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WWE Great Balls of Fire Live From Dallas, Texas

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Great Balls of Fire Kick-Off Panel:  Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, and David Otunga

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Charly Caruso is here to tell us her guest on tonight’s show is Paul Heyman, we can ask Paul a question on social media.

Kick-Off Match:  Neville Vs Akira Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Title

Great Balls of Fire Preview:  Roman reigns Vs Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match

Who is going to win this epic match?

Backstage Interview:  Seth Rollins

That Mike dude has Seth Rollins, Seth is ready for his match tonight against Bray Wyatt, but he calls him a coward, tonight Seth will take care of Bray, because of his tough year, he is ready for anything, and prove that Bray is just a man, like anyone else.

Video:  Bray Wyatt

Bray cuts right in, saying he is going to take care of Seth, and prove that even Seth Rollins has an evil side.

Tonight:  Bray Wyatt Vs Seth Rollins

Tonight:  The Hardy Boyz Vs Sheamus and Cesaro in a 30-Minute Ironman Match

Who wins this, and brings home the titles?

Video:  Raw Woman’s Championship, Alexa Bliss Vs Sasha Banks

Dana Brooke joins the panel, these two have despised each other, even in their days in NXT.  Emma interrupts this meeting, she wants to speak to Dana.  Dana believes that Alexa Bliss will win this match tonight, so does Peter.  She is red-hot, and has earned every opportunity.

Tonight:  The Miz Vs Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship

Video:  Enzo Amore Vs Big Cass

Social Media Lounge:  Paul Heyman

Heyman will not take a seat, because Samoa Joe always attacks him or Brock from behind.  So he is fine just standing.  First question is what will his reaction be if Joe beats Brock for the title.  Heyman doesn’t believe it will happen, because he gave Brock his best shot, and there is a toll Joe has to take for his actions.  The second question is would Heyman ever align himself with Samoa Joe.  No, because he is the exclusive advocate to Brock.  The last question is Joe Brock’s most dangerous opponent?  This is no cakewalk, and this won’t be a quick walk to Suplex City.  Joe will take a piece of Brock Lesnar, and this is a very fight for Brock’s WWE survival, he knows how much Joe wants this, and will go to any depths to getting the WWE Universal Championship, but Brock will do everything he can to make sure that does not happen.

WWE Great Balls of Fire Kick-Off Match:  Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) Vs Akira Tozawa for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Commentators:  Vic Joseph and Corey Graves

Neville picks up the win, going for Tozawa’s knees, and rolling him up, using the tights, to retain his title.  Tozawa seemed to have this match won, using the Senton, but Neville pulled out of the ropes, and used his head to find a way to keep the title.  I have no idea who can beat Neville, but it won’t be Tozawa.

Winner, and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion:  Neville, by pinfall

Video:  Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe

WWE Great Balls of Fire

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves

Match Number 1:  Bray Wyatt Vs Seth Rollins

This was a fight with these two, Bray was talking to Seth throughout the match, and Seth did a great job of selling.  The ending here was Bray trying to nail Sister Abigail, but Seth rolls out of it, Bray rakes the eye, and hits it again, and this time pins Rollins.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  The Hardy Boyz

Charly is the challengers to tonight’s Tag Team Title match, how do they prepare?  Matt used the story of watching cartoons with his kids before he left, and it was 30 minutes.  Tonight, they will take care of the villains, and his brother is willing to lose his teeth, if he has to again.  Isn’t that DEEEEEELIGHTFUL?  Yup, it was teased.

Match Number 2:  Enzo Amore Vs Big Cass

Enzo with another big promo talking about he is ready for anything, and he has a bigger heart than Cass.  So no matter what happens, he will survive.  Cass has new music, not sure how I feel about it.  I think there needs to be music involved, and not just sounds.  Here we go.

This was more or less a squash, Enzo had a few hits, but nothing worth talking about.  Cass threw Enzo out of the ring, and when he slowly comes back in the ring, Cass put Enzo out of his misery with a big boot.

Winner:  Big Cass, by pinfall

Match Number 3:  Sheamus and Cesaro (WWE Raw Tag Champs) Vs The Hardy Boyz in a 30 Minute Ironman Match for Raw Tag Team Championship

Cesaro and Sheamus had an early 3-1 advantage, with 2 pinfalls and a countout.  But the Brothers Hardy tied up this series at 3-3, with a Twist of Fate off the top rope, and another pinfall.  Jeff had a Swantawn Bomb, but Cesaro, the legal man rolls up Jeff for the pinfall, with 30 seconds left.  Jeff chased Cesaro, and when he gets him back in the ring, Jeff nails a Twist of Fate, but time has run out.  A great match with these two, I can’t think of how they may do a rematch.  Matt was cut during the match, and doctors are checking on him.  Go out of your way to see this match.

