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WWE Summerslam Live From Brooklyn, New York

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Summerslam Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and JBL



Match Number 1:  John Cena Vs Baron Corbin

Well, what happened is what we all thought would happen.  “Big Match John” took Corbin to school, and despite Baron’s power, Cena found a way to win, ducked a clothesline and nail an AA, he pins Corbin.

Winner:  John Cena, by pinfall

Match Number 2:  Naomi (SD Live Women’s Champ) Vs Natalya, for the WWE SD Live Women’s Championship

3 title changes so far tonight, Naomi missed her moonsault, and Natalya, for the second time is now SD Live Women’s Champion, making Naomi tap out to the Sharpshooter.  During the match, Natalya had another Sharpshooter on, but Naomi reversed it, and Nattie’s head hit the turnbuckle.

Winner, and NEW SD Live Woman’s Champion:  Natalya, by submission

No Carmella cash in, despite the head bump Nattie took.

Match Number 3:  Big Cass Vs The Big Show, with Enzo Amore Locked Inside A Shark Cage

Well, this was ummm something.  We had some boring chants, Enzo during the end of the match took off his shirt, took off his shorts, put oil on himself, and slid right out of the shark cage, only to be dropped by a big boot from Cass.  Big Show was affected by his broken hand, any physical move he did, he couldn’t sustain anything, so Big Cass nails 2 boots, and hits an Empire Elbow for the win.

Winner:  Big Cass, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle

The two General Managers compare their two brands and the matches, still to come.  This was a wasted segment here.  Moving on.

Match Number 4:  Randy Orton Vs Rusev

Rusev attacks Orton before the match begins, he sent him into the barricade on the outside, and the ref checks on Orton when they are back in the ring, Orton slowly gets up.  But I think he played possum here, Orton ducked a clothesline, then BAM!!  RKO out of nowhere, for the win.

Winner:  Randy Orton, by pinfall

Backstage Segment:  Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha is walking, and is greeted by Bayley, who is booed from the crowd.  Bayley wishes her luck.

Match Number 5:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Champ) Vs Sasha Banks, for the Raw Women’s Title

They didn’t give this match time, and it hurt a bit because of that.  Alexa seemed bothered too that she couldn’t get the job done.  She tried a Twisted Bliss, but Sasha kicked out.  She also banged up her shoulder, when Alexa threw her out to the barricade, like what happened to Bayley, but Sasha hits a Bank Statement, and is now a 4-time Women’s Champion, after Alexa taps out.  4 title matches, and 4 title switches.

Winner, and NEW Raw Women’s Champion:  Sasha Banks, by Submission

Match Number 6:  Bray Wyatt Vs “The Demon” Finn Balor

Balor did indeed show up as “The Demon”, and he had an awesome entrance.  But the problem is the crowd killed this match, by being totally silent, until the ending when “The Demon” woke up from Bray’s spider walk, which was funny to see Bray look shook up from it, and Balor nails a Coup De Grace, for the win.

Winner:  Finn Balor, by pinfall

Match Number 7:  Sheamus and Cesaro (Raw Tag Team Champs) Vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, for the Raw Tag Team Titles

Finally a good match here, this was a nice, slow build that had a great ending.  When Ambrose was in trouble, Rollins jumped up, gave Cesaro a FrankenSteiner, right through Sheamus and Ambrose.  Then Seth gave both men Superkicks, rolling knee on Sheamus, and then Dirty Deeds, for the pin, and win.  5th title change tonight.

Winners, and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions:  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, by pinfall

Match Number 8:  AJ Styles (US Champ) Vs Kevin Owens, with Shane McMahon as Special Guest Ref

This was another good match here, even if we had a questionable finish.  Shane and Kevin got into it when Owens thought he had Styles beat, and Shane did count to 3, but he saw AJ’s foot on the ropes, Shane saw it, and called it.  This led to a shoving contest, and AJ was able to get his second wind back.  Phenomenal Forearm, and a Styles Clash, AJ became the first champion to retain his title tonight.

