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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Segment:  Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon


Here comes Stephanie McMahon, coming out with a mission.  Welcome to Monday Night Raw!!  As commissioner of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie has to make decision that affect the WWE Universe, and the shareholders, decisions that simply we can’t fathom.  Stephanie needs leaders, leaders like the General Manager of Raw, Kurt Angle.  Kurt comes out to his “You Suck” chants.  Kurt understands she might be upset, but he was prepared for another attack last week.  Stephanie asks Kurt she isn’t upset, but how did New Day make their way to the arena last week?  I don’t know, well he is honest.  But was there really a raid?  He called for everyone to come out, for nothing.  So did her brother fool Kurt, yet again?  Raw’s 25th anniversary is coming up, so she can make a highlight reel for Survivor Series, and show the many times Shane has made Kurt look foolish, so was there actually a raid?  But he is busy setting up his team, so who is the 5th team member?  Jason Jordan, he is a very good athlete, who cares about that, who is Jason Jordan?  Kurt’s son.  So what qualifications does Jason have?  He is a great athlete.  So who is Shane’s 5th member?  John Cena.  The Franchise Player, so Cena was on Raw the last time we saw him, so why would he choose Smackdown?  Is he ashamed Kurt chose Jordan over Cena?  You will have to ask him.  So what are Kurt’s plans for Survivor Series then?  Kurt is going to break Stephanie’s brother’s ankle.  Kurt will start off, and he hopes Shane has the balls to start himself, so he can break his ankle.  Stephanie said this isn’t the 90’s, she doesn’t think Kurt can break anybody’s ankle anymore.  He has gone soft, so she has no other decision than to….

And here comes The Shield, including Roman Reigns.

Stephanie asks what are they doing here, and Dean tells her that Kurt is their leader, he stepped it up big at TLC.  They trust him.  Stephanie asks Roman where the hell has he been, and Roman switches the question asking Stephanie where the hell has she been?  All she did the last time she was here was go through one simple table, which is hilarious.  Stephanie asks where the Tag Team Titles are?  Oh yeah, Kurt lost them for you, by New Day.  They made them look like fools, just like Kurt Angle.  Roman tells Stephanie they don’t do what she tells them to do, they do what the hell they want to do. Kurt is the leader, he will lead Team Raw to take care of Smackdown, and they will take care of New Day, because the three of them want The New Day in a match, at Survivor Series.

Will The New Day answer the challenge?

Tonight:  The Shield Vs The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar’s Phenomenal Return

Next:  Triple Threat Match To Determine 5th Member of Team Raw in Women’s Match

Match Number 1:  Mickie James Vs Dana Brooke Vs Bayley in a Triple Threat Match To Determine 5th Member of Team Raw

Bayley picks up the win, after Team Raw was watching in the match.  Asuka tried to help Dana Brooke during the match, but Dana decks Asuka, and this has Asuka chasing Dana around, Mickie attempts her DDT, Bayley reverses and nails a Bailey to Belly for the win.  Bayley is now on Team Raw.

Winner, and part of Team Raw:  Bayley, by pinfall

Match Number 2:  Enzo Amore (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) and Drew Gulak Vs Kalisto and Akiro Tozawa

Before the match, Enzo has something to say.  He is the realist guy in the room, how ya doin’?  This Sunday, Kalisto will be competing for his boo, his Cruiserweight Championship.  Enzo is money, and he tells us he proves it.  Drew Gulak now has the chance to talk, but Kalisto and Tozawa interrupt.  The match is up now.

Enzo and Gulak picks up the win when Enzo nails a Jawdonzo, pinning Tazawa.  At Survivor Series, the Cruiserweight Title match will be in the Kick-Off show.

Winners:  Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak, by pinfall

Next:  Miz TV With Sheamus and Cesaro

Earlier Tonight:  Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle

Backstage Segment:  Team Raw

Kurt Angle tells Team Raw he needs to know if Joe and Balor can get along, so they will team up and face Gallows and Anderson.  Jason Jordan will face Bray Wyatt.  Braun Strowman wants Kane.  In the main event on Raw, it will be Bray Vs Kane.  It’s true, it’s damn true, says Braun.

In-Ring Promo:  Miz TV

Welcome to the most must-see WWE talk show, welcome to Miz TV.  We are just 6 days away from Survivor Series.  Where one night of the year that Raw faces Smackdown.  And the one time in the year the resident trash talker Baron Corbin faces The Miz.  Unless Baron loses his title match to Sin Cara tomorrow night on Smackdown.  Now you might not say that happens, but then again, Baron tends to fail when he is in the spotlight.  His failed title reign is so incredible, he wasn’t even on TV last week on Smackdown Live, he wasn’t even a bathroom break, because he squander opportunities, something The Miz does not do.  Tonight, he will team up with 2 men and face The Shield.  He brings out the new Raw Tag Team Champions, and his own personal friends, Sheamus and Cesaro.


