GFW Impact Wrestling 7/13/17 Full Results

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GFW Impact Wrestling

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Commentators:  Jeremy Borash, The Pope, and Josh Matthews

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Earlier Today:  Alberto El Patron’s Family Enters The Impact Zone.

Match Number 1:  Sammy Guevara Vs Drago (1st Round Of Super X-Cup Tournament)

Drago picks up the win in a short match, with a flying DDT, to advance in the tournament.  Next week, it will be Drago Vs Desmond Xavier.

Winner:  Drago, by pinfall

Tonight:  Matt Sydal Vs Lo-Ki Vs Fantasma

Tonight:  Moose Vs EC3 Vs Eddie Edwards Vs Eli Drake

Tonight  LAX Continues To Target Alberto El Patron

Match Number 2:  Sienna (GFW Knockouts Champ) Vs Amber Nova in a non-title match

Basic squash match here, the Woman’s Champ wins with the AK-47.

Winner:  Sienna, by pinfall

In-Ring Promo:  Sienna

She did exactly what she said she would do.  Sienna put in the work, and nobody believed in her.  There was another person who never called, congratulated her when she became the Knockout Champion.  She calls out Karen Jarrett.  Here she comes.  Karen asks Sienna what she wants, does she want her to wish Sienna congratulations.  Sienna wants Mrs. Jarrett to get on her knees, and tell her she is the most dominant Knockouts Champion in history.  Why would Karen do that?  Because it is true, and she just told her to.  But here comes Allie, with a kendo stick.  She nails her, and here comes Laurel Van Ness, but Rosemary evens the odds.  Rosemary takes out Sienna, but Laurel takes out Allie, and for whatever reason, Karen yanks at Sienna’s hair, and before Sienna can do anything, Gail Kim comes out to take care of things.  Karen says next week, we will have a unified Knockouts Title match with Sienna Vs Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing.

Earlier This Week:  LAX

LAX has a stern message to Alberto El Patron’s brother, make sure his brother chooses wisely and joins LAX this Thursday, and he warns him, and says he can go on a Mexican vacation, just like Crazzy Steve.

Video:  El Hijo De Fatismo

Backstage Segment:  Bruce Prichard and Trevor Lee

Bruce wants to know why Andrew still has the X-Division Champion?  Andrew brought up he was the X-Division Champion when Lo-Ki returned, and he wasn’t told about.  But he hasn’t received his title rematch, so he took what is his.  Sonjay Dutt shows up, and wants that title back.  Trevor told Bruce he is a better champion.  After they pull Sonjay away, Bruce wants to hear more.

Match Number 3:  Idrus Abraham, Demus, and Trevor Lee Vs Laredo Kid, Garza Jr., and Octagoncito in a 6-man tag match

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr., and Octagoncito wins the match with a 450 splash.  This was a good showcase of all 6 men here.

Winners:  Laredo Kid, Hector Garza Jr, and Octagoncito, by pinfall

Earlier This Week:  Grado and Laurel Van Ness Date

Oh lord, I guess Laurel is drunk, and she likes pepper with her burger.

Earlier This Week:  LAX

Santino Ortiz grabbed Dos Caras, and he will convince Alberto to join LAX, once and for all.

Earlier This Week:  LAX

Konnan makes it clear to Dos Caras he doesn’t care about what happens to him, convince his son to join LAX, or else.

Match Number 4:  Matt Sydal Vs Lo-Ki Vs El Hijo De Fantasma

Another good match here that showcased all three men.  Lo-Ki pulled off Warrior’s Way on both men, but at the end, Matt Sudal wins with Shooting Star Press, and pins Lo-Ki.  Matt shakes Fantasma’s hand after the match.

