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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Houston, Texas

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

If you missed last night’s Great Balls of Fire, click here WWE Great Balls of Fire Live Results 7/9/17 (Samoa Joe Vs Brock Lesnar) for the full results.

Last Night:  Reigns Vs Strowman

We actually get intro music tonight, for the first time in 5 weeks.

In-Ring Promo:  Big Cass

How ya doin’?  Because Cass is doing spectacular today, because after what he did to Enzo, he couldn’t be happier.  We see footage from last night’s match with Enzo.  Cass is doing play-by-play of it.  Cass is standing over Enzo Amore, just like he had done for so many years.  And that wasn’t even the best part, the best part was something we didn’t even see.  Exclusive footage of officials helping Enzo, which is music to Cass’ ears, while fans are chanting Casshole.  Let that serve notice to every one in the locker room, from the bottom of the totem pole, to the very top of the totem pole.  That is what happens when you mess with Big Cass.  And for anyone who always chanted for Enzo, and never for Bog Cass, don’t you dare hop on the bandwagon, because we know Cass is the future of WWE.  To all of the doubters who doubted him in NXT, to the all of the doubters behind this curtain in WWE, to all of the doubters who watch him, he will win the Universal Championship, and he will shove it down our throats.  He will represent WWE, he will do the media shows, he will main event Wrestlemania.  And you know why?  Because nobody is bigger than Cass, nobody is as good as Cass, and nobody is as big as Cass.  And here comes The Big Show to disagree.

The two big men stare each other down, and Cass is saying something, Big Show hits a headbutt on Cass, and he is owning Cass.  Just when Big Show is about to give Cass his punch, Cass sneaks out of the ring.

Tonight:  Braun Strowman Update

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Live

Next:  Finn Balor Vs Elias Samson

In-Ring Concert:  Elias Samson

Elias wrote this song for Finn Balor, such a talented guy.  Finn Balor is not the savior, he’s just a man.  He tried to upstage me, but he didn’t understand.  Tonight, he will knock him on his pedestal, and knock him down too.  Houston, we have a problem, and here it is….

Match Number 1:  Finn Balor Vs Elias Samson

Elias worked on Finn, and worked his arm, but Finn found a way to win the match, and nail a Coup De Grace for the pinfall win.

Winner:  Finn Balor, by pinfall

Here come The Hardy Boyz to congratulate Finn on his victory.

Next:  The Hardy Boyz are in action.

In-Ring Promo:  The Hardy Boyz

Last night, the Hardy Boyz were 1 second away from tying the Ironman match, and yes they know what the people in the back are saying, the Hardy Boyz are done as a nostalgic act, they are done, and OBSOLETE!!  Matt makes it clear they are not done, they have just begun, and here comes Gallows and Anderson.  They were the only team who said they were done, they are proud of their loss, so maybe they need to just get out of their ring, and let the Good brothers fight.  Matt tells them they aren’t 100%, and they might be BROKEN, but how about they come to the ring, and they FIGHT.

Match Number 2:  The Hardy Boyz Vs Gallows and Anderson

Gallows and Anderson pick up a big win, pinning Matt with Magic Killer.  Maybe The Hardyz are OBSOLETE?

Winners:  Gallows and Anderson

Enter The Revival, who are going right after The Hardy Boyz.  Dash and Dawson hit a Shattered Machine on Jeff, and nails a boot on Matt Hardy.  The Revival made a statement, they are indeed Top Guys.

