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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Portland, Oregon

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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In-Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle


Kurt confirms that The Shield are back, and ready for this Sunday at TLC.  The Shield, complete with music, and they enter from the seats, which is awesome, and they surround the ring with Kurt.  Kurt asks Portland if they want to hear from The Shield, and they all say yes.  Reigns says that was a good choice, because when you get in the ring with The Hounds of Justice, you either get out of their yard, or you get your ass kicked.  Rollins says it is great to be back together.  They debuted in this ring 5 years ago at TLC, and they dominated.  Every night when they are together, they dominated.  Then one night, it went away.  But he is proud to be in the ring with his brothers, because The Shield are back, and better together.  Ambrose tells us he loves ladders, tables, and chairs.  But the steel is not the reason why The Miz, The Bar, and Strowman should be scared, because the line has been drawn and The Shield are ready for war.  And nobody throw down like The Shield.  So maybe Ambrose got ahead of himself last week when he said they would fight 4, 5, or even 6 men.  But if he had a chance to do it again, he would say it again.  He dares the four men to come out and they throw down again.  Here they come, but Kurt tells them this will not happen tonight.  The Bar want their Tag Titles tonight?  If they fight it won’t happen.  If Strowman wants Reigns inside a steel cage, that match won’t happen if they fight now, this will be a historic Raw.  It’s true, it’s damn true.

Tonight:  Tag Team Title Match

Tonight:  Strowman Vs Reigns inside a steel cage.

Tonight:  Miz TV with Braun Strowman

In-Ring Concert:  Elias, with Gallows and Anderson

So I guess Gallows and Anderson are groupies.  Who wants to walk with Elias?  Crowd boos, but he has two Good Brothers along with him.  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.  Gallows and Anderson are warming up their voices.  They have a song about Jason Jordan.  I guess Jason is a nerd.

Match Number 1:  Jason Jordan, Titus O’ Neil, and Apollo Crews Vs Elias and The Good Brothers

In somewhat of a shocking move, Apollo Crews picks up the win here, with his Sit Down Powerbomb, pinning Anderson.  I can’t remember the last time Apollo won on TV, so good for him.

Winners:  Apollo Crews, Titus O’ Neil, and Jason Jordan, by pinfall

This Sunday:  Asuka

Backstage Interview:  Emma

Renee Young is with Emma, she is sick of hearing about Asuka.  She started the Woman’s Revolution.  She is a Social Media queen, what has Asuka done here?  Alexa Bliss talks about Asuka has done nothing.  Emma single-handedly started The Woman’s Revolution, thank you for that.  She puts the women up, unlike Mickie James, who body shamed her last week.  They need to stick together, how about Emma teaming up with Alexa Bliss.

Video:  205 Live Cedric Alexander Vs THE Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher

Match Number 2:  Cedric Alexander Vs Jack Gallagher

Kendrick came out with Gallagher, but Rich Swann came out for Cedric.  Swann took out Kendrick, who tried to help Alexander, with Cedric hitting Lumbar Check, and pins Gallagher for the win.  These 4 square off at TLC.

Winner:  Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

Next:  Miz TV with Braun Strowman

In-Ring Promo:  Miz TV with Braun Strowman

Welcome to the must-see segment of WWE, welcome to Miz TV.  His friends came out earlier, and Kurt Angle prevented them from giving the fans what they wanted, Angle didn’t want them to shatter The Shield tonight.  But who is to say they wouldn’t have done that?  If it happened like that, The Bar would not have won back their Raw Tag Team Championships tonight.  Cesaro tell them they don’t just set the bar, they are The Bar.  Sheamus said at TLC they will shatter The Shield in three pieces.  The fans get into “The Hawk” and Sheamus tells us to respect “The Hawk”, but they will break Dean Ambrose’s back when he takes him out with a chair.  Or when Cesaro spatters Rollins’ leg with a ladder, or when they break Reigns’ spirit with a table.  As good as The Shield are, they don’t compare to the real family of The Miztourage, and Miz would do anything to watch their backs, including the 4th member of their team, Braun Strowman.

Braun tells Miz he would have shattered The Shield tonight.  Last week, they came together and Triple Powerbombed him through a table, because none of them could do it alone.  So tonight, he breaks The Shield piece by piece, until The Shield is gone forever.  That starts tonight inside a steel cage with Roman Reigns, he will make sure they lock the door, so Roman can’t run from him.  Miz asks us if they really think they can take care of them?  Ambrose is still sipping the kool-aid, because he says they can beat 4, or 5.  Well Dean, that looks to be the case, because The Shield will face 5 members.  Himself, Braun, The Bar, and his 5th member….Kurt Angle interrupts, he never agreed to this idea, and he won’t listen to it like last week.  Miz talks about The Shield can be heroes, if they win this match.  Kurt tells him to shut up, and this is what is going to happen.  If The Miz wants a 5th member, then he can have it, if Strowman beats Reigns tonight in the steel cage match.  But if Reigns wins, this will go back to a 3-on-3 match, and Strowman is out.  Deal?  Braun speaks and accepts it.  Kurt also says everyone is banned from ringside in the 2 main events.

Tonight:  Finn Balor’s Demonic Message To Sister Abigail

Match Number 3:  Sasha Banks Vs Alicia Fox

Alicia claimed last week she tapped out to Bank Statement because she was scratching her nose.  Not tonight, Alicia tapped out again, and she still doesn’t have a T-shirt.

Winner:  Sasha Banks, by submission

Next:  Enzo Amore

Backstage Interview:  Sasha Banks

Charly tries to get a word from Sasha, but Alicia attacked Sasha from behind.  She even shoves the ref, and officials check on them.

