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WWE Smackdown Live From Fresno, California

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Commentators:  Todd Phillips, Byron Saxton, and JBL

Earlier Today:  Jinder Mahal

Jinder is taking pictures with the WWE Championship, and Shane McMahon runs into him.  He orders Jinder to give back the title, and Jinder said he will do it, but at Backlash, he will win it from Randy Orton.  Shane said he might, but tonight he faces Sami Zayn.

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In-Ring Segment:  Shane McMahon and Chris Jericho

What’s up Fresno?  Shane is here to introduce the newest superstar on Smackdown Live, Chris Jericho.

The crowd is fired up tonight, and Chris will give us what we all want, because this is the new show of Jericho….Smack it down, man.  Shane is happy Chris is here, and everyone in the back loves that he is here, they can have dream matches with him.  But tonight, in this very ring, he will put his newly won United States Title against his nemesis, Kevin Owens.  Enter AJ Styles.  If it isn’t my old friend, turned bitter enemy, Chris Jericho.  You know a lot has changed since they were on the new show, right?  Well Chris, if you haven’t figured it out, let AJ inform you where you are standing.  He is in the house that AJ Styles built.  He hasn’t forgotten the past, they had Y2AJ shirts in the past.  So nothing would make him more happy than to take the United States Title from Jericho.  That is if he survives tonight.  Jericho reminds AJ what happened this past Sunday at Payback, he made KO TKO, and there is a new face of America, and Jericho is thy name.  And you know what happens when you don’t believe Jericho can beat Kevin Owens tonight?  You know what happens?  And here comes Kevin Owens.  This is the most pathetic thing he has seen in his entire career.  Shane McMahon, AJ Styles, and Chris Jericho are arguing over something that doesn’t matter.  But tonight, he gets his rematch, and he will win the United States Championship again.  Jericho, if you think The Festival of Friendship, and Wrestlemania was bad, he hasn’t seen anything yet, and AJ Styles, this has nothing to do with him, it’s all about Owens.  And AJ goes right to Kevin and the two fight outside the ring, until officials break them up.

Tonight:  Naomi and Charlotte Vs Natalya and Carmella

Next:  Jinder Mahal Vs Sami Zayn

Moments Ago:  Kevin Owens and AJ Styles fight

AJ Styles has been banned from ringside during tonight’s United States Championship match.

Match Number 1:  Jinder Mahal Vs Sami Zayn

Jinder picks up the win with a Cobra Clutch Slam, with some help from The Singh Brothers.

Winner:  Jinder Mahal

Backstage Segment:  Becky Lynch and Welcoming Committee

Becky runs into Natalya, Carmella, Tamina, and Ellsworth./  Natalya tells Becky she needs to join them, they are here to protect her.  Becky was the first woman drafted to Smackdown Live, yet Charlotte comes walking in, granting title matches?  Where is Becky’s title shots?  Becky said she would think about it.

Backstage Segment:  Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler tells us bug surprise Shinsuke isn’t even here tonight.  “that guy” hasn’t even competed in a Smackdown Live ring, and “that guy” isn’t even here.  Can you believe the “brains” Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan put him on this show and “that guy” isn’t even here.  Shane is right behind Ziggler, and he says “that guy” is Shinsuke Nakamura, and he introduced himself to Ziggler last week.  Ziggler said he isn’t impressed by his entrance, in order to impress Dolph, you need to show off in the ring.

Match Number 2:  “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger Vs Aidan English

Dillinger picks up the win with The Tye Breaker, and after the match Aidan English starts flipping out.

Winner:  Tye Dillinger, by pinfall

Tonight:  United States Title Match

Backstage Segment:  Chris Jericho

Renee Young interviews Jericho over his match tonight with Kevin Owens.  But Aidan English is crying over his loss.  Jericho tells him there is no crying on Smackdown Live.  He is good-looking, he sings well, he has hair on his chest, he is on Smackdown Live.  He should be happy, besides….you know what happens when you cry on Smackdown Live?  YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!  And Renee MADE THE LIST TOO!!

Last Week:  Naomi Vs Charlotte Flair

Backstage Promo:  Charlotte Flair

Dasha interviews Charlotte and she says those women stopped her from being the Smackdown Live Woman’s Champion, but it is her destiny to be Smackdown Live Woman’s Champion, and no welcoming committee will help her.  The welcoming committee shows up, and starts attacking Charlotte, laying her out.

Match Number 3:  Naomi (SD Live Woman’s Champ) and Charlotte Flair Vs Natalya and Carmella

Carmella and Natalya defeated Charlotte and Naomi when Carmella rolls up Naomi for the win.  The Welcoming Committee played with the numbers game, but here comes Becky Lynch.  She tells them she is with them all.  But she runs Ellsworth into Tamina, and started to take control.  But the numbers game got the best of Becky, as all four members lay out Becky.

Winners:  Carmella and Natalya, by pinfall

Coming Soon:  The New Day

Match Number 4:  Dolph Ziggler Vs Sin Cara

Ziggler picks up the win with a Superkick.  Sin Cara put up a big fight, but Ziggler “showed off”

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

Next:  United States Title Match

Coming Soon:  Lana

Video:  The Fashion Files

Breezango in a Law and Order setting talking about they are taking the Tag Team Titles from The Usos, at Backlash, in “The Windy Apple” of Chicago, my kind of town.

Match Number 5:  Chris Jericho (US Champ) Vs Kevin Owens, for the United States Title

It takes 3 Pop-Up Powerbombs, but Kevin Owens wins back the United States Championship, pinning Jericho.  A good main event here, and Owens went after Jericho after the match again, laying him out with another Pop-Up Powerbomb, and putting his face into a chair through the ring pole.  And this ends the show.

Winner, and NEW United States Champion:  Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show here, and I liked that Natalya has a woman’s stable to lead.  Becky joining the faces makes sense to even the odds, but maybe it plants the seed for a future heel turn?  After all, how many title shots does she get, now?  I have no idea where Chris Jericho goes from here.  I am sure he’s taking time off so he can tour with Fozzy.  But does he return back to SD Live?  It’s going to be Styles Vs Owens at Backlash, which will be an incredible match.  And I guess Breezango will be faces here.  The video wasn’t too bad, nothing like The Miz and Maryse, but it was a good start.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know here.

WWE Smackdown Live Quick Match Results:

**Jinder Mahal def Sami Zayn, by pinfall

**”The Perfect 10″ Tye Dillinger def Aidan English, by pinfall

**Natalya and Carmella def Naomi (C) and Charlotte Flair, by pinfall

**Dolph Ziggler def Sin Cara, by pinfall

**Kevin Owens def Chris Jericho (C), by pinfall to win US Title