Next:  Miz TV with The Mizzies

In-Ring Segment:  Miz TV

The Miz presents us The Mizzies, this is BRILLIANT!!  This is the only award show from credibility to show the real winners, and the real losers from last night’s Great Balls of Fire.  The first award goes to Best Supporting Actor:  A tie to Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.  Congratulations to The Miztourage.  Bo thanks us, as the fans chant he still has it.  Bo thanks The Miz, because without him, none of this would have been possible.  Thank you, so let’s change the world.  Curtis tells Miz he feels like a million bucks, he looks like a million bucks, and now because of The Miz, he will make a million bucks.  Thank you Miz.  The next award is the sexiest, most beautiful, gorgeous leading lady is….Maryse.  Babe, she never would have accomplish all of this if it wasn’t for The Miz.  And Miz said he never would have accomplished any of this if it wasn’t for her.  He loves her.  And now for the final Mizzie award.  This honor isn’t just for the best, this has the box office chops like Daniel Day-Lewis, biggest action hero like Vin Diesel, and the greatest good looks like George Clooney, the greatest WWE Superstar is Dean Ambrose?  Just kidding, it’s The Miz.  People don’t like him, but what he says goes.  He said he would win the IC Title, and he did.  He said he would bring prestige back to the IC Title, and now it is the most prestigious title in WWE.  He said he would beat Dean Ambrose, and he did.  When guys talk, and they don’t back it up, people like The Hardy Boyz, who said they would win back Tag Team Titles.  Akiri Tozawa said he would win the Cruiserweight Title, Seth Rollins said he would beat Bray Wyatt, and they all lost.  That makes them losers, he also said Dean Ambrose wouldn’t cut the pressure of defending the IC Title against him, and he proved him right.  Miz said Dean is the toughest opponent he’s ever faced for the title, so when he says that about Dean, what does that say about The Miz?  Here comes Dean Ambrose, but The Miztourage took him down.  Here comes Seth Rollins to save him.

Tonight:  Seth Rollins Vs Bray Wyatt

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Live

Next:  Sasha and Bayley Vs Nia and Alexa

Backstage Segment:  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Dean is upset at Rollins, saying he doesn’t trust him.  There won’t be a Shield reunion.  You fight your battles, and I will fight mine.

Match Number 3:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Woman’s Champ) and Nia Jax Vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

They told the story from last week when Nia took out Bayley on Raw, so this is the rematch so to speak.  Nia was rag-tagging Bayley, and went after Sasha.  But “The Boss” moved out-of-the-way, and Bayley rolls up Alexa for the win.  Oh no, we are going to have a Fatal 4-way at Summerslam.  I am sure of it.

Tonight:  Braun Strowman Update

Video:  Goldust

There will be a sequel to “The Shattered Truth”

Video:  Strowman Vs Reigns last night

Tonight:  Braun Strowman Update

Match Number 4:  Goldust Vs R-Truth

They did have a match, but this wasn’t a good match.  The crowd couldn’t get behind it, but Goldust wins the match with a Curtain Call.  Truth for a bit showed that he knew Goldust’s moves, but Goldust earned the win.

Winner:  Goldust, by pinfall

Next:  Brock Lesnar Live

In-Ring Promo:  Kurt Angle

Kurt is out here to give us a Braun Strowman update, he refused treatment, but he doesn’t know when he is coming back.  But as they say the show must go on.  Kurt brings out The WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.  Brock Lesnar, 14 years ago at Wrestlemania, Brock defeated Kurt.  He took something out of Kurt, but he keeps getting better and better.  Brock is still the Universal Champion, congratulations.  Paul Heyman introduces Kurt to Brock.  Anything else?  Kurt has some ideas over who Brock would face at Summerslam, for the Universal Title.  Heyman wasn’t expecting to discuss these matters live on TV, and Paul knows Kurt is dealing with some personal matters with his phone, so they will abide him with a good evening.

But here comes Roman Reigns.

