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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Anaheim, California

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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Moment of Silence:  Always remember September 11th, 2001

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Is Here

Tonight:  John Cena Vs Braun Strowman

Match Number 1:  Roman Reigns Vs Jason Jordan


This was another great match here that featured Jason Jordan’s in-ring talent.  Roman almost tapped out to the Crossface, but Reigns nails a Drive-By, Superman Punch, and wins with a Spear.  Reigns shakes Jordan’s hand, to give him a level of respect.  John Cena was watching this.

Winner:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  John Cena

Charly asks John if he has any words to say about Reigns now, and Cena says he will say it to his face.

In-Ring Segment:  John Cena and Roman Reigns

Cena has a few words for Reigns here.  He reminds Roman he made fun of Cena last week for almost losing to Jordan, yet the same thing happened this week.  He also mocks Roman for showing him what a microphone looks like.  Reigns was having a great match, something John knows nothing about.  In fact, Reigns has had more great matches in 2 years than John has had his entire career.  John said he doesn’t need to do anything, Reigns is burying himself.  It’s not that he isn’t great, because he is.  It’s just nobody has been able to cut him down to size, which is why he is here.  A few weeks ago, Reigns said Cena can spin anything, no it’s that John feels he can try anything and Roman feels he “made it”, no because in this business when you think you’ve made it, it’s time you start going down.  And Roman is afraid to try anything new because he will fail.  And he is here to make sure Reigns does fail, because every week, he thinks he is taking John to school, but he fails every single week.  And that is not what THE guy does.  THE guy stays sharp, THE guy does his homework, which is something he should have done before he got to the ring.  It’s time to show Cena something at No Mercy, because looking at him now, Roman won’t show Cena anything, No Mercy is looking like a cakewalk.  John starts to leave, but now it’s time for Roman to say something, so “bring your bitch ass back here”.  Usually someone calls out John.  But this time, Cena calls out Roman, it’s the other way around, and Roman wants to know why.  Is it because Reigns is selling tickets well, and John hasn’t done this in 5 years.  Cena needs WWE, WWE does not need you, and somehow it bothers you, because you know you aren’t making it in Hollywood, and if he needs to, Roman knows someone who can give him some help.  Cena says it’s time like this where you fight fire with fire, so Roman, consider Cena a drug test, you can’t get past me.

Once again Cena drops the mic, and leaves.  Reigns looks like an idiot.

Tonight:  Cena Vs Strowman

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar is Here!!

Next:  “The Boss” is in action.

Match Number 2:  Sasha Banks Vs Emma

This was more about Alexa and Nia Jax, with a match in the background.  They both joined the commentary table to watch Sasha make Emma tap out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks, by submission

Video:  Braun Strowman Vs The Big Show-Steel Cage Match

Next:  Brock Lesnar

In-Ring Promo:  Brock Lesnar

Here Comes The Pain!!


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate to the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion, BROCK LESNAR!! My job this evening is to sell you something that in Heyman’s opinion has already been sold.  On Sunday, September 24th, at the Staples Arena in Los Angeles, California, his client will defend his Universal Title against the most deserving, monster of a man, Braun Strowman.  And Heyman understand that for the first time since facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, his client is an underdog, and he will tell you why.  A few weeks ago at Summerslam, Braun put his client Brock Lesnar through 2 announce tables, chokeslammed his client and put him through hell.  So he understands that, but the question is are you better than his client?  Because you will have to rip through his client, you have to take so much pain, and abuse from his client, to show that you are badder than Brock Lesnar.  This reminds Heyman of 2002, when Brock lived that mantra of eat, conquer, repeat to victimize someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, or “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, take out the legendary “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and “Mr. ECW” Rob Van Dam.  And Braun has been on that kind of run, can he victimize the legendary John Cena?  Can he defeat the “Baddest man on the planet”?  So the question again is are you badder than his client, Brock Lesnar?  Because when Brock went into the Brocktagon, the announcer would ask “Fighter, are you ready”?  So, we know Braun wants to come out, and Brock, are you ready?  Let’s do this, so fighter, are you ready?  Braun takes the Universal Championship, and puts it right back on Brock, standing on his body, telling him he is ready to fight in 13 days.

