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WWE Monday Night Raw From Manchester, England

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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Video:  Sutherland Springs Shootings

WWE offers their deepest sympathies to the families that were lost in the Sutherland Springs shootings, losing 26 lives.

Video:  Last Week On Raw

In-Ring Segment:  Miz TV


Welcome to the most must-see WWE talk show in history, welcome to Miz TV.  Before we get started, Miz has a message for his Survivor Series opponent, Baron Corbin.  They have been going through a Twitter war of words.  He told him if he ever talks about his pregnant wife again, he will put his foot and kick his teeth.  And not only does he speak about his wife, he talks about his unborn child, saying after the match, the kid will be asking who is your daddy?  Let me tell you something, this is not the independents, this is the Major Leagues, and when you’re in the Major Leagues, you face a pitcher that can throw a 110 MPH fastball down the plate.  Baron is the bathroom break of Smackdown Live, where as Miz is the entire Monday Night Raw.  He doesn’t want to earn respect, he expects respect.  He will make Baron’s United States Title relevant.  So now that is out-of-the-way, let’s bring in the Raw Survivor Series captain, and will face Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle.

Kurt may not see eye to eye with Miz, but he has his full support for his Survivor Series match.  Miz isn’t impressed, but Kurt reminds him about what happened at TLC.  Miz brings up Kurt wanted all the glory, and his team fell apart.  He shows highlights from last week, when Stephanie McMahon told Kurt either he wins at Survivor Series, or she can get another GM.  Kurt isn’t going anywhere though.  Raw is going to celebrate 25 years, and he is planning to stick around.  Shane McMahon has an inferior complex, because Raw has always been the superior show.  Miz brings up the #UnderSiege moment 2 weeks ago.  And how did you retaliate?  We see Daniel Bryan being laid out.  You think Smackdown would be happy about it?  Miz would not be surprised Smackdown comes back and attacks Raw.  Kurt says he had nothing to do with Kane attacking Daniel, he has respect for Daniel, and apologizes for what happened.  Miz isn’t buying it, because that moment when Stephanie laid into him, he saw that side of Kurt Angle that we all know.  The one who competes anytime, and does whatever it takes to win.  So he tried to take out Daniel, just like he tried to take out The Miztourage.  He forced Miz to defend his Intercontinental Title, when he wasn’t ready.  But he found a way to win.  But then as they were leaving, Braun Strowman came back, and attacked them with a garbage truck.  Now he and Bo Dallas survived, but Curtis Axel did not.  So why would you do that?  Kurt tells him he had nothing to do with that.  Okay, Miz asks Kurt to calm down.  But if he had nothing to do with it, why did he put Braun Strowman into Team Raw?  Kurt says Braun deserves to be a part of Team Raw.  He is a great negotiator too.  All he had to give him was a match….AGAINST THE MIZ, TONIGHT!!

Next:  Elias Vs Jason Jordan with a Guitar On A Pole Match

Match Number 1:  Elias Vs Jason Jordan in a Guitar On A Pole Match

Elias grabbed the guitar, but Jason Jordan used it, and he wins the match, nailing Elias in the back with the guitar.

Winner:  Jason Jordan, by breaking guitar

Tonight:  The Miz Vs Braun Strowman

Next:  Asuka

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and The Bar

Cesaro and Sheamus want a tag title shot tonight.  They would have the better match against The Usos than Cesaro and Sheamus.  Kurt tells them they have one last chance, tonight.

Match Number 2:  Asuka Vs Stacy Coates

Stacy had no chance, Asuka Lock, match is done.  Stacy’s grandma can enjoy the fact she was on Raw, for one night.

Winner:  Asuka, by submission

Backstage Segment:  Alicia Fox

Attention, this is your Raw Women’s Captain speaking, Asuka has been named a member of Team Raw.

Backstage Interview:  Titus O’ Neil and Apollo Crews

We check footage from last week with Samoa Joe’s return and his match against Apollo Crews.  What prompted him to request a match with Joe?  They have fun, Titus Worldwide.  But last week was not fun.  He had his eyes set on Apollo Crews.  But tonight, he has his eyes on Samoa Joe.  And the way he sees it, Samoa Joe is in trouble.

Next:  Joe Vs O’ Neil

Match Number 3:  Samoa Joe Vs Titus O’ Neil

Joe attacks Apollo and Titus, putting Titus in the Coquina Clutch, the match does not happen.  Joe grabs the mic, he says it does not matter if you have the size of Titus O’ Neil.  It does not matter if you are the athleticism of Apollo Crews.  You face Samoa Joe, you’re going down.  But Joe is not done here, he wants to face anyone who is willing to face him.

Match Number 3:  Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor

These two tore the house down with NXT PPVs, and tonight was no exception.  Both men however were counted out.  After the match, they continue to fight outside of the ring, with officials fighting, and security came out.  Kurt Angle comes out to check on them.  Kurt tells them to stop.  He wants them both to be a part of Team Raw at Survivor Series.  It was a great choice.  Balor leaps off the stage onto Joe.  Now that was awesome.  Balor is ready to fight some more.

Winner:  Double Countout

Backstage Segment:  The Miztourage

Bo Dallas is inspiring The Miz, which is awesome.  He says they have strength of numbers, and is not a monster.  Curtis believes Braun is a monster, and thinks they should run.

Tonight:  Braun Strowman Vs The Miz

Tonight:  Tag Team Championship

Backstage Segment:  Kurt and Jason Jordan

Kurt is trying to make a phone call to Daniel Bryan.  Kurt needs to trust his Survivor Series team, and there is nobody he trusts him more than Jason.  So Jason Jordan is the final member of Team Raw.