Kurt said they are not done with this discussion.  Roman has a lot of nerve coming out here after what he pulled last night.  Reigns is standing in this ring with Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and the man who grandfathered Hardcore Wrestling.  From what you guys did in the Attitude Era, you blew things up, and you have the nerve to question what he did?  That was then, this is now.  Roman said he did them a favor, he couldn’t handle Strowman, and Brock is never here.  So the way Roman sees it, Kurt owes him a shot for the Universal Title.  Brock cuts in, and says he doesn’t owe shit.  This is the closest thing he gets to the Universal Title.  Now comes Samoa Joe.  We all live in a fantasy land, and let Joe put us back to reality.  Brock cuts off and say he beat his ass last night.  Joe corrects things and says he survived Joe, the way he sees it, he will get the Universal Title, and will put his ass to sleep.  Reigns, he never beat Joe.  Heyman cuts off and says Joe will never get the Universal Title shot again, and Joe said Heyman knows that Brock can’t beat Joe, he knows Joe is a real threat to Brock, and this angers Lesnar.  Reigns mouths off a bit, and Joe says Reigns looks real tough when he lost to Strowman last night, Roman said look at him, and nobody can find Strowman, they are about to go to blows, and Kurt screams the only way to settle this is to have Joe Vs Reigns next week, to determine who faces Lesnar for the Universal Title at Summerslam.  And if they touch each other now, that match is off.

Next Week:  Samoa Joe Vs Roman Reigns, for the Number One Contender to Universal Title.

Corey walks away, due to a text message.

Tonight:  Rollins vs Wyatt

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle

Kurt and Corey received a text message, he will have to go public with this next week, and he might have to say goodbye.  Corey has all of the confidence in the world that everything will be just fine.

Match Number 5:  Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) and Noam Dar Vs Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander

They are discussing if Tozawa deserves another title shot, well he just pinned Neville in this match with a Senton.  So has he earned another show?

Winners:  Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander

Next:  Wyatt Vs Rollins

Earlier Tonight:  The Mizzies

Backstage Promo:  Seth Rollins

Charly Caruso has Seth Rollins, asking if he should keep an eye on his opponent for tonight, and not on helping his old friend Dean Ambrose.  Seth only went out there because The Miz said some bad things, and he wanted to shut him up.  But tonight, he will make Bray pay deeply because of what happened last night, and show that he isn’t in Seth Freaking Rollins” league.

Video:  Bray Wyatt

How dare you take your eye off me Seth Rollins, because Bray can see everything, he is everywhere, and will show Seth’s inner demon.  And Seth Rollins, I’m here.

Match Number 6:  Seth Rollins Vs Bray Wyatt

This was a good match here, they sold the story from last night of Seth Rollin’s eye still being hurt, and his vision was not as good as it had been, Wyatt used that to his advantage with a headbutt on Rollins’ eye, and nails Sister Abigail to win the match.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

The match ends, and we see The Miztourage come back, like The Shield would do, completely dressed in black, surround the ring, and on cue, attack.  But Dean Ambrose comes out with a chair, to chase everyone off, but nails The Miz with a few shots.  Seth isn’t sure about this, but Dean seemed to have his back.

Backstage Segment:  Kurt Angle

Kurt is on the phone with someone, pleading with them to show up next week, and together they will share with the world.  Kurt loves this person, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show felt like it was filler, and in part it was, since Smackdown has a PPV in 13 days, but it still was no excuse.  But I loved the final hour here, the intrigue of next week with Joe Vs Reigns, the main event, the curious notion of The Shield possibly reunite, even if it’s for one match.  Next week might be must-see.  We will find out if the Angle reveal will be worth the buzz, and where it leads to with Summerslam.  I loved the tease of “The Broken” Hardyz too, and am curious if this leads to it.  No Tag Champs though, which shouldn’t happen, since they are the bar, right?  Share me your thoughts on tonight’s Raw, and where the heck is Strowman if not even WWE seems to know?  Send off here.

WWE Monday Night Raw Quick Match Results

**Finn Balor def Elias Samson, by pinfall

**Gallows and Anderson def The Hardy Boyz, by pinfall

**Sasha Banks and Bayley def Alexa Bliss (C) and Nia Jax, by pinfall

**Goldust def R-Truth, by pinfall

**Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander def Neville (C) and Noam Dar

**Bray Wyatt def Seth Rollins, by pinfall