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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From San Jose, California

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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This Show Is Dedicated To The Legend “Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who passed away this weekend.

In-Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle

Kurt tells us we are only 6 days away from No Mercy.  We have 2 matches that are Wrestlemania worthy, Roman Reigns Vs John Cena, and Brock Lesnar Vs Braun Strowman, for the WWE Universal Championship.  But that is not all.




Kurt is glad Miz is out there, he wants to congratulate The Miz on being a father.  Miz tells Kurt he is sick and tired of being overlooked again.  He is hyping up No Mercy, but this is the second time in a row where the Intercontinental Championship is not being defended, are you kidding me?  Kurt tells us we will have The Hardy Boyz Vs Elias Vs Jason Jordan in a Fatal 4-way match to determine who faces The Miz at No Mercy for the IC Title.  Miz tells Kurt Jason is unworthy of a title shot, he needs to give Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel an opportunity.  But Jason keeps being leapfrogged by his son.  Kurt tells Miz that he will be a father one day.  But The Miz tells him not to put his kid involved in this, because he will be there for his son from day one, and he won’t need to ask why Daddy doesn’t want to be involved in his life.  Kurt is trying to appease Jason because he wasn’t in there in his life, and he is using the locker room because of that.  But then again, this doesn’t surprise Miz, because Kurt is a dead-beat.

Now comes Jason Jordan, he tells Miz to never talk about Kurt like that again.  He makes a suggestion to Kurt, to put Bo and Curtis in this match, because then when Jason faces Miz for the IC Title, there won’t be any excuses.  So there will now be a Six Pack Challenge tonight, and Miz tells him the odds went down in his favor, he’s even dumber than his dad.  And now Jason takes care of Miz and his Miztourage.

Tonight:  Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar Give Their Thoughts

Tonight:  Roman Reigns Is Here

Next:  Bliss Vs Jax

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Kurt tells Jason to focus on his match tonight.  Jason tells Kurt The Miz has been talking about Kurt for weeks, and he has heard the rumors and whispers in the back.  See what happens when they see what he does to The Miz.  Kurt asks him what did he expect when this got out?  You either take this, or go home.  Kurt knows Jason has him in his blood, but he needs to direct that tonight, so he faces The Miz at No Mercy.

Match Number 1:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Woman’s Champ) Vs Nia Jax, in a non-title match

Sasha Banks came to ringside when Alexa tried to escape, but Nia picks up the win with a Samoan Drop.  After the match, Sasha Banks tried to get on Nia’s back, but Nia throws Sasha down like a rag doll.  But here comes San Jose’s very own Bayley to come to the ring.  Now we see Sasha, Bayley, and Alexa take Nia out with a Spear.  After this, Sasha welcomes Bayley, and Alexa tries to raise their hand, but Sasha and Bayley take her out now.

Winner:  Nia Jax, by pinfall

Tonight:  6-Pack Challenge, Winner Gets IC Title Match At No Mercy

Tonight:  Roman Reigns Has A Message For John Cena

Next:  Lesnar Vs Strowman Video

Tribute:  Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Video:  Braun Strowman Vs Brock Lesnar

Tonight:  Lesnar and Strowman, Final Thoughts

In-Ring Promo:  The Bar

They tell us that the fans are into nostalgic acts, but at the end of the day, it all fades.  Just look at what they did to The Hardy Boyz.  Now they are fixing to do the same to Ambrose and Rollins, who are back for themselves.  They will turn on each other when the time is right.  Rollins and Ambrose come in to talk about their choice of clothing, a combination of Taxi Driver meets Braveheart.  They are true brothers, they sometimes fight, but they make up, and fight for each other.  Gallows and Anderson show up, calling The Bar bad brothers for walking away from them.  And Ambrose and Rollins are bad brothers because they took advantage of them when they were down.  They are all nothing but nerds.  Oh no, nobody calls Ambrose a nerd, and we have a fight when we go to break.

Coming Soon:  Asuka

Match Number 2:  Ambrose and Rollins (Raw Tag Champs)The Bar Vs Anderson and Gallows in a non-title Triple Threat Match

This was a long match, and I enjoyed this.  We see Ambrose nailing Dirty Deeds, but Sheamus was a legal man, and pins Anderson for the win.  The highlight here was when Ambrose and Rollins did a double tope on opposite ends of the ring.

Winners:  The Bar, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  The Miztourage

Miz is talking with the troops giving them a motivational speech about tonight’s main event.  The focus needs to be on them, because they will shock the world, and face The Miz for the IC Title.  They have family pedigrees, and belong here.

Tonight:  6-Pack Challenge Match

Tonight:  Strowman and Lesnar Interviews

Next:  Video:  Cena Vs Reigns

Video:  Cena Vs Reigns


No Mercy:  John Cena Vs Roman Reigns

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and Goldust

Kurt talks to someone on the phone over No Mercy.  Goldust has his back, but he doesn’t have the face paint.  He wants another shot at Bray Wyatt tonight, as a man, as Dustin Rhodes.  They have known each other for 20 years.  He just wants that shot to show Bray he isn’t a part of his plan.  Kurt accepts it.  Bray will never forget the name of Dustin Rhodes.

Promo:  Curt Hawkins

Curt tells us his 114 match losing streak ends tonight, he is here to make history.  And his opponent will be a footnote to history, who is the man to lose to Curt, and end his 114 match history?  Curt Hawkins

Match Number 3:  Apollo Crews Vs Curt Hawkins

Apollo picks up the win, the losing streak for Curt Hawkins continues.