Team Raw:  Kurt, Joe, Balor, Jordan, and Strowman Vs Team Smackdown Shane, Nakamura, Orton, Roode, and ??

Backstage Interview:  Bayley and Sasha Banks

The interview dude has Bayley and Sasha Banks, have they asked to join Team Raw?  Not yet, Bayley tells the dude that they are both ready, they want to be on the team and should be on the team.  Alicia needs to be reminded nobody can shine brighter on the stage brighter than Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Match Number 4:  Sasha Banks and Bayley Vs Nia Jax and Alicia Fox


Banks and Bayley took out Nia Jax, and Banks makes Alicia tap out to The Bank Statement, does this impress the team captain?

Winners:  Bayley and Sasha Banks, by submission

Alicia Fox has the mic, and says she wants you on her team, she needs Sasha Banks on her team.  She does not choose Bayley though, and Bayley looks disappointed.

Next:  Strowman vs The Miz

Match Number 5:  The Miz (IC Champ) Vs Braun Strowman in a non-title match

Well, this was fun.  Braun threw The Miz around like a rag doll for five minutes, and here comes Kane.  Braun tells Kane he threw him into a garbage truck, and he can’t kill him.  He’s the real monster on Monday Night Raw.  This causes the DQ loss, as Kane struck the first punch, but Braun nails a Powerslam.  But Kane sat right up, which is something nobody had ever done to Braun.  The Miztourage jumps in, but Braun pounced them all, and nails a Powerslam on Miz.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by DQ

Backstage Interview:  Ambrose and Rollins

Renee Young gives us the Raw Tag Team Champions.  They weren’t expecting to defend their titles tonight, but they are ready.  They will take care of Sheamus and Cesaro, and then take care of The Usos, to determine who is the greatest Tag Team.  Let’s face it too, Cesaro and Sheamus are a great team, but nobody likes them.  Even Renee can admit that, she does not.  But Seth makes it clear, their fists are the real bar, and has been for a few years.

In-Ring Promo:  Enzo Amore

Enzo is doing great, sadly England is not because England has never been great.  He is the biggest star to come to England.  He has everyone following him everywhere he goes.  This is not going well here, the fans want Neville.  Enzo tells us someone he thought Kalisto was asking him what us next for the Cruiserweight Championship.  He saw it was just a little kid, and he has to face Kalisto again.  But didn’t he already beat him?  Yes he did, and the announcers even trash this segment.  This is awful.  And thankfully Kalisto comes out.  Kalisto has a chair, and here comes Pete Dunne.  But Kurt Angle comes out, and tells us tonight it will be The Cruiserweight Vs The Bruiserweight.

Match Number 6:  Enzo Amore (Cruiserweight Champ) Vs Pete Dunne (United Kingdom Champ)

Enzo tries to cheat, but Pete catches him, and nails The Bitter End.  Great debut for Pete.

Winner:  Pete Dunne, by pinfall

Tonight:  Tag Team Championship

Next:  Champion Vs Champion:  Lesnar Vs Mahal

Video:  Jinder Mahal Vs Brock Lesnar

Next Week:  Brock Lesnar Live at Atlanta

Tomorrow Night:  Mahal Vs Styles for WWE Championship

Backstage Interview:  Alexa Bliss

Charly is here too, she wants her thoughts on Alexa’s thoughts about Natalya.  Nattie said she ran Alexa off Smackdown.  Alexa says when she was on Smackdown, she wasn’t Women’s Champion.  Alexa was, 2 times.  She is a 2-time Raw Women’s Champion too.  So Charly, what is 2+2 equal?  4, actually it’s one, as in one and ONLY Goddess.

Match Number 7:  Ambrose and Rollins (Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Bar, for the Raw Tag Team Championship

This was a great match, and even an awesome ending.  During the match, New Day comes through the crowd, and Kurt brought out the Raw locker room to counter anything Team Smackdown was going to do.  They told Raw Under Siege Part 2 was going to take place, and there was nothing they could do.  Kurt sent Raw out to New Day, Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick, and pins Seth Rollins.  We have NEW Raw Tag Team Champions to close out the show.

Winners, and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions:  The Bar, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show, despite the star power being out.  The ending made it feel a bit more special, though I already knew we had Tag Team Champions, thanks to the WWE app, before the show started.  But I liked how they pulled that out.  Reigns will come back next week, so expect to see The Shield Vs The New Day, the two most dominant factions over the last 5 years of WWE, at Survivor Series.  And The Usos Vs The Bar will be another great match at the event.  I just hope AJ Styles beats Jinder tomorrow night, since Styles Vs Lesnar would be the better, and BIGGER match.

I loved too that Balor and Joe are added to Team Raw, and am even okay with Jordan added to the mix too.  This is a traditional event, so I expect the two shows to put fantastic shows up next week as the go-home shows of the PPV.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Let’s get ready for tomorrow night with Smackdown Live.


WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Jason Jordan def Elias, nailing guitar over head

**Asuka def Stacy Coates, by submission

**Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor ends in a double countout

**Bayley and Sasha Banks def Alicia Fox and Nia Jax, by submission

**Braun Strowman def The Miz (C) by DQ

**Pete Dunne (C) def Enzo Amore (C), by pinfall

**The Bar def Ambrose and Rollins (C) to win Raw Tag Team Titles, by pinfall