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WWE Smackdown Live From Providence, Rhode Island

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxson, and JBL

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Tonight:  Jinder Mahal Vs John Cena

In-Ring Promo:  Jinder Mahal

We do not deserve to celebrate Independence Day, like his people in India.  He does this for them, and he has the Indian people perform a musical number for him.  The lovely “Madu” is here to sign the national anthem of India.

The crowd boos, and this is the reaction Jinder expected.  We also need to expect Jinder to beat your hero, John Cena tonight.  For years, your hero dominated WWE, but there is a new face.  He is a global phenomenon.  He is the reason why so many people have subscribed to WWE Network.  2 weeks ago, they gave us Shinsuke Nakamura Vs John Cena, dubbed it a “Dream Match”, he will beat John Cena more convincingly than Nakamura could.  And at Summerslam, he will show Nakamura that he will beat him with ease.  Now he will speak to his people of India on their Independence Day.

Enter “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura.  How dare you disparage my people on our day.  Shinsuke says today in India, their Independence Day, and we in Japan honor the dead, and pray for peace.  And Sunday in America will be Summerslam is the day you lose the WWE Title……TO ME!!!!!!

Tonight:  AJ Styles Apologizes To Shane McMahon

Next:  Natalya Vs Becky Lynch

Match Number 1:  Natalya Vs Becky Lynch

Naomi was watching on, doing commentary, at Summerslam, it will be Naomi Vs Natalya, and the challenger made Becky tap out to the Sharpshooter, right in front of Naomi.  The Woman’s Champ will be ready this Sunday.

Winner:  Natalya, by submission

After the match, Natalya attacked Becky again, giving her the Sharpshooter, but Naomi comes out to help her friend.


In-Ring Promo:  Carmella

Oh my gosh James, there is the SD Live Woman’s Champ, Naomi.  And oh my gosh, there is Natalya, 2 Summerslam opponents.  Then there is me….MS. MONEY IN THE BANK!!  She is here to wish good luck to the winner this Sunday.  And James tells us whoever wins will lose.

Tonight:  Fashion Peaks Finale

Tonight:  Cena Vs Mahal

Tonight:  AJ Styles Apologizes

Backstage Segment:  Lana and Tamina

Tamina does not have a match, and Lana tells her she isn’t ready.  Lana will make Tamina into a destructive force.  They don’t see her, but when she gets done with her, Tamina will CRUSH, and she will win the SD Live Woman’s Champion.

Backstage Segment:  Daniel Bryan and The Usos

The Usos want to know which New Day members they will face at Summerslam.  Daniel informs them Big E. and Xavier (Why would this be revealed, like it’s nothing?) The Usos want Xavier and Kofi tonight.  The match is on, and Daniel wants to rap.

Match Number 2:  Rusev Vs Chad Gable

I guess they gave Rusev the DQ because he is uncontrollable?  Because all he did was flip him over the announce table, how many times have that happened?  But Rusev puts Gable on the table, and slap on The Accolade, while fans chant for Randy.  Rusev wants the mic.  But before Rusev could say anything….RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Winner:  Chad Gable, by DQ

Tonight:  Cena Vs Mahal

Next:  AJ Styles Apologizes

In-Ring Promo:  AJ Styles

After seeing that, the first we have to do is get Shane McMahon out here.

Thank you for the love Providence, right back at you.  AJ, if you were going to bring me out here to apologize.  There was no need for it, he is special guest ref to be in between you and Kevin Owens at Summerslam, and if I take a hit, then I will keep on ticking.  No need.  AJ admitted that was a mistake, but he wants to know man-to-man, he won’t use that what happened last week to screw him over?  Man to man?  What happened last week was inadvertent, and he was in the position.  But if he’s wearing stripes this Sunday, you have to respect Shane.  And if you go by the rules, the referee can do what he can to get order.  But he is no ordinary ref, so if that happens again, and you put your hands on Shane, well Shane will put his hands right back on AJ.  Man to man.  Was that a threat?  No, because AJ….

Here comes Kevin Owens.  Kevin doesn’t understand why AJ is so upset, all Shane was doing was going over the rules, and he loves that.  Because then AJ won’t use those rules to keep his United States Title.  But Kevin is here to say if he hits Shane McMahon, it would be a complete accident.  He has the utmost respect for Shane, and knows he is the right man for it, and he wants to shake his hand.  Shane tells Kevin he doesn’t think he should shake his hand, but how about you shake AJ’s hand.  These two start to fight, and AJ tries to land a fist, but Shane catches it, and while this is going on, Kevin Owens connects with a Superkick, but hits Shane, and not AJ.

