GFW Impact Wrestling 7/13/17 Full Results

Kevin Gillman is the editor of the Ringside Seats section here on Forever Rebuilding.

GFW Impact Wrestling From Orlando, Florida

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Commentators:  Josh Matthews, Jeremy Borash, and The Pope

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Earlier Today:  Joseph Park and Grado

America wants to throw Grado out, and I agree with this.  Joseph Park has an idea, Grado has to get married.  And we can do it at Impact Wrestling, all the boys are doing it.

Last Week:  Alberto El Patron Vs Lashley

In-Ring Promo:  LAX

Konnan says last week they promised a new member of LAX, and they delivered what they promised, so he introduces the undisputed GFW Global Champion, Alberto El Patron.

Alberto asks K-Dawg what is he doing?  They have been friends for many years, they have seen it all, done it all together.  But what was that bullcrap last week?  That he was joining LAX without asking him?  He is a leader, not a follower.  Konnan tells him when he was going for the Olympics, they believed in him.  Look at what they did to Eddie Guerrero, look at what they did to Rey Mysterio, what the former owners did to Konnan, what Stanford did to Alberto, that went viral.  They are familia, just say you will join LAX.  Alberto said he won’t ever forget about what happened to all of them, and what Konnan had done for him, but he has become a bitter man.   He was a loner in Mexico.  He wants to be a loner in GWF, that’s all he asks.  Konnan said together they can join a revolution, together they can rule this company, and that is what these guys don’t want.  So just say you’ll join LAX, and together they have the power.  Alberto makes it clear, he said no.  He is his own man.  LAX attacks El Patron, and the numbers game takes over.  But here comes Lashley, to fight with Alberto.

Tonight:  Alberto El Patron and Lashley Vs LAX

Match Number 1:  ACH Vs Andrew Everett (Super X Cup Tournament)

This was a great opening match, and a preview of what the Super X-Cup Tournament is going to be.  The former Ring of Honor star, ACH defeated Everett with a Brainbuster.  The announcers did a great job of putting these two men over.

Winner:  ACH, by pinfall

Next:  Gail Kim with an announcement.

In-Ring Promo:  Gail Kim

Jeremy Borash introduces Gail Kim.  She thanks the fans for giving her the ovation, and for the fans tuning in.  Gail has been hurt since Bound for Glory last year, and she has been blessed to work with some of the best talent over the years, and she has been giving so much for the sport of wrestling, and does not regret it one moment.  So she is here to officially say at the end of 2017, she will be retiring from the ring.  She thanks everyone she has worked with, and thanks everyone for allowing her to be Gail Kim.  She thanks the fans for being there for her every step of the way.  Tonight is not the end, she intends to go out on top, and she intends to do that at her home at Impact Wrestling.

Chris Adonis comes to the ring.

In-Ring Segment:  Chris Adonis and The Swolemates

Adonis comes to the ring, and challenges The Swolemates to a posedown, because they were in the audience.  The Swolemates have a new show debut next Thursday at 10:00 on Pop TV.  They have a posedown here, and Eli Drake comes to the ring, and before there is an altercation, officials break them up.

Next:  Minis are in action

Match Number 2:  Demus Vs OctagonCito (Minis Challenge Match)

A very short match (No pun intended here) but OctagonCito picks up the win with a roll up, this could have been better.  Octagon is called “The Mini-Rey Mysterio”.

Winner:  OctagonCito

Video:  Grado

Grado is trying to get a date, but he keeps getting declined.  He asks Allie, and Braxton Suter is not impressed.

Video:  Matt Sydal

Matt is talking about his first exposure to TNA, and now he has a chance to make a difference.

Next:  Marafuji Vs Moose

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3

EC3 joins the commentary for the next match, and all is well with the world.

Match Number 3:  Moose (GFW Grand Champion) Vs Naomichi Marafuji for the GFW Grand Championship

Round 1 Winner:  Moose

Round 2 Winner:  Marafuji

Moose dominated round 1, and Marafuji was given round 2, winning 29-28.  But EC3, who didn’t say a word in commentary used the ring bell on Marafuji, and Moose is DQ’d.  EC3 wants his title shot.

Winner:  Naomichi Marafuji, by DQ, Moose still retains GFW Grand Championship

Video:  LAX

We are in LAX’s clubhouse, with Konnan saying they need to take care of business.  Put Lashley and El Patron in the hospital.

In-Ring Promo:  Trevor Lee

Trevor has the X-Division Championship on his waist, Trevor isn’t the real X-Division Champion.  But he wants to show that he is a real champion, and a fighter’s champion, facing the very best.  We have world renown William Weeks.  He will wear the title around his waist, because someone can “steal” it.

Match Number 4:  Trevor Lee Vs William Weeks

Trevor wins in no time here, with Trevor hitting a Double Foot Stomp, pinning William.  Sonjay Dutt shows up, he wants his title back, but he couldn’t get it back, as Trevor runs off.

Next:  Laurel Van Ness in action

Match Number 5:  Laurel Van Ness Vs Ava Story

Laurel picks up the win with a Hangman’s DDT, not sure where Ava has wrestled, but she was made to look good here too.

Winner:  Laurel Van Ness, by pinfall

Grado shows up, he has a question for Laurel here.  They had never met before, and his name is Grado, and he would just like to possibly tell her, Laurel is the most beautiful creature he has laid his eyes on.  She has beautiful hair, he loves her makeup, and those teeth are stunning.  He would just like to ask if the two of them can get together, get some food, have some drinks, watch a movie or two.  Grado needs an answer, would she like to go out on a date with him?  And here comes Kongo Kong.  Grado does the smart thing, and gets out of the ring.

Match Number 6:  Alberto El Patron (GFW Global Champ) and Lashley Vs LAX (GFW Tag Team Champs) in a non-title match

This was “Superman” and “Batman” teaming up, and while they aren’t friends, they have respect here.  The finish came with a Dominator, and a Backcracker combination, to pick up the win.  After the match, El Patron gets on the mic, praising Lashley for his work, and says while they may not be great friends, they make a great team.  LAX attacks Alberto, and Lashley walks away, ending the show with the Tag team Champs having the last say, and putting the Mexican Flag on El Patron.

Winners:  Alberto El Patron and Lashley, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the beginning of the show, and the end of the show.  Everything else?  Eh..I am going to miss Gail Kim, this will be her last swan song it seems.  Always good to see EC3, even if he didn’t say anything.  He looks to be on the course with Moose.  Despite the loss, the Tag Team Champs finish strong here.  I just wish they’d release Grado, I still can’t stand the dude.  I think next week’s show will be better, just didn’t think this week’s show was as good as it should have been, but we will find out next week.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

GFW Wrestling Quick Match Results

**ACH def Andrew Everett, by pinfall (Super X-Cup Tournament Match)

**OctagonCito def Demus, by pinfall

**Naomichi Marafuji def Moose (C) by DQ, Moose retains Grand Championship

**Trevor Lee def William Weeks

**Laurel Van Ness def Ava Storm, by pinfall

**Alberto El Patron (C) and Lashley def LAX (C), by pinfall