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WWE Smackdown Live From Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Commentators:  Todd Phillips, Byron Saxson, and JBL

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Video:  Cena Vs Shinsuke

In-Ring Promo:  John Cena

Toronto loves John Cena, and this truly is “Bizarro World”.  But WWE is the place to be, because you have moments.  Just like last week, it was Super Cena Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, but he found out last week that Shinsuke hits hard.  Very hard.  He felt like he was on his way to Summerslam, facing Jinder Mahal, on his way to become a 17-time WWE Champion.  But he found out Cena lost.  No blind referee, no interference, no Montreal Screwjob, he just lost.  And you know this, that doesn’t happen often to Cena.  But he did what he had to do, shake the man who beat him, out of respect.  And in turn, he shook Cena’s hand right back.

But here comes Baron Corbin.  He is sick and tired of hearing about handshakes, and whose dream match?  Not his, but Baron does what he does best, and this briefcase represents it all.  Baron is the future, and he has no issue with making Cena the past.  And John has no problem telling it like it is, Corbin is nothing but a skinny, overrated dumpster fire, just like this sign says here.  Dumpster Fire chants are erupted.  So if Baron wants to dance, why don’t you waltz on over here, and out of respect, he may put you through another table.  Why should Corbin do that, when he has that briefcase?  And with this contract, Corbin does what he wants to do.  Cena has nothing Baron needs, he doesn’t need John Cena, so take the respect and shove it.  All he needs is the WWE Championship, and John Cena isn’t worth his time.

Enter Daniel Bryan.  Baron Corbin, it’s great to be here in Toronto.  He doesn’t know if you’re a dumpster fire.  He doesn’t know if you’re the future, but he knows that at Summerslam, it will be Baron Corbin Vs the 16-time WWE Champion, John Cena.

Tonight:  Orton Vs Mahal in a Grudge Match

Tonight:  Shane McMahon’s Rule of Engagement

Next:  The Usos Vs Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger

Match Number 1:  The Usos Vs Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger

The former Tag Team Champs took out the new team, making Tye tap out to The Tequila Sunrise, after a shot to the knee.  They are set to face New Day at Summerslam.

Winners:  The Usos, by submission

Mic time:  The Usos

Where is New Day at?  Hey knows this, at Summerslam, we are going to be looking at the new WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team, Champions….


Big E. shows up, but Kofi and Xavier attack The Usos from behind, and now we have chairs, but Jey saves Jimmy.

Tonight:  Orton Vs Mahal

Tonight:  Shinsuke Nakamura Speaks

Next:  Breezango

Backstage Interview:  Randy Orton

Renee Young is with “The Viper”, does Randy have any comments about his Summerslam opponent, Rusev?  Rusev was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Rusev said he needed competition, so Randy took it upon himself to answer that challenge.  What about his match tonight against Jinder?  Jinder has gotten away with beating him for the WWE Championship, by any means necessary, but tonight without The Singh Brothers at his side, he just won’t get away….period.

Video:  Fashion Peaks

Breezy is still trying t find Dango.  The Ascension just wanted the pie.  So where is Dango?  Aliens kidnapped Dango, so how did he escape?  He just walked away, but why did he wait so long?  Probe, I mean wardrobe.  They gave him some future powers, such as the next person who walks in took Tully.  They wait, and the person walking in was….Arn Anderson.  So he stole Tully The Horse?  You damn right he did, you name the horse Arn, everyone knows he was the backbone of The Horsemen.  And now he’s going to steal these doughnuts.

To Be Continued….

Next:  Charlotte Flair Vs Lana

Match Number 2:  Charlotte Flair Vs Lana

Lana asked for this match, she wants to be a strong woman, just like Tamina, but she also wants to be charismatic, and beautiful.  So she needs to challenge Charlotte, well Ms. Flair makes her tap out to The Figure Eight.  But she made a good fight out of it, so is Charlotte respecting Lana?  She claps after the match.

Winner:  Charlotte Flair, by submission

Tonight:  Naomi Vs Carmella

Next:  Shane McMahon

In-Ring Promo:  Shane McMahon

What’s up Toronto?  Obviously last week during the United States Championship, it ended in controversy.  In fact, Daniel Bryan used his power as GM to make him the Special Guest referee at Summerslam.  So allow Shane to introduce the two participants, first….Kevin Owens.  And now the United States Champion, AJ Styles.

Both men start to bicker, but Shane tells them to chill for a moment.  Shane wants to clear the air.  Kev, last week you shared some aprehension about how Shane can’t be a partial referee.  Kevin owns up, he knows what happened to him last week, so he wants to apologize about that.  Owens isn’t worried about Shane screwing him, because we already had a McMahon screw over a legendary Canadian before.  “You Screwed Bret” chants, and of course Kevin says he deserved it.  But Owens knows it would be bad PR if Shane screwed another legendary Canadian.  About AJ, hear him out because let’s be bias, how can he be bias for someone when he did that to you just a few months ago?  We see last March when AJ attacked Shane in the parking lot to set up their Wrestlemania match.  AJ will be the first one to admit he wasn’t happy when Daniel Bryan made Shane the referee at Summerslam.  But then again, officiating in WWE has been stupid lately.  But you Kevin, they know you are trying this master plan, it’s not working.  Besides if Shane screws AJ, he might have to take a repercussion and he can do the same thing to Shane if he screws him.  Shane said he isn’t another McMahon, and wouldn’t do that to them.  But Kev has footage of Shane screwing someone at Survivor Series 1998, when he gave Stone Cold Steve Austin the finger, costing him a title match.  You can find this on the WWE Network.  Shane tells them both he will not get involved in their match, unless they have to.  Just do not get him involved.  AJ said he did not pin Kevin last week, and you can’t win the US Title without being pinned, so AJ says they get rid of Shane, and they do this match right here, right now for the United States Champion, Kevin says he would, but Canada doesn’t deserve to have a United States Championship match, so he would rather fight for it in an US city that matters.  The two start bickering, but KO shoves Shane to the side, and gives AJ a cheap shot.  AJ retreats and nails Shane with a Pele Kick, trying to kick KO instead.

Kevin’s plan worked after all.

Tonight:  Jinder Mahal Vs Randy Orton

Next:  Naomi Vs Carmella

Backstage Segment:  Lana and Tamina

Tamina checks on Lana, but she failed tonight.  Tamina isn’t going to gloat, but will say it wasn’t talent that got Lana 3 straight title matches, it was her ambition.  She helped Lana get that, and now Lana will help Tamina get hers.

Match Number 3:  Naomi (SD Live Woman’s Champ) vs Carmella in a non-title match

A returning Ellsworth gave Naomi a cheap shot, and Carmella wins the match, but does not cash in her MITB Briefcase shot, even though Naomi seemed like she was knocked out.

Winner:  Carmella, by pinfall

Next:  Exclusive Interview with Shinsuke Nakamura

Backstage Segment:  Carmella and Natalya

Nattie warns them both they need to keep their nose out of Natalya’s business at Summerslam.  Summerslam is Nattie’s night, she will become the new Woman’s Champion, and if she sees either one of them, she will make Carmella’s chin look like Ellsworth.  Good luck Nattie, they both will be rooting for her, and laughs away.

Earlier Today:  Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee Young has an interview with Shinsuke.  She asks what it felt like making his debut the Tuesday after Wrestlemania.  This was a dream come true for Shinsuke, he has wanted to be here all his life.  He has faced many superstars, like Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin.  But last week, he beat John Cena, what was that like for him?  He can’t describe what that was like being in the ring with John Cena, but he beat him.  What does that WWE Championship mean to Nakamura?  This was his destiny.  Last week, he beat John Cena.  Tonight he watched The Majaraja.  At Summerslam, he wins the WWE Championship, and the Nakamura Dynasty begins.

Match Number 4:  Jinder Mahal (WWE Champ) Vs Randy Orton in a Grudge Match

Orton picks up the win with a RKO over Jinder Mahal.  No Singh Brothers, no Great Khali, Orton finally got his revenge.  The show ends here with Orton celebrating the win.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For those wondering, and I know who you are, I get my results as I am watching on my DVR for SD Live, I don’t have any overtime on there, because usually nothing happens after it goes off.  So I missed Corbin attacking Shinsuke last week, and I guess it was on the WWE Network, which I don’t check out anymore, since Talking Smack is no longer on there after the show.  It feels like Rusev attacked Orton here after the show.  Orton, like a dumbass had his back to the stage, so it was the perfect time to do that.  If he did, let me know,

The show was okay, nothing great, nothing bad.  Well, actually just bad booking.  I have no clue why Shinsuke wasn’t in the live audience, since he has a WWE Championship match at Summerslam, and why did Randy even win this?  The WWE Champion needs to be booked strong here, since he might lose the match at Summerslam, right?  Or else why would they have Nakamura beat Cena, if he wasn’t going to go over on the second biggest PPV of the year?  Again, bad booking.

I would say the best thing on the show was the US Title segment.  I will always enjoy a Owens Vs AJ match, but you add Shane to the mix, it can be gold.

So overall, the show was okay, or eh.  Since we are 12 days away from the PPV, I guess next week the major angles of the PPV will be shown, right?  I mean, we got to hope, right?  Tell me your thoughts on the show.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**The Usos def Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger, by submission

**Charlotte Flair def Lana, by submission

**Carmella def Naomi (C), by pinfall

**Randy Orton def Jinder Mahal (C), by pinfall