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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Boston, Massachusetts

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

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Last Week:  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

In-Ring Promo:  Dean Ambrose

Cut the music, let’s go.  After last week, many people are wondering what is going on with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose?  Dean is wondering too, and there is only one man who can answer that….Seth Rollins.

Dean is sick and tired of playing these games, so he asks Seth what is he doing?  What about Dean?  One week, he comes out to save him, then he disappears?  He says Kurt Angle made them tag, yet he still keeps showing up.  He sees Dean’s eye, and knows there is a part of him that still wants this.  And if they do team up, they can run this place.  So if Dean can let bygones be bygones, and they can team up, Seth is done playing games.  He sticks his fist up, and Dean still isn’t sure if he wants to accept the offer.

You have got to be kidding me, after last week, he put his fist up, Seth made him look foolish.  For one second, Dean thought he could trust him, and Seth says sometimes he can’t even trust himself.  So maybe this was a stupid idea.  But maybe it wasn’t.  Maybe their differences are why they work so well together, or fight so well together, they know there is nobody that can touch them.  Maybe too much has happened, Seth is done playing games.  Dean pushes Seth back to face him.  Dean has his fist up, and Seth walks away.  But now they are shoving each other, and now Dean is fighting Rollins.  Rollins is back up, and they beat each other up some more.  They are fighting like brothers.

And here comes Cesaro and Sheamus.  They take advantage of this opportunity, they have Rollins right where they want him.  Fighting off Rollins.  Ambrose comes right back, and he goes right after Sheamus and Cesaro.  But the Tag Team Champs take over on Ambrose.  Rollins off the top rope, and now all four men are fighting on equal footing.  Ambrose and Rollins work together to fight off Cesaro and Sheamus.  The Shield chants are taking place, and now the two men are looking at each other, the crowd approves this.  Fists up, fists up.  IT’S OFFICIAL!!  Brothers united for a common cause.

Kurt Angle makes it official, at Summerslam, Sheamus and Cesaro Vs Ambrose and Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Tonight:  Lesnar, Reigns, Joe, and Strowman all in the same ring.

Next:  Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax

Prayers:  Ric Flair

Ric Flair is in the hospital, he had surgery, but is in a coma.  Prayers go out to Flair, and his family for a full recovery.

Match Number 1:  Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax in a Number One Contender to Raw Woman’s Championship

What a match here, Alexa Bliss sits at her throne, scouting the match and she sees that Sasha Banks wins this match, by 2 Bank Statements, making Nia Jax tap out.  This should have been the match all along, with these two not liking each other.  It should be a good match this Sunday.

Winner, and NEW Number One Contender:  Sasha Banks, by submission

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz

Kurt informs The Hardyz they won’t be facing The Revival this Sunday.  It’s by a sad twist of fate, but anything will be DELLLLLIGHTFULLLLLL!!  The Miz shows up, he wants to know what Kurt will do about last week, and Kurt responds nothing.  Curtis Axel has a match against Jason Jordan, tonight.  The Miz says he wants a piece of Jason, and Kurt is cool with that.  Miz said Kurt can’t interfere, and an official breaks in and says something has happened to Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor.

Backstage Segment:  Balor and Bray

We come back to see a big fight between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt, Kurt breaks them up and says if you want your Summerslam match, then it comes to you….TONIGHT.  They will face off her ein Boston.

In-Ring Concert:  Elias

Elias does not like Boston, and R-Truth interrupts him.

I guess this wasn’t an official match, because Elias just beats the hell out of Truth, nails a Drift Away, but no referee in sight.  It’s not a good idea to interrupt Elias, yet everyone does it.

Tonight:  4 Competitors For Universal Championship Face Off

Next:  Big Cass Speaks

In-Ring Promo:  Big Cass

We have the shark cage lower down to the ring with Big Cass coming out.  This Sunday at Summerslam, it will be, the crowd boos him.  Boston does not like Big Cass.  He continues to try to repeat himself, but the crowd won’t let him.  He can stay here all night.  This Sunday at Summerslam, it will be The Big Show vs Big Cass, in The Big Apple.  Cass is the man, it matters, when we talk, it does not.  And you better believe The Bog Show will bring his little buddy Enzo Amore at Summerslam.  But you have to ask why are they friends, and it’s simple, Enzo Amore needs The Big Show.  He needs someone to stand behind of, someone who can back him up when he pisses someone off backstage, which happens every single day.  And does Big Show need Enzo?  He needs him to stay relevant, Big Show needs Enzo Amore because there is a new 7′ footer in town, and his name is Big Cass.  And Big Show needs Enzo, who is going to be suspended in the air in this shark cage, where he can talk all day.  And he has a great seat to see Big Cass destroy Big Show piece by piece.  He will prove to everyone in the world that Big Cass is the best big man in the game today.  And all Enzo can do is sit there, and watch.