Winner, and STILL WWE US Champion:  AJ Styles, by pinfall

Match Number 9:  Jinder Mahal (WWE Champ) Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, for the WWE Championship

The impossible happened, Jinder Mahal pinned Shinsuke Nakamura in the middle of the ring.  Not grant it, The Singh Brothers interfered, but Jinder still pinned Nakamura.  They had a fantastic video to promote how big this was for both men.  But the “Maharaja” retains his title.

Winner, and STILL WWE Champion:  Jinder Mahal, by pinfall

Match Number 10:  Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Champ) Vs Samoa Joe Vs Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns in a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Universal Championship

What a fight, what a main event.  Brock Lesnar went through a barricade, he was put through a table, and Strowman threw the announce table on Brock.  He was even wheeled out, while the other three men just beat the hell out of each other.  But “THE BEAST” comes back with a fury.  And somehow, someway retains his championship, when Reigns set him up for a Spear, Brock lifts him up, nails a F-5, and wins the match.  The announcers pout this over that while Brock retains, he will never be the same again, and the show ends with Brock and Heyman celebrating.

Winner, and STILL WWE Universal Champion:  Brock Lesnar, by pinfall

Kick-Off Panel:  Renee Young, David Otunga, Lita, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

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We are less than an hour from the biggest party of the summer kicking off.  We have the Kick-Off show at 5:00, and they will go over the entire PPV card.  Keep it locked here tonight.

Social Media Lounge:

Charly Caruso joins us tonight, her guests will be Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in preparation of tonight’s Raw Tag team Title Match.

Outside Barclay’s Center:  Sam Roberts

Sam is among the fans outside the arena.

Video:  Smackdown Live

We see when Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but lost, in part to John Cena.

Backstage Interview:  Baron Corbin

Dasha is with Baron, and before she can even say Cena prevented him from winning the WWE Title, Baron tells her that he will inflict pain on Cena tonight, for stopping him to win the WWE Title.  And tonight’s Cena’s little fans will not be happy after Baron gets done with him.

Summerslam Kick-Off Match:  The New Day Vs The Usos for SD Live Tag Team Titles

Video:  Finn Balor Vs Bray Wyatt

What will “The Demon” mean for Bray Wyatt tonight?

Summerslam Kick-Off Match:  Jason Jordan and The Hardyz Vs The Miztourage

Video:  Kevin Owens Vs AJ Styles, with Shane McMahon as Special Ref

Backstage Interview:  Shane McMahon

Dasha interviews Shane, and he says that if the performers put a hand on him, he will let it go, if it was by accident.  But if he deems that they did it on purpose, he will do it in his power to put his hands back on them.  But we will have a winner, regardless.

Summerslam Kick-Off show Match Number 1:  Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz Vs The Miztourage in a 6-man tag match

The Miztourage picks up the win here when Miz gave Curtis a blind tag, and nails a Skull Crushing Finale on Jason Jordan, and surprised him for the pin.

Winners:  The Miztourage, by pinfall

Video:  Rollins and Ambrose vs Sheamus and Cesaro

Social Media Lounge:  Ambrose and Rollins

What is their preparation as a team tonight?  Dean feels aggressive, he feels in the mood, and when he and Rollins are on same page, they scorch their opponents.  First question, what is your tag team name?  2/3 of The Shield, call them whatever you like.  Dean has a list in alphabetical order, they can go through them later tonight.  What is your mind like when you’re back in the same page?  Seth says it’s very surreal, and it will be cool to hear Brooklyn on their side.  Dean feels very confident.  What is their best moment as The Shield?  Dean said The Shield opened this new building.  At TLC, they christened this place up, so he said yesterday, Jay-Z doesn’t own this building, The Shield does.

Summerslam Kick-Off Show Match Number 2:  Akira Tozawa (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) Vs Neville, for the WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Vic Jospeh and Corey Graves joined us for this match, we see Neville become a 2-time Cruiserweight Champion, after Tozawa missed a Senton Bomb, with Neville putting his knees up, and he nails a Red Arrow for the win.  Neville is once again “The King of the Cruiserweights”.