In-Ring Promo:  Enzo Amore


You know who he is, and he is the realest guy in the room, how ya doin’?  He’s doin’ alright, but he heard a few boos out here.  So we wonder where is his “Boo”?  His Cruiserweight Title.  We see video footage from last week.  Let’s just be real for one moment, he got nuked, duked, screwed, and robbed from his Cruiserweight Championship, and that is a fact.  He got duped into putting his Cruiserweight Title from a corrupt GM, and he had a poor Mustafa Ali screwing him the title, and here comes Kalisto.  Kalisto tells Enzo he can blame him, he can blame Kurt Angle, he can blame the entire 205 Live roster, he can even blame the fans.  But Enzo there will be no excuses when he remains the Cruiserweight Title.  Enzo tells Kalisto he has money stacked higher than Kalisto, and most of it is not dirty money.  But does Kalisto see the end of the tunnel?  As in the Zo Train?  Some of 205 Live come in, and jump Kalisto.  Mustafa Ali comes to help his buddy.  He takes out Gulak, Durr, Daivari, and Nese, but Enzo takes him out.  This could be a Survivor Series team next month.  Enzo nails Eat Defeat on Kalisto, this Sunday, Kalisto Vs Enzo for The Cruiserweight Title.

Next:  Tag Team Title Match

Match Number 4:  Rollins and Ambrose (Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championship

These four guys tell a great story here, and tonight was no different.  Ambrose and Rollins retain their titles when Rollins gives Cesaro a kick, and then Dirty Deeds.  The champs keep the belts.

Winners, and STILL Raw Tag Champs:  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, by pinfall

Tonight:  Reigns Vs Strowman in a Steel Cage

Next:  Finn Balor Gives a Denomic Message To Sister Abigail

Backstage Segment:  Team Miz

Curtis is trying to rally the troops, they still have this Sunday.  And he can be a part of that team, with the fifth member.  Braun tells him he must find Roman Reigns, Curtis is not afraid, he will do it now.

Next:  Finn Balor

In-Ring Promo:  Finn Balor

This is Balor Club right here in Portland.  When Bray Wyatt first introduced the world to Sister Abigail, he didn’t know what to think.  Has he lost his mind?  Or did he have all of us fooled?  He thought Bray had lost his mind, but he was wrong.  As a kid, Finn read about monsters, and thought they were just stories, but after seeing Sister Abigail last week, that is real.  Bray has his tricks, but Finn has tricks too.  He will slay a monster, from a demon of his own.  His demon has no fear, his demon dreams about nightmares.  And his demon is dying to meet Sister Abigail.  We get to see glimpses of “The Demon”, and he tells Sister Abigail to run.

Match Number 5:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champ) and Emma Vs Mickie James and Bayley

Mickie picks up the win after Alexa had her back to Mickie, and nails a Mick kick.  This Sunday, James Vs Bliss at TLC for the Women’s Title.

Winners:  Mickie James and Alexa Bliss, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Curtis Axel

Curtis found Roman, with The Shield.  This doesn’t look good.

Backstage Segment:  The Miz, The Bar, and Braun

The Miz is rallying the troops, when Braun beats Roman tonight, the 5 of them will dominate The Shield.  But there isn’t Axel there.  Miz asks where he is at, and Braun stated that he said he can beat down Roman, and Braun told him to do it.

Backstage Interview:  Mickie James

Charly catches up with Mickie after talking with Bayley.  She asks Mickie if this is about winning the Women’s Title or what Alexa had called her?  Mickie admits the words hurt her, but she is proud of who she is, she has a little 3-year-old at home.  It was the greatest moment for her, but one of the greatest moments is for Mickie to bring home the Women’s Title to her little boy Donovan.  And she will kick that little biscuit butt all over the arena, and become a 7-time Women’s Champion.

TLC Kick-Off Match:  Sasha Banks Vs Alicia Fox

Backstage Segment:  The Miz and Curtis Axel

The Miz finds Curtis, he is hung upside down.  The plan did not work.

Backstage Interview:  The Miz

Renee wants a few words with The Miz.  Can he find a replacement for Curtis Axel?  Miz said the world knew that Curtis was never the fifth man.

Match Number 6:  Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman inside a steel cage

The Miz joined us in commentary, The Bar ran down, as did Ambrose and Rollins, despite what Kurt had said everyone being banned at ringside.  Miz locked everyone out of the building.  The match was continuing, and we hear Kane’s music, who came out from underneath the ring.  He attacks Reigns, gives him 2 Chokeslams.  Braun lays Reigns out with 2 Powerslams, a Tombstone Piledriver by Kane, and another Powerslam, for Braun to win this match.  The Miz makes it official, Kane is the 5th man, as we end the show.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show, and Raw set up their PPV much better than Smackdown Live had done a few weeks ago.  I loved seeing the official Shield entrance tonight, and am looking forward to their TLC match this Sunday.  Asuka also will debut, and I am guessing it will be 2 or 3 minute squash.  Mickie Vs Alexa can be underrated too, we will se how things will build from here after Sunday.  Share me your thoughts on the show.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Apollo Crews, Titus O’ Neil, and Jason Jordan def Elias and The Good Brothers, by pinfall

**Cedric Alexander def Jack Gallagher, by pinfall

**Sasha Banks def Alicia Fox, by submission

**Ambrose and Rollins (C) def The Bar, by pinfall to retain Raw Tag Titles

**Mickie James and Bayley def Alexa Bliss (C) and Emma, by pinfall

**Braun Strowman def Roman Reigns, by pinfall