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WWE Smackdown Live From Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and Corey Graves

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Tonight:  Hell in a Cell Shocker

Tonight:  Baron Corbin Vs AJ Styles for US Title

In-Ring Promo:  The Usos


They told you that they had this tag team locked.  Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary.  They say when you go through Hell in a Cell, your life changes.  So they have something to say to The New Day, and here they come.  We get New Day Rocks chants.  Sunday night, two of the very best Tag Teams went to war, they made history that night.  Compared to the other Tag Teams in the back, they suck.  Hell in a Cell was what they say, Us, it was hell.  Sunday night, they brought out everything, they brought chairs, they brought handcuffs, they brought brass knuckles.  When it comes the two teams, it’s like Clash of the Titans, it’s like Ali Vs Frazier, they know they are going to see something special.  And what the WWE Universe doesn’t know, what they can’t see after the show is my brother wearing an ice pack, because he can’t see on his other eye, or Jimmy drive with one arm, because his other shoulder hurts.  They check into the hotel, and the lady at the desk asks them if they are going to be okay.  They answer to their family, their kids, asking if Daddy is going to be okay, and they say Daddy is fine.  He says his prayers, hit his head on the pillow, and it all hits me, nobody can understand what The Usos can go through, except The New Day.  So after all the hell they put each other through, we belong here.  My brothers, they are the tag division, they run this tag team division.  Xavier asks if they are asking for an Us truce?  The Usos are just trying to say this….Respect.

They are about to shake hands, and here come The Hype Bros.  Mojo says that is the problem there, the same two teams every week taking the credit, and keeping the glory all to themselves.  Mojo what are you talking about?  Just stay on the sideline, like your entire NFL career.  Here comes Benjamin and Gable.  Gable talks about Hype Bros being at the back of the line after they took care of them at Hell in a Cell.  The Usos chimed in, Gable got himself a Shelton Benjamin, former Intercontinental Champion, former United States Champion, former United States Champion, former Tag Team Champion.  What does that mean?  Get to the end of the line.  Here comes Breezango, and before they could speak, The Ascension come out too.  They want tag shots, and The Usos tell them they are all locked up.  If any of you want a shot at these titles, come to the ring, and earn your chance.  Daniel Bryan shows up, tonight is not the night for this.  Thank you Usos and New Day for giving us that incredible match at Hell in a Cell, but right now, get out of the ring.  We are going to determine the new challengers to The Usos Tag Team Title shot, by giving us a Fatal 4-Way now.

Match Number 1:  Benjamin and Gable Vs The Hype Bros Vs The Ascension Vs Breezango in a Fatal 4-Way To Determine Number One Contenders to SD Live Tag Team Titles

Although I was rooting for Breezango, the team that won are very good too.  Benjamin and Gable pick up the win, pinning Breezy with their swinging neckbreaker.  The Usos are ready for the challenge.

Winners, and NEW Number One Contenders To Tag Team Titles:  Benjamin and Gable

Backstage Segment:  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Dasha is by their locker room, but they haven’t spoken yet.  They will later tonight.

Tonight:  Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Rusev and Aidan English

Backstage Segment:  The Women’s Division

Nattie is proud of her Women’s Title, but Lana and Tamina wants a shot, and Carmella is showing them she has the briefcase. But they are better choices to be Women’s Champion than Charlotte Flair.  Charlotte shows up, and there is a fight, with Naomi and Becky showing up.

Backstage Interview:  Baron Corbin

Renee Young is with Baron, talking about winning the US Title at Hell in a Cell.  Corbin says he did it to prove those “Keyboard Warriors” at home wrong, and he won Sunday by beating 2 other men.  Tonight, he just has to face AJ Styles, so he will defeat “The House That AJ Styles Built” and keep his title.

Next:  Becky Lynch Vs Carmella

Match Number 2:  Becky Lynch Vs Carmella

Ellsworth is still chained up like a dog, which they don’t dare explain.  Becky picks up the win with a Disarmer.

Winner:  Becky Lynch, by submission

Next:  Hell in a Cell Shocker

In-Ring Promo:  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


At Hell in a Cell, Owens did what exactly what he said he was going to do, he sent Shane McMahon straight to hell.  Now Shane McMahon is gone, and he’s never coming back.  And you people should be counting your blessings, because you almost lost Kevin too.  During the match, he saw it, he was blinded by that white light you hear about.  You start to ascend and see your body as you leave.  And he was standing in line at the heavenly gate, and he hates to wait at the line.  But then he cut in line, and greeted St. Peter himself, and said as much as we would love for you to be here, you are needed more in Earth.  And as he returned to his body, he has his own guardian angle name Sami Zayn.  And he had a greater purpose, and that was turn Smackdown Live into his very own paradise, and here we are gathered tonight in Kevin’s Heaven, or as he likes to call it, The Kevin Owens Show.  So allow him to introduce his guardian angle, and his best friend….Sami Zayn.