Winner, and NEW WWE Crusierweight Champion:  Neville, by pinfall

Peter Rosenberg joins the panel now.

Kick-Off Show Match:  The new Day vs The Usos for the SD Live Tag Team Titles

Backstage Interview:  Roman Reigns

Kayla Braxton (How many backstage interview people do they have?) has Roman.  He doesn’t care what night it is, he has been bred in this business, and he will be ready to kick anyone’s ass tonight.  He’s ready to win the Universal Title.

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Elias doesn’t like Brooklyn, but he actually finished this song.  He gives us another song, just because.  Elias wants to know when did Brooklyn lose their balls?  Someone has to interrupt here, right?  Nope.

Carmella and Ellsworth join the panel, Carmella shows us the MITB briefcase.  Carmella makes a warning Naomi or Natalya that they better watch their backs tonight.  Carmella gives us some rapid fire predictions over the matches tonight.

Tonight:  Jinder Mahal vs Sinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship

Backstage Promo:  Jinder Mahal

For 91 days, Jinder has brought back prestige to the WWE Championship, and has taken the landscape of Smackdown Live.  Yet people were cheering for Baron Corbin this past week when he cashed in MITB briefcase, and when he beat him, he shattered their hopes and dreams.  Shinsuke Nakamura is such a world-class athlete.  But he’s not in the class of the “Modern Day Maharaja”, and will defeat Shinsuke not just for himself, but the for 1.3 million people in India.  He speaks to his people.

Summerslam Kick-Off Show Match Number 3:  The New Day (SD Live Tag Champs) Vs The Usos, for the SD Live Tag Team Championship

What an ending this match was, and they gave them time, which is all you can ask.  Back and forth here, but The Usos are now a 4-time Tag Team Champions, giving Big E 4 Superkicks, and a double Us.  The crowd was into this, and hopefully, this sets the stage for tonight’s show.

Winners, and NEW SD Live Tag team Champions:  The Usos, by pinfall

Preview:  Fatal 4-Way Match

Backstage Interview:  Paul Heyman

Dasha has Paul Heyman, but he wants this solo.  So he tells us it’s a treat to see Brock Lesnar defend the title, but tonight, he has 3 opponents, and at the end of the night, it will still be, the reigning, and defending Universal Champion….Brock….

Braun Strowman interrupts him, and says he talks too much.

Who walks out of Summerslam tonight as the Universal Championship?

Summerslam is up now.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

These 5 final matches saved the show, and in part because WWE gave them time.  This main event was crazy, yet absolutely perfect.  And at one point, we will see Brock Vs Strowman one on one.  The first part of the show just didn’t have time to mean anything.  But they more than made up everything else.  And while Shinsuke didn’t win the WWE Title, it will happen either on Smackdown Live, or their next PPV, which I guess will be at Hell in a Cell.  This way nobody interferes.  At the end, everyone wins, right?  Share me your thoughts on the show.  I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

WWE Summerslam Quick Match Results:

**The Miztourage def The Hardys and Jason Jordan, by pinfall (Kick-Off Show Match)

**Neville def Akira Tozawa (C) to win WWE Cruiserweight Title (Kick-Off Show Match)

**The Usos def The New Day (C), to win WWE SD Live Tag Team Titles, by pinfall (Kick-Off Show Match)

**John Cena def Baron Corbin, by pinfall

**Natalya def Naomi, to win WWE SD Live Woman’s Title, by submission

**Big Cass def Big Show, by pinfall

**Randy Orton def Rusev, by pinfall

**Sasha Banks def Alexa Bliss (C) by submission, to become new Raw Women’s Champion

**”The Demon” Finn Balor def Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

**Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins def Sheamus and Cesaro (C) to win Raw Tag Team Titles, by pinfall

**AJ Styles (C) def Kevin Owens, by pinfall to retain US Title

**Jinder Mahal (C) def Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall, to retain WWE Title

**Brock Lesnar (C) def Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns, to retain Universal Championship, by pinfall