And here comes Enzo Amore.  His name is Enzo Amore, and you know what he is.  How ya doin’?  This Sunday at Summerslam, he is imitating Cass, so he asks Cass if he’s okay, because he is rambling like a man who has been knocked out 2 weeks in a row.  Oh wait, you have been knocked out 2 weeks in a row, how ya doin’?  There is the funny guy, if you have something to say come down to the ring, and say it to Cass’ face.  Bro, are you seeing stars?  That was just a question, because Cass is looking at a star right now.  So let’s make it another star, come on out Big Show.  Cass is running away from Show, but Cass knocks out Enzo, and here comes Gallows and Anderson to help out Cass.  Big Show fights them off, but the numbers game gets the best of him, as all 3 men start to beat down Big Show.  They have a belt buckle, wraps it around Big Show, and Cass kicks Amore like he is a natt, and shoves the shark cage into Big Show’s hand.  This was all set up.

Last Week:  Reigns Vs Strowman

Tonight:  All 4 Men Face Off

Tonight:  Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor for First Time Ever

Next:  Neville Vs Tozawa For Cruiserweight Title

Match Number 2:  Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) Vs Akira Tozawa For The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The Titus Worldwide is running rampant, they have their first champion in the group.  Akira Tozawa had a much better game plan, and they worked everything Neville threw in there.  The former champ missed Red Arrow, and Tozawa hits the Senton way above the skies in Boston, to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Winner, and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion:  Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

Next:  Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor

Moments Ago:  Big Cass Attacks Big Show

Backstage Segment:  Big Show and Enzo Amore

The doctor checks on Big Show, he says the hand could be broken.  Big Show tells him to leave, Enzo apologizes about this, and even suggests they cancel the Summerslam match, and Show tells him he has faced bigger, and badder.  He will be at Summerslam.

Earlier Tonight:  Sasha Banks def Nia Jax

Backstage Segment:  Emma and Mickie James

Emma is upset that everyone is talking about Sasha, and not Emma.  She got screwed last week, and she started The Woman’s Revolution, while other women have gone past her, and other women return.  Mickie tells Emma she did not get screwed last week, she tapped out.  So how about instead of starting hashtags, you face a 6-time Woman’s Champ?  You’re on.

Match Number 3:  Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor for the first time ever

A regular Finn Balor faced Bray Wyatt, and this was a big fight.  Balor tried a Coup De Grace, but Wyatt counters it, and nails Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

Bray nails another Sister Abigail, and tells us to follow the buzzards.  The lights go out, come back on, and Bray has a bucket.  He screams at Finn this is what happens when you send a boy to do the Devil’s work.  He spills red substance that appears to be blood all over Finn.  And Bray starts to sing “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

Moments Ago:  Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor

Earlier Tonight:  Ambrose and Rollins

Match Number 4:  Mickie James Vs Emma

Mickie picks up the win with a Mick Kick.  WWE is #GiveEmmaAChance, and she still is failing.

Winner:  Mickie James, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  Finn Balor

Charly Caruso asks Finn what he just said to Kurt, Finn said he spoke to Kurt, and he got what he wanted, a rematch against Bray Wyatt at Summerslam.  Bray has his demons, well Finn has his demons too.

Match Number 5:  The Miz (IC Champ) Vs Jason Jordan in a non-title match

Jason fights well against the IC Champion, and had him beat but The Miztourage comes in to get the DQ loss.  But here come The Hardy Boyz to fight them off, and help Jason out.

Winner:  Jason Jordan, by DQ

Match Number 6:  The Miztourage Vs Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz in a 6-man tag match

These 6 men tried, the crowd wasn’t into it until the very end, where Jeff Hardy pins Bo Dallas with a Swanton Bomb, after a Jason Jordan Belly to Belly Suplex, and a Twist of Fate.

Winners:  The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan, by pinfall

Summerslam:  Bray Wyatt Vs “The Demon” Finn Balor

Next:  Face to Face to Face to Face

In-Ring Promo:  Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle is here to officiate this talk, and he has extra security to make sure everything is being taken care of, to protect their Summerslam match.

The Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar comes out, with Paul Heyman first.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am the advocate of the reigning, defending Universal Champion of the World….BROCK LESNAR!!  So let’s shoot from the hip, to make sure they take every bit of Brock’s last time, WWE officials along with Kurt Angle is making this a summit, called Face to Face to Face to Champion.  Because let’s face it, if you put “The Last Man Standing” Braun Strowman in the same ring as Brock, Roman Reigns, and Samoa Joe, you can have every bit of security out here, it still won’t stop from having a big fight.  Just because Brock might be talking to someone outside of wrestling, the WWE officials, and Kurt Angle have conspired to see Brock face 3 top contenders to face him, and let’s face it, it won’t be if, it’s when all 3 start to team up and send Brock out of the ring, then all 3 will try to steal the Universal Championship.  As a fan Kurt Angle that idea sucks.  Because when someone comes in, and pins Brock to win the Universal Championship, we will think that guy is a bad dude.  But it won’t be Samoa Joe.  Joe won’t sacrifice the title for his family, he doesn’t deserve the title.  Then it won’t be Braun Strowman, he is a “Monster Among Men’, but Brock is a BEAST.  And BEAST takes out Strowman.  And then there is Roman Reigns.  The man who says this is his “yard”, and he retired The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but Brock is the Universal Champion, so this is HIS yard, and at Summerslam, rent is due.  Now Heyman is not a predictor, he just gives away spoiler alerts.  So one or 2 things will happen.  1.  Brock gets screwed out of the championship, and not only will Brock leave WWE, and he winds up inside a cage, but so will Paul Heyman.  Or 2.  Brock beats Samoa Joe, or Brock beats Strowman, or he beats Roman Reigns and retains his Universal Championship.

So here comes Samoa Joe.  Joe told him before he is not afraid of Brock, and he told Heyman, he will put Brock out to sleep, and he will rip that Universal Championship right from you.

And here comes Braun Strowman.  In case you didn’t know, he is always the last man standing.  Ask Roman Reigns.  Joe corrects him, he remembers Reigns was stomping Strowman around the building last week before Joe took out Reigns.  So let’s get this right, you’re not a Last Man Standing, you’re a man barely stood, while Joe put Reigns down.

Reigns comes out, spears Joe.  Braun nails a Powerslam on Reigns, and now it’s between Brock and Braun.  The two men want to fight, but security comes out.  Now Brock and Braun take out the security, with ease, and they come right back with them while the entire Raw locker room come out to block them fighting.  Lesnar and Strowman break free, fighting each other.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fantastic ending here, and it is interesting they ended this show with Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar as the two men standing.  Let’s address the rumors right here, there is talk that Brock is leaving WWE, and going to the UFC.  So if that happens, who takes over?  It might be a big reason why they are setting up this Fatal 4-Way, because it makes it unpredictable.  Early rumors were Lesnar Vs Strowman was going to take place here, but then we had the epic match of Joe Vs Brock at Great Balls of Fire, and you add reigns to the mix, anything can happen.  I hope whoever does win, and if Brock is indeed leaving, he does the right thing, and puts any of these 3 men over, and takes the pin, because that would be a hell of an endorsement with the new champion.  Still not sure who I think will win, but I can see Brock leaving, because what else is there for him to do here?

I enjoyed this show, we had some very cool things happen, and one it started at the beginning of the show with Ambrose and Rollins uniting.  Now I won’t quite say The Shield is back, because Roman was a big part of that, so do they enter through the crowd?  Or do they only do that when Reigns joins in, and at some point, that has to happen.

And now where do The Hardyz go from here?  They were supposed to face The Revival, but that won’t happen.

Sasha Vs Alexa should be a fantastic match, I just wished they would have built that match tonight, and done Sasha Vs Nia last week.  But it will be a good match.

But I think the worst part of tonight for me, was the non-build to “The Demon”, why did they have a throwaway match, only to do that?  Why not do a talking segment, with the blood spilled over, and then Finn telling us we might see “The Demon”?  Either way, that will be an added element to a stacked card this weekend.  Summerslam starts at 7:00, so it will be a 4-hour show.  Send me your thoughts on tonight’s show, and who wins the Universal Championship?

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Sasha Banks def Nia Jax, by submission to be the Number One Contender to Raw Woman’s Title

**Akira Tozawa def Neville (C) to win the Cruiserweight Title, by pinfall

**Bray Wyatt def Finn Balor, by pinfall

**Mickie James def Emma, by pinfall

**Jason Jordan def The Miz (C), by DQ

**The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan def The Miztourage