Winner:  Apollo Crews, by pinfall

Next:  Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar interviews

In-Ring Interview:  Brock Lesnar Vs Braun Strowman

Michael Cole interviews both men, on the screen.  Michael asks Brock about being the underdog, and Heyman answers this saying Brock was the underdog in his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30.  But Braun Strowman this Sunday will be victimized by “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.  Cole asks Braun how does he feel going into this match?  Braun said he lets his actions do the talking, ask Brock how he is feeling.  Cole talks about the match this Sunday, and Heyman stops Cole, and says Braun is stepping into Suplex City.  Braun tells Heyman he has stepped in Suplex City, and he will burn it to the ground.  Heyman tells him Brock Lesnar understands he needs more Suplex Cities, he understands the beating he needs to give Braun.  He understands he is a dangerous opponent this Sunday, and Braun tells him Brock can think all he wants.  He will take Brock to the limit, and he will win the Universal Championship.  Heyman wants to know why there is so many questions to the challenger, they need to come to the Universal Champion, and they need to ask how this would hurt his legacy, if Braun wins the Universal Championship.  Brock is a NCAA champion, he is a WWE Champion, he is a UFC Champion, Universal Champion.  Just ask him how he would feel if Braun wins the match?  How Braun would beat “The Baddest Dude in the Planet”….how….Brock interrupts, and he thanks Braun for waking him up.  He says he will see him this Sunday, as he takes him to Suplex City, bitch.

Next:  Roman Reigns Hass A Message For John Cena

Earlier Tonight:  Nia Jax Vs Alexa Bliss

No Mercy:  Fatal 5-Way Match

Bayley has been added to this match for the Raw Woman’s Championship.  Emma shared her thoughts through Twitter.

In-Ring Promo:  Roman Reigns

Reigns tells us Cena says some stupid shit, like Roman is nothing but a John Cena wannabe, but he doesn’t look like a white guy with a military haircut, and a big head.  He also doesn’t have to be John Cena, ask Alex Riley.  John is also a fake ass bitch, and he has the video to prove it.

Video:  Cena Vs The Rock, from 2012

It seems John is a hypocrite here.  Should we bring Cena out here San Jose?  The crowd wants to see Cena, but he isn’t here.  So everything he said was a big lie, just talk.  And that is why the result at No Mercy will be the same as it was at Wrestlemania, except he will be beaten by another Samoan.  So this Sunday, Reigns will see you, movie star.  Reigns drops the mic.

Backstage Interview:  The Hardy Boyz

Renee Young has the Hardy Boyz, asking what if they have to fight tonight.  The Hardyz have fought before, so tonight will be no different.  Jeff talks about being close to beating The Miz 2 weeks ago, so he won’t let this second chance fail.  But they are in this match, together.  May the best Hardy win.

Tonight:  6-Pack Challenge

Match Number 4:  Bray Wyatt Vs Dustin Rhodes

Dustin worked very hard, but Bray hits Sister Abigail, and pins Dustin Rhodes.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

In-Ring Promo:  Finn Balor

Finn tells Bray a story of a little boy who was bullied as a kid, so he read a lot of books about demons and monsters.  But this boy grew up a man, and created a demon.  So he has a question for Bray, if man creates demon, which is more dangerous?  The man or the demon?  This Sunday, you are going to find out.

Tribute:  Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Video:  Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

A very touching tribute, that showed Bobby with Gorilla Monsoon, a very funny pair, mostly on “Prime Time Wrestling” back in the day.

In-Ring Promo:  Enzo Amore

Enzo tells us he is feeling good, but he can feel better, and will this Sunday, after he defeats Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship.  Braun Strowman shows up, and beats the shit out of Enzo.  Gives him the running Powerslam, and walks away.  Here comes Neville, who checks out on Enzo and then gives him Red Arrow.  Neville mocks Enzo, and asks who ya doin’?

Next:  Neville in action

Moments Ago:  Braun Strowman lays out Enzo Amore

Backstage Segment:  Enzo Amore

Charly asks Enzo how is he feeling, he tells her he is fine, and he will win the Cruiserweight Title, so ask Neville this Sunday how he is feeling.

Match Number 5:  Neville (WWE Crtuiserweight Champ) Vs Gran Metallik, in a non-title match

Neville wins with The Crossface, after ripping off part of Gran Metallik’s mask, and made him tap out.

Winner:  Neville, by submission

WWE Hispanic Heritage Month:  Jennifer Lopez

Next:  6-Pack Challenge Match

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Who wants to walk with Elias?  Elias says San Jose is just like his opponents, they are all disappointments.

Match Number 6:  The Hardy Boyz Vs Elias Vs The Miztourage Vs Jason Jordan in a 6-Pack Challenge Match

Jason Jordan picks up the win with a couple Bely to Bellys, picking up the win.

Winner, and NEW Number 1 Contender to IC Championship:  Jason Jordan, by pinfall

The Miztourage lays down on Jordan, and The Miz tells him he will never win the IC Champion, and he will just be like his old man, a loser.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The video pieces, and promos were fantastic, they did their job of promoting WWE No Mercy.  The issues were the matches had no rhyme or reason.  I loved Roman’s promos.  And you have to wonder if someone didn’t get this promo to Cena to approve.  I can’t wait to see their match, but they should have made this a Wrestlemania match.  How do you feel?  Send me your thoughts.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Nia Jax def Alexa Bliss (C), by pinfall

**The Bar def Ambrose and Reigns (C) and Gallows and Anderson, by pinfall

**Apollo Crews def Curt Hawkins, by pinfall

**Bray Wyatt def Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

**Neville (C) def Gran Metallik, by submission

**Jason Jordan Def Elias, The Hardy Boyz, and The Miztourage, by pinfall