Ladies and gentlemen, Sheamus and Cesaro.  First and foremost, congratulations on your victory last week.  Sheamus thanks The Miz, but they weren’t surprised, because they did what they always do, while The New Day made a surprise appearance.  Cesaro says their eyes were always on the prize, and they took back the titles, and are now 3-time Raw Tag Team Champions.  Sheamus talks about how they are the real Tag Team Champions, unlike The Usos.  But give it to The Usos, they won their Tag Titles on that cute, little B-show.  The crowd chants Sheamus looks stupid, and The Miz tells us when his hand goes up, our mouths will go shut.  They will sit, and listen to our Raw Tag Team Champions.  Before they were so rudely interrupted, they are the A-Team Tag Team Champions.  They are the flagship Tag Team Champions, they are the Raw Tag Team Champions, and at Survivor Series, they will jail-break The Uso Penitentiary.  The Miz talks about how they will break the original members of The Shield.  Think about what they have been through, they spent years breaking up, and fighting each other, and now they will be facing this set of champions, and their happy reunion tour ends tonight.  Because they don’t just set The Bar, they are The Bar.

Video:  Raw Vs Smackdown, Under Seize

Official:  The Sheidl Vs The New Day at Survivor Series

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Phenomenal Reaction

Tonight:  Kane Vs Braun Strowman

Match Number 3:  Jason Jordan Vs Bray Wyatt

Jason picks up the win, rolling up Bray Wyatt, after Bray messed up his knee.  But after the match, Bray attacks Jason, and clips his knee, sending officials to tend to him, and putting his Survivor Series spot in jeopardy.

Winner:  Jason Jordan, by pinfall

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar’s Phenomenal Reaction

Backstage Segment:  Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle

Kurt is doubting whether Jason should be ready by this Sunday, and Jason says he has been waiting for this opportunity his entire life.  He deserves this, Dad.

In-Ring Promo:  Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate to the reigning, undisputed, and defending WWE Universal Champion….BROCK LESNAR!!  My client has authorized me to dogmatize the top 5 selling points on why you should subscribe to the WWE Network and watch Survivor Series this Sunday.  Pont number 1:  the very first time in WWE history where the Universal Champion will face the WWE Champion, the very first time in WWE history where Brock Lesnar will face AJ Styles.  And to be perfectly candid with you, this may be the only time Brock faces AJ Styles.  So ladies and gentlemen, pardon the simplification, if you want the opportunity to see Brock Lesnar Vs AJ Styles, tune in this Sunday at the Survivor Series.  So don’t miss it.

Selling point number 2:  A very selfish selling point, as the advocate, Heyman wants to see Brock Lesnar Vs AJ Styles.  Nobody knows Brkc better than Paul, he knows that this year alone, they have been putting Brock in the ring against bigger opponents, he has seen them put Brock in the ring against smaller opponents this year.  But AJ Styles is a different fit.  AJ Styles is elusive, yet abusive.  AJ Styles is very defensive too, and he has learned one thing they know in MMA, speed kills.  And AJ Styles has more to offer.

Someone just proposed during this promo, which is hilarious.  Just so you know she has never been seen someone like Brock Lesnar.

Selling Point Number 3:  AJ Styles is the single best in-ring talent in this generation.  Styles is the ultimate opponent for Brock Lesnar.  You want to see someone on a roll, he gives you AJ Styles.  You want to see someone on a bigger role, he will give you AJ Styles.  But he has to be the ultimate underdog, because while AJ is just a good ol’ boy from Georgia, Brock is just a Bulldog-eating carnivore.  And Brock is the best champion now, then, and forever.  And it points to

Selling Point Number 4:  if you want to see a Rocky movie come to life, he gives us AJ Styles.  This year, in the past 12 months alone, AJ has beaten John Cena, Shane McMahon, and Jinder Mahal, he is the definition of a Rocky Movie, which brings him to

Selling Point F-5:  AJ Styles can’t survive a F-5.  This isn’t a Rocky movie, and he will watch AJ Styles in the ring, give everything he can, but he will be victimized, conquered, and defeated by the reigning, and defending Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Survivor Series:  Brock Lesnar Vs AJ Styles

Next:  The Shield Vs The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro

Match Number 4:  The Miz (IC Champ) and The Bar (Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Shield

This was a fun match here that saw Reigns nail The Miz with a spear and a Triple Powerbomb.  This sets the stage for this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Winners:  The Shield, by pinfall

Tonight:  Braun Strowman Vs Kane

Backstage Promo:  Kane

Kane can still remember what he did to Braun Strowman.  He can still hear the sound of putting Braun into a trash compactor, and tonight he can show Braun there are worse things than death.  And that is pain.