Winners, and STILL Raw Tag Team Champs:  Sheamus and Cesaro, winning 4-3

Match Number 4:  Alexa Bliss (Raw Woman’s Champ) Vs Sasha Banks for the Raw Woman’s Championship

I loved this ending, because it shows how Miss Bliss works with her mind.  She performed a move to show her elbow was out of socket again, and attacked Sasha after the fell for it.  Banks gave Bliss a Bank Statement, but Alexa found a way to get to the ropes, then stayed outside of the ring to get that countout loss.  Sasha went right after Alexa, and they went to the PPV announce table, Alexa puts Sasha on the table, to tease a DDT, but Sasha reversed it, threw Alexa off the table, and hit a Double Knee.  Great stuff.

Winner:  Sasha Banks, by Countout.  (Alexa Bliss retains Title)

New United States Champion:  AJ Styles

AJ defeated Kevin Owens this weekend at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Earlier Tonight:  Neville defeated Akira Tozawa with a low blow

We see what took place backstage after the match, Akira told Titus that if he represents him, Akira wants a rematch.  Titus tells him he will try to get that for Tozawa.

Match Number 5:  The Miz (WWE IC Champ) Vs Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship

The numbers game was the story of this match.  Maryse, Axel, and Bo all helped The Miz retain his championship.  Ambrose was selling his knee from earlier in the match, when Miz slapped the Figure Four.  So his movement was a bit slower.  But when Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds, Maryse put The Miz’s knee on the ropes, took him out of the ring.  Axel distracted the ref, and Bo nails Ambrose from behind with his elbow.  Miz nails Skull Crushing Finale, and wins the match.

Winner, and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion:  The Miz, by pinfall

Match Number 6:  Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match

Braun Strowman is a BEAST, he took 2 vicious chair shots by Reigns, and just shook it off like Goldberg.  This was a fight between these two men.  They went all over Dallas Arena, and we had Reigns spear Strowman right through a screen, which was awesome to see.  But Strowman kept getting up, and this seemed to infuriate Reigns a bit, but he made a key mistake when Stroman was leaning on the ambulance, he charged for a spear, and Braun ducked out-of-the-way to see Reigns flying into the ambulance and Braun shut the door, to win the match.  But Braun made a big mistake here, Reigns opened the door, and nails a spear on Strowman.  Roman threw Braun into the ambulance, shut the door, and took the driving side.  Reigns drove the ambulance to the backstage area, and rammed the back of the ambulance through another trailer, crashing the back of the ambulance, and Braun is trapped in the back of the ambulance, with Reigns walking out of the door, and Kurt checks on Strowman.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Match Number 7:  Heath Slater Vs Curt Hawkins

Good lord, these guys have no chance to shine, we see fire department come to the arena to get Braun out of the ambulance.  But Heath wins the match, but it doesn’t matter.  We don’t even know how.  We just know Heath won.

Winner:  Heath Slater, by pinfall

We cut right back to see what is going on, the fire department was able to open the door, and Braun Strowman fought the EMTs, and got back up, slowly walking away.  They just turned Braun into a babyface, now did they turn Roman heel?  We see the replay here, they must turn Roman heel at this point.

Match Number 8:  Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Champion) Vs Samoa Joe for the WWE Universal Championship

Joe attacked Brock even before the bell rang, taking him out with a Suplex through the announce table.  When Brock came back, Joe kept attacking Brock, but 6 visits to Suplex City, and 2 Coquina Clutches, Brock out of nowhere hits a F-5 to retain his Universal Championship.  What a 10 minute fight here, and the show ends with Brock and Heyman looking with respect.

Winner, and STILL WWE Universal Champion:  Brock Lesnar, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts: 

What a night of action here, when the show started, the fights continued.  This might have been the best PPV of the year for WWE.  The big matches did their job, with the Tag Titles starting off on fire.  The Woman’s Title match had a great ending, because you have to believe Sasha and Alexa will continue their feud at Summerslam.  Ambulance Match was everything they advertised, and this has to mean a full-blown heel turn by Roman, or else why do what he did after losing the match?  And the Universal Championship lived up to the hype, I was hoping for a 10 minute fight, and we got that.  Even at times, you believe Joe was going to win, but at some point, they must give Joe the title.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know, and I will talk to you tomorrow night, for Raw.

WWE Great Balls of Fire Quick Match Results:

**Neville (C) def Akira Tozawa, by pinfall to retain WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Kick-Off Match).

**Bray Wyatt def Seth Rollins, by pinfall.

**Big Cass def Enzo Amore, by pinfall.

**Cesaro and Sheamus (C) def The Hardy Boyz 4-3 in a 30-Minute Ironman Match.

**Sasha Banks def Alexa Bliss (C) by countout, Alexa retains the title.

**The Miz (C) def Dean Ambrose, by pinfall

**Braun Strowman def Roman Reigns in an Ambulance Match

**Heath Slater def Curt Hawkins

**Brock Lesnar def Samoa Joe by pinfall, to retain WWE Universal Title