1085 Gridiron Episode #5

This podcast has been a long time coming. Anthony was joined for the first time by Stephen Thomas, Forever Rebuilding’s resident draft doofus (as he calls it).

Stephen was close to being admitted to an insane asylum as he did over 300+ Cleveland Browns Mock Drafts, yes 300+. You can find all of them here.

The guys discussed how the concept of the #BrownsDailyMockDraftExperiment was born and how it developed into what it became.

Anthony and Stephen discussed the Browns’ draft picks and what they expect of them.

They talk about DeShone Kizer and how he fits on the Browns and what the best case scenario is for him this season.

When this podcast was recorded, the Cavs were a day removed from the awful game three clunker, so the guys discussed that debacle and preview the rest of the playoffs.

Finally, Anthony and Stephen talk about Stephen’s career. Stephen does some amazing stuff for the military. They discuss some of his influences and who he looks up to. Also we briefly discuss his recent bout with the South American “Death Flu” and how he is feeling now.