Sami starts to speak, but Owens wants Sami to let everyone know he had no ideas he was coming out Sunday, why he pulled him out of destruction, but before he tells us that, Kevin thanks Sami from the bottom of his heart.  Sami wants to thank Kevin for Powerbombing Sami, that started everything.  His entire life was about to please these people.  He tried to be a good guy to live life moral, and do things the right way, and it brought him to mediocrity.  Meanwhile Kevin became the WWE Champion, the Universal Champion, the United States Champion, but Sami gets to sleep at night, and he’d reach success in 5 years.  But then Shane McMahon gave him this big speech of landing opportunity on Smackdown Live.  He told Sami how Raw was mistreating him, SD Live would give him appreciation and respect that he deserves.  But that was the last meeting he had with Shane McMahon.  But that was okay, because Sami will just keep smiling, and coming into work.  But that all changed a few weeks ago when he tried to warn Shane that Kevin Owens is more dangerous now than ever, and Shane just brushed him off and said Sami, you worry about you, and I will worry about me.  That’s when he truly realized Shane never cared about Sami, and he never really wanted Sami to get that opportunity.  So at Hell in a Cell, he watched that match, just like everyone else did, and he was rooting for Shane to win.  Shane threw Owens on a table, he had him beat.  But then he climbed the cell one more time.  And that is when he realized, Owens can be a lot of things for him, but most of all, Owens is his brother.  Shane became a psychopath, and Kevin he despised him for many years, but the truth is he despised the fact Kevin Owens was right all along.  So Kevin, thank you.  Owens tells us ladies and gentlemen, Sami Zayn.  No, it’s Kevin Owens.  No Sami, it’s Sami Zayn.  No, it’s the victorious Kevin Owens.

Tonight:  United States Championship

Next:  Nakamura and Orton Vs Rusev and English

Match Number 3:  Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton

Rusev tried to help Aidan a bit from a Kinsasha, but Nakamura kicks Rusev, and Orton nails a RKO.  Shinsuke nails Kinsasha, and pins English.

Winners:  Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

Backstage Interview AJ Styles

Renee Young is with AJ, asking his thoughts about tonight’s match.  AJ tells us he wasn’t pinned by Corbin Sunday.  And while Baron is the champion, he will do what he always does, and that is make a mistake, and cost him the match.  This is the house that AJ Styles built, and he will be damned if Corbin escapes with the United States Championship.  It will be end of days for Corbin title reign.

Video:  Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, known as Blunching Brothers

In-Ring Promo:  Bobby Roode

“The Glorious One” Bobby Roode is here, and he is great to say his first PPV was well GLORIOUS!!  But that lasted 2 seconds, so Dolph Ziggler, you want to fight?  Let’s fight.  And here comes Ziggler, congratulating Bobby on his first WWE PPV, it was fantastic, good for you.  Then the music stopped, and the bell rang.  Ziggler dominated Roode, he is the greatest in-ring performer in WWE, and Roode did the only thing he could do, which is cheat.  Roode tells Ziggler he is smarter than Ziggler.  He is the greatest in-ring performer, he wants his rematch anytime, anyplace.  Roode asks Ziggler he doesn’t take losing very well, do you.  He can get a rematch, and the end result will be the same.  Ziggler says the result will be different, but he wants that rematch anyplace, anytime.  Roode says he can have the match right now.  Ziggler takes off his robe, lets his hair down, and then says you can’t always get what you want, he will get his rematch when Ziggler is ready, not here.

Next:  United States Title Match

Next Week:  Ziggler Vs Roode

Match Number 4:  Baron Corbin (US Champ) Vs AJ Styles for the United States Championship

This felt like a squash match, with Styles controlling most of the match, but the story here was AJ hurt his knee a bit, when he nailed a knee bender.  AJ tried a Calf Crusher, but Baron kicked out, and nails End of Days for the win.  Renee Young asked Baron if he has any thoughts on the critics, he more or less said eat it, because this United States Title is his, and won’t change hands for a long time, and we end the show here.

Winner, and STILL United States Champion:  Baron Corbin, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It feels like SD Live was running short on time, because we didn’t even get the entrances of the champion and challenger, which is weird.  Even the match was short.  No WWE Champion tonight, not even a mention of him, which is very odd.  The highlights of the show were the two promos between The Usos, and with Zayn and Owens.  Sami said things perfectly, he tried to do it the right way, but it didn’t get him anywhere.  I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.  But the matches really did not stand out.  Smackdown Live used to be the wrestling show, but that has gotten away the last few years.  Need to get back to that.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable wins Fatal 4-Way to become Number One Contenders to Tag Team Titles

**Becky Lynch def Carmella, by submission

**Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura def Rusev and Aidan English

**Baron Corbin (C) def AJ Styles, to retain US Title, by pinfall