And here comes Braun Strowman, and the fight is started.  Braun starts off a flying suplex, but Braun sits right back up, and Brock is nervous.  Braun nails a Powerslam

Tonight:  Cena Vs Strowman

Video:  Hurricane relief to Red Cross

Match Number 3:  Goldust Vs Bray Wyatt

Bray was telling Goldust before the match he is just like Finn Balor, a mortal man who has to wear paint around his face, to hide his deepest and darkest fear.  Bray picks up the win with Sister Abigail.  Bray has a handkerchief, to wipe the paint off Goldust.  He’s just a man said Bray, just like Finn Balor.  Now here comes Balor, and Wyatt runs away.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Sheamus and Cesaro

Last week, these two got into a fight with Gallows and Anderson, does this put them at a disadvantage for No Mercy?  Sheamus said they see Gallows and Anderson as more of a threat than Ambrose and Rollins, because they are a real team.  At No Mercy, they will put the bar on the Tag Champs, because they will have to turn to their instincts, and do what they always do, throw each other to the bar.  And at No Mercy, they won’t just set the bar, they are The Bar.

Match Number 4:  The Bar Vs Gallows and Anderson

The Tag Champs were on commentary, but the match never got started, because all 4 men got involved, and we see Gallows and Anderson attack the Tag Champs too.  Then we have The Bar, Gallows and Anderson all fight, with officials coming to the ringside.

Winners:  No Contest

Moments Ago:  Brawl ensues

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose

The Tag Champs want both teams, Kurt tells them they can’t have the match by themselves, so they need to find 2 tag team partners, and he can set up the match.  They agree to it.

Video:  Asuka Coming Soon To Raw

Backstage Segment:  Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

Alexa is trying to make amends with Nia, they are both upset another woman is coming to Raw.  Sasha shouldn’t even have her rematch set at No Mercy.  It should just be Alexa Vs Nia, one on one.  She wants to be best friends with Nia again, and Nia said she may not like her much after she tells her the news.  She talked to Kurt, and next week, they face off one on one.

Next:  Elias

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Elias wrote this song just for Anaheim.  The best thing about Anaheim is to pack your bags, and leave.  The only claim to fame are the Anaheim Ducks, but being here for 10 minutes, it’s clear to him, Anaheim sucks.

Match Number 5:  Elias Vs Kalisto

Elias wins the match with Drift Away, it seems to me, clear as day, Kalisto really sucks.

Winner:  Elias, by pinfall

Earlier Tonight:  Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar Fight

Next:  John Cena Vs Braun Strowman

Match Number 6:  Braun Strowman Vs John Cena

The match ends in a stupid DQ, when Braun nails Cena with a steel step, but is actually DQ’d after Braun hits Cena with a Powerslam on a steel step.  No clue why, and no clue why this wasn’t on last tonight.

Winner:  John Cena, by DQ

Backstage Interview:  Roman Reigns

Reigns was watching backstage, and Charly asks what he thinks of what just happened.  “The monster” showed no mercy, and neither do I.

Tonight:  8-man Tag Match

Next:  Miz TV with Enzo Amore

Backstage Segment:  Ambrose and Rollins

Ambrose and Rollins try to find partners for tonight.  They found 2 stooges, not a good idea.  We see Dean Malenko and Jamie Noble.  But they settle on The Hardy Boyz…..AHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!

In-Ring Segment:  Miz TV

Before we begin, they have an announcement to make and there is no better place than to do it at the same place they met, at the WWE.  So, he and his wife are…..having a baby.  Miz pledges to Maryse, unlike Kurt Angle, he will be there for her from day one.  And The Miz has a speech, fatherhood is a privilege, and here comes Enzo.

