephanie McMahon?  He was just thrown into a stretcher, and wheeled out.  So Kurt Angle, you will pay dearly, you will be in “our” ring.  So bring your gold medals, and you bring your “Monster of all Men” Braun Strowman, and 3 of Raw’s very finest.  Shane will captain this team, and we will have Randy Orton, and 3 more members.  They will take out Team Raw.  So enough talking, let’s get to action.

Match Number 1:  Bobby Roode Vs Dolph Ziggler in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match (Team SD Live Member On The Line)

Ziggler wins fall one with a Superkick, pinning Roode to lead 1 fall to 0.

Winner of Fall 1:  Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

Roode and Ziggler fight hard, Ziggler misses a splash, and Roode rolls him up for the pinfall to tie things up.

Winner of Fall 2:  Bobby Roode, by pinfall

This was a great match here, with some kickouts, on both sides.  They both wanted this match, but Roode nails a Glorious DDT for the pin fall, and Roode is now a part of Team Smackdown at the Survivor Series.

Winner, and now Team Smackdown Member:  Bobby Roode, by pinfall

In-Ring Interview:  Bobby Roode

Renee Young congratulates Bobby on his victory.  Bobby said now there are 2 members of Team Smackdown, they are going to be Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, and Bobby Roode.  He only hopes the other 2 members have as much passion as the other 3.  Because at Survivor Series, it will be Raw down, Smackdown Live up, #UnderSiege

Tonight:  Nakamura Vs Owens in a Qualifying Match

Tonight:  AJ Styles Vs Samir Singh

Backstage Segment:  The New Day

Big E. is dressed like Akeem, Xavier is Jimmy Hart, and Kofi is Brother Love.  Rusev is irate about this, they aren’t even focusing on Raw coming to Smackdown for payback.  Halloween is a dumb holiday, there is only one day that matters now.  Rusev Day, and Rusev spills candy all over them.  Big E wants a match against Rusev, tonight.

Backstage Segment:  Team Smackdown

The women are talking among each other about being on the same page, to take out Team Raw.   They are all on the same page, but Natalya has a different thing.  Nattie will take care of Alexa Bliss.  The thing about teams is there are always a weak link, and Becky needs to ask who that weak link is.  Is it Naomi, who she took the title from?  Or is it Charlotte, who Natalya took care of, and became the one true Queen of the WWE.  Just don’t buckle under the pressure, Charlotte.

Match Number 2:  Baron Corbin (US Champ) Vs Sin Cara in a non-title match

This ends in a no contest when Corbin continued to go after Sin Cara’s mask, but enough of this, Sin Cara took out Corbin through the announce table, and he throws a chair at him when the United States Champion bails out of ringside.

Winner:  No Contest

Backstage Interview:  The Usos

The Usos know how important this Champion Vs Champion is at Survivor Series.  It’s “The Hounds of Justice” vs The Uso Penitentiary, and they will show Smackdown Live has the A-Brand Tag Team division.  Benjamin and Gable interrupt them, to say next week they get their Tag Team Title match, and there will be new Tag team Champions.  Gable gives us a little rap.  The Usos are not amused.

Tonight:  Nakamura Vs Owens

Next:  Jinder Mahal

In-Ring Promo:  Jinder Mahal


Last week, I was unfairly ejected at ringside, because of the fear of what I was going to do to AJ Styles.  Someone else should feel that same fear of himself, that someone is Brock Lesnar.  His advocate can blow smoke all he wants, Brock can jump around and smile all he wants, but that fear is sinking in.  The Beast will be conquered, The Beast will be Victimized, and he will forever be known as The Beastmaster.  Samir will defeat AJ Styles tonight, and he will be here at ringside.  Now, he will speak to his people.  AJ Styles comes out, and we are ready.

Match Number 3:  AJ Styles Vs Samir Singh

AJ makes it in quick fashion, pinning Samir with a Styles Clash.  But the WWE Champion attacks Styles after the match.  Khallas to Styles, the message was sent, not just to AJ, but to Brock too.  Another Khallas, for good measure.

Winner:  AJ Styles, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  The Sami and Kevin Show

Owens is taping up, Sami shows up, can’t believe he got screwed last week on his match with Orton, and Kevin has to win a spot on Team Smackdown.  Owens blames this on Shane’s ego, but he will beat Shinsuke tonight, he will lead Team Smackdown to win, and this will become The Sami and Kevin Show.

Next:  Big E Vs Rusev

Video:  The Bludgeon Brothers

Match Number 4:  Big E Vs Rusev

Aidan takes out Woods, this allowed a distraction from Big E, he nails Big Ending on Aidan, but Rusev nails a kick for the win.  So it truly is Rusev Day.

Backstage Interview:  Sin Cara

Renee wants thoughts from Sin Cara after tonight,.  Sin Cara says this is way of life, his kids look at him like a superhero, and he went through hell to get it.  Baron Corbin, he will go through hell just to keep it.

Tonight:  Owens Vs Nakamura

Next:  Fashion Files:  Strangerer Things

Backstage Segment:  Shane McMahon and Rusev

Rusev wants to be a part of Team Smackdown, Shane will give him an opportunity next week.  Rusev will face AJ Styles, and the winner is a part of Team Smackdown.

Video:  Fashion Files:  Strangerer Things

The Bludgeon Brothers are being the suitcase?  Let the games begin.  Someone attacked Breezango and The Ascension.

Match Number 5:  Kevin Owens Vs Shinsuke Nakamura in a Qualifying Match for Team Smackdown at Survivor Series

During the match, Sami came out to help Kevin.  Just when Sami was setting up the announce table for Kevin, here comes Randy Orton to counter Sami, and send him to the announce table, and Shinsuke nails a Kinsasha to pin Owens.  Nakamura is now a member of Team Smackdown.

Winner, and NEW Member of Team Smackdown:  Shinsuke Nakamyra, by pinfall

The show ends with Nakamura and Orton looking on, and Kevin is beside himself.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a decent show, but they also set up next week’s show in Manchester, England very well.  The four members of Team Smackdown are Shane, Orton, Roode, and Nakamura.  I want to see Styles Vs Rusev, and the Tag Team Title match too.  A good main event here, and it brings to the question how do we deal with The Sami and Kevin Show at Survivor Series?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Sound off.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results

**Bobby Roode def Dolph Ziggler in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match, by pinfall

**Baron Corbin (C) Vs Sin Cara ends in a no contest

**AJ Styles def Samir Singh, by pinfall

**Rusev def Big E, by pinfall

**Shinsuke Nakamura def Kevin Owens, by pinfall