In-=Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle

Stephanie talked earlier tonight about the decisions you must make as a leader, and this can be the most difficult decision in his entire life.  Due to the injuries, he has decided to take his son Jason Jordan out of Team Raw, and name a replacement.  Jason comes out, begging Kurt not to do this decision.  He has been waiting for this his entire life.  He has a chance to team up with his father.  Kurt tells Jason he is injured, but by this Sunday, Jason will be fine.  Kurt was injured, and he won a freaking gold medal.  He is just like Kurt, and he can do this.  Kurt tells Jason it’s not worth it, but it is.  Kurt was Jason’s idol growing up.  Coming to Raw, competing on his show has been a dream come true.  But to be honest, Kurt knows he didn’t pick him out of favoritism, he chose him because he was the best choice.  He won’t get another chance like this.  It is an honor to represent Raw, and the superstars in the back.  Don’t take this away from Jason, the one time he can be in the ring with his father.  Please reconsider this.  Stephanie comes out, and orders Kurt to make the decision, NOW.  Kurt tells Jason he has to do this, but he can’t make the announcement.

We hear HHH’s music, and he comes back to the ring.  HHH knew Kurt couldn’t say it, so he will do it for him.  The 5th member of Team Raw is HHH!!!  And he Pedigrees Jason Jordan, with Kurt saying nothing.

Moments Ago:  Jason Jordan, out….HHH is in on Team Raw

Match Number 5:  Samoa Joe and Finn Balor Vs Gallows and Anderson

Joe and Finn were able to get along for 3 seconds, and really that is all they needed.  Joe and Balor wins the match when Joe took out Gallows, and Balor hits Coup De Grace, pinning Anderson.

Winners:  Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, by pinfall

Survivor Series Rundown

Backstage Interview:  Alexa Bliss

The one and only appearance of Charly Caruso tonight, she asks Alexa if she cares about who she faces this Sunday, either Charlotte Flair or Natalya.  She can care less, but she doesn’t like she doesn’t have much time to prepare for her opponent, but since she joined Raw, Smackdown has become the B-Show.  Maybe she will appear tomorrow night’s show live?  It doesn’t matter, because either way, our Goddess will win.

Next:  Kane Vs Braun Strowman

I don’t remember this match being a NO DQ match, but there were chair shots involved.  I can live with that, but the match ends when Strowman lifts Kane over for a Running Powerslam, he slams Kane right through the ring.  The show ends here, with a BIG hole in the ring.

Winner:  No Contest

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I have this feeling Vince threw dartboard here with wrestlers to see where the darts would land, and hope to go through that.  But when the fans groaned about Jinder Mahal Vs Brock Lesnar, things were squashed very quickly.  Instead, we get the dream match of Styles Vs Brock.  It could still end the same way, with Brock controlling most of the match.  But I know AJK will bump better for Lesnar, and will even counter some great moves.

But right now, our true main event is the Survivor Series match.  Not only do we have the in-ring return of John Cena, we also now see the in-return of HHH.  Some very fun, exciting match ups we have here this Sunday.  HHH can be in the same ring as Shinsuke Nakamura.  Kurt Angle Vs John Cena.  Randy Orton Vs Samoa Joe, Finn Balor Vs Shane McMahon.  Braun Strowman Vs Bobby Roode.  The matchups are limitless.  The only issue I have though is this makes Jason Jordan look like a fool, and Kurt Angle as an even bigger fool by not saying a word, when HHH pedigreed his own son.  I want to see the “Badass” Kurt, not The “Whining, insecure” Kurt Angle./

The Shield had a nice moment, and I want to see their match with New Day too.  Survivor Series is shaping up to be a great PPV.  I am expecting to see Charlotte win the SD Women’s Title, so she can face Alexa Bliss this Sunday.  Now we need to see the Raw crew make an appearance tomorrow night, and pay a receipt back for what Smackdown had done.  Under Seize Part II….book it.  Share me your thoughts.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Bayley def Mickie James and Dana Brooke, by pinfall

**Enzo Amore (C) and Drew Gulak def Kalisto and Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

**Jason Jordan def Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

**The Shield def The Miz (C) and The Bar (C), by pinfall

**Samoa Joe and Finn Balor def Gallows and Anderson, by pinfall

**Kane Vs Braun Strowman ends in a no contest