Miz is irate over Enzo interrupting this beautiful moment, and Miz tells Enzo a few years ago he and Cass were the next big thing, they were selling merchandise, on par with John Cena.  Now look at you, Enzo isn’t at 205 Live because he wants to, he is there because nobody wants him here.  He gets kicked out of tour buses, and now in locker rooms, and Miz knows this from experience.  He was in the same shoes as Enzo, he came into WWE on the wrong foot.  He paid for everything he had done, and he has grown as a performer, and earned respect.  Miz was hoping Enzo would come with him for advice on how to handle these things, because he sees talent in Enzo.  He has untapped potential, but for him to think he can be on the same page as machine like Neville, he is crazy for thinking about that.  Or to compete with any of the other Cruiserweights, who do flips, and entertain people, but Enzo has no respect for this business, and the company, and he is running out of options.  Again, Miz is gold here on the mic.  But Enzo again disagrees with this.  He tells Miz the only thing they have in common is they both got thrown out of locker rooms, and the reason why Miz got thrown out is because he copies everyone.  He throws in a Chris Jericho, or a Ric Flair move here and there, but Enzo is original.  Miz is a carbon copy of other people.  Enzo is going to No Mercy to beat Neville, and become the new Cruiserweight Champion, and he has no problem coming back on Raw, and beating The Miz, because he is nothing but a paper champion.  So Miz is a paper champion?  Do you think you’re champion material?  If you were, your best friend would not have abandoned him.  Enzo talks about the only 2 friends Enzo needs are his 2 fists to beat Miz.  Miz tells him he has no idea what he is talking about, how to act, talk, and walk like a champion.  Then Kurt Angle was right, only 1 word to describe you….S.A.W.F.T.  Miz is going to win this match, in honor of his unborn child.

Match Number 7:  The Miz (IC Champ) Vs Enzo Amore in a non-title match

This ends very quickly, this is a battle of the mics, literally.  Enzo starts it telling Miz he will run him off to Hollywood, Miz starts beating up on Enzo, and mocks his catchphrase in doing so.  But Enzo ends this, asking Miz when the baby is born, the baby will ask who is your Daddy?  Those were fighting words, The Miztourage lays out Enzo for the DQ, and Miz nails a Skull Crushing Finale, to boot.

Winner:  Enzo Amore, by DQ

Next:  8-Man Tag Match

Backstage Segment:  Enzo and Neville

Enzo is walking backstage with the Cruiserweight Champion just laughing over what just happened.

Match Number 8:  Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (Raw Tag Champs) and The Hardy Boyz Vs The Bar, Gallows and Anderson

Nothing much to this match, and what I mean here is no “Broken Universe”, just The Hardys, Ambrose, and Rollins pull off their finishing moves, and The Bar leaves their tag partners, not caring and we see Rollins pin Gallows for the win.  And the show ends like that, no big ending,  And that is it.

Winners:  Rollins, Ambrose, and The Hardy Boyz, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Such a hot start to the show, but it ends in a big thud.  Let me put it like this, after the real main event, Cena Vs Strowman, everything just fell apart.  I truly enjoyed Reigns Vs Jordan, one thing is Jordan getting to showcase his true in-ring talent.  I just don’t know what will happen with this whole Jordan is Kurt’s father storyline, Jason is just there to show us what he can do.  Reigns and Cena had another big promo, but wasn’t sure the point of Cena being strong on the mic, and well Roman was not.  And if Reigns doesn’t win that match, then it will kill his character.  Hey, Mr. McMahon is returning on Smackdown Live tomorrow night, and speaking of returns.  I loved that Brock and Strowman fight, and while Brock will win, how do they protect Strowman after the match?  Because he needs to be viewed as a future champion.  But the strangest segment is how they presented Enzo and The Miz.  Enzo is supposed to be a face, but he acted like a heel here, and they might as well make it happen.  There was some real story telling though, with hos Miz had to grow up, and show respect for others, before he was respected by the boys.  But their match was short, and pointless.  Unless there is a future story here, I mean did you see Maryse not enjoy that comment Enzo made?  Overall, it was an okay show, but not as good as it should have been.  Do you agree?  Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Roman Reigns def Jason Jordan, by pinfall

**Sasha Banks def Emma, by submission

**Bray Wyatt def Goldust, by pinfall

**The Bar Vs Gallows and Anderson ends in a no contest

**Elias def Kalisto, by pinfall

**John Cena def Braun Strowman, by DQ

**Enzo Amore def The Miz (C), by DQ

Match Number 8:  Rollins, Ambrose (C), and The Hardy Boyz def The Bar, Gallows, and Anderson, by pinfall