Winner:  Matt Sydal, by pinfall

In-Ring Promo:  Matt Sydal

Matt thanks the fans, and said this is world-class action, and he gives us this saying.  Trust yourself, and question authority.  He asks for Bruce Prichard to come out.  Bruce likes Matt, but he is sick and tired of people complaining about this, and that.  He will say Matt Sydal is deserving of a title match, but so is many other wrestlers.  And here comes Lashley, heading straight to the ring.  Sydal doesn’t like Lashley stepping on his bounds, and Lashley tells him to step aside.  People want to say they want title shots, but there isn’t anyone that deserves a title shot more than Lashley.  He was the most dominant champion, and while there was one hiccup, he hasn’t received a title rematch, so make it happen.  Sydal does not like hearing this, and Lashley nails Matt with a spear.  Telling Bruce that is the beginning, make it happen.

Next:  Fatal 4-Way Match

Earlier This Week:  Grado and Laurel Van Ness

I guess they had a good first date.

Match Number 5:  Eddie Edwards Vs Eli Drake Vs Moose (GFW Grand Champ) Vs EC3 in a Fatal 4-Way match

Chris Adonis shows up with Eli Drake, throws water on The Swole-Mates, and they show up in the ring, ready to fight.  Eli Drake thinks better of it, and the match begins after the break.  During the match, it seemed like Eli Drake and EC3 couldn’t get along, this helped Edwards and Moose take advantage, but the end of the match, we had EC# hit The One Percenter, and Eli steal the pin.

Winner:  Eli Drake, by pinfall

Backstage Interview:  The Swole-Mates

McKenzie Mitchell interviews The Swole-Mates, but thankfully LAX interrupts.  They want answers from El Patron’s family.  Pops tells him he won’t join them, so they attack them both, and Konnan makes it clear, he wants Alberto in the ring, next.

In-Ring Segment:  Alberto El Patron and LAX

Konnan brings out El Patron’s father and brother.  He knows he is here, and he knows his dad participated in a Mexican documentary.  And if he doesn’t come out here, there will be repercussions being made, after turning them down.  So they will beat down his family, and starts with his brother.  They nail his brother with Singapore Canes, no El Patron.  Konnan wants to do something different, the best way to humiliate a Mexican is take their mask off.  Alberto comes to the ring, and says let his father go.  They have been friends for 20 years.  Stop this nonsense.  Konnan asks if he;s ready to join them?  Tough his father one more time, he will beat the crap out of him.  Konnan says you join us, and he will let him go.  You know what is the worst part of this?  They were brothers.  Alberto, Mysterio, and Konnan went through everything, and Konnan let’s his temper get the best of him.  He lives, breathes, and dies for his family.  So if Konnan wants Patron, they leave his family out of this.  El Patron is sorry, but he knows he is a man of his word.  But for me, he is a man of his word, and to him, he is no longer Carlos, he is just Konnan.  Konnan doesn’t need a friend, just wear the colors of LAX, because he needs a soldier.  If he joins them, will Konnan leave his family out of this?  Be a man of his word.  Konnan assures him he will leave his family alone, just put the shirt on.  Alberto puts the shirt on, but he attacks LAX, and now he just has Konnan in the ring by himself.  But LAX sacrifices for Konnan again.  The show ends with El Patron taking over, and rips the shirt off.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Thjs was a good show here, featuring some good matches, and a good ending to the show.  El Patron will always fight for his family.  Some stupid stuff though with Grado and his green card.  I am also confused as to who is in charge here?  is it Karen Jarrett, or Bruce Prichard?  If you know, please let me know.  What were your thoughts on the show?

GFW Impact Wrestling Quick Match Results

**Drago def Sammy Guevera, by pinfall (Super X-Cup Tournament Match)

**Sienna (C) def Amber Nova, by pinfall

**Lareda Kid, Garza Jr, and Octagoncito def Trevor Lee, Idrus Abraham, and Demus, by pinfall

**Matt Sydal def Lo-Ki and El Hijo De Fantisma in a Triple Threat Match

**Eli Drake def Moose (C), Eddie Edwards, and EC3, by pinfall