Tonight:  John Cena Vs Jinder Mahal

Tonight:  Fashion Peaks Finale

Next:  New Day Vs The Usos

Match Number 3:  The New Day (SD Live Tag Champs) Vs The Usos in a non-title match

Before the match starts, we have some mic time from The new Day.  This Sunday, your boys will have a Tag team Title match, but against who?  Who?  WhO?  Against The Usos.  How does Big E feel about it?  It will be a breeze, but it seems they want their hands on them tonight too.  They can get their hands on them at Summerslam, they can get their hands on them next week.  They can even get their hands on them at Gillette Stadium.  It doesn’t matter where it is at, you just need to get your knees down, and be beat by the WWE SD Live Tag Team Champions.

The match starts now.

Jimmy and Jey used their brute strength over the Tag team Champions, going after Kofi’s knee, then giving him the double Superkick, Jey pins Kofi.  This Sunday, these four clash again, but this time it’s for the Tag Team Championship.

Winners:  The Usos, by pinfall

Tonight:  Cena Vs Mahal

Next:  The Finale of Fashion Peaks

Video:  Fashion Peaks

Fandango can see into the future after the aliens probed him mentally.  Fandango has a space rock, and he throws it, but sees The Ascension.  The pie was horrible, Fandango searches into the pie to see what he finds, I guess The Ascension are gluten-free.  But he finds a note, Two B.  He senses danger in the entire Tag Team Division.

Breezango will return in 25 years 2 weeks.

Next:  John Cena Vs Jinder Mahal

Match Number 4:  Jinder Mahal (WWE Champ) Vs John Cena, in a non-title match

The referee sends out The Singh Brothers when they tried to go after John Cena.  After a Super AA, and John pins Jinder, Baron Corbin comes out, and attacks Cena, causing the DQ.  Corbin nails Cena again with the briefcase, and sends John out of the ring.  Corbin walks away, but he sees Jinder is still knocked out, is this the time?  Damn right it is, Baron goes right back into the ring with a purpose.

Winner:  John Cena, by DQ

Corbin instructs the ref he is cashing in his briefcase, and is ready to win the title.  The ref checks on Jinder, we have our match.

Match Number 5:  Jinder Mahal (WWE Champ) Vs Baron Corbin, for the WWE Championship

Cena pops up on the ring apron, Corbin decks him again, and Jinder rolls up Corbin for the surprise pinfall, and retains his title.

Winner, and STILL WWE Champion:  Jinder Mahal, by pinfall

Baron Corbin is beside himself, taking it out on the announce table, kicking monitors, blaming Cena.  John is smiling in the middle of the aisle, and Jinder celebrates at the ramp, to close the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an incredible ending, and it made Jinder look good here, picking up the pinfall, and making history, of pinning the Money in the Bank winner for the third time in history.  They may say just the second time, because Cena actually had a long match with CM Punk, when he lost.  Now the question becomes what do they do with Corbin?  Rumors are he has some heat on him, but I don’t think this will stop his run.  Now he will have a more vicious streak, gunning for the title.  This also will bring some heat to Cena vs Corbin too this Sunday.  Question is who wins?  It has to be Corbin, to get that revenge, and since Cena is leaving right after Summerslam, and head to Raw, it has to happen.  Sadly, it won’t.  Super Cena will prevail, but let’s hope he doesn’t.

Once again, not much heat going between Nakamura and Mahal.  I am guessing Mahal will retain his title, and in the September PPV, Nakamura will get that shot again, and win.  You have to think the WWE Title match will not close Summerslam, so nothing of importance will happen, and maybe that is why we aren’t seeing much buildup?

What were your thoughts on the show?  I liked it, the ending made the show worth seeing.  Now some personal news, I will be on the podcast this weekend, discussing Summerslam.  I will keep you posted when it’s on, but I am looking forward to it.

WWE SD Live Quick Match Results:

**Natalya def Becky Lynch, by submission

**Chad Gable def Rusev, by DQ

**The Usos def The New Day (C), by pinfall

**John Cena def Jinder Mahal (C), by DQ

**Jinder Mahal (C) def Baron Corbin, to retain WWE Championship