2017 NFL Draft

Anthony Joki is once again joined by believeland-sports.com owner Jack McCurry on the 1085 Gridiron Podcast as they break down everything that went on with the Cleveland Browns during the 2017 NFL Draft.

It wasn’t a surprise that the Browns took Myles Garrett #1 Overall or that they traded down from #12, so Anthony and Jack discuss that.

The guys discuss the two play-makers they got in the first round besides Garrett. They talk briefly about the other selections.

Anthony and Jack discuss some of the undrafted free agents the Browns signed and which ones intrigue them the most.

The Browns walked away with possibly the biggest steal in the draft in DeShone Kizer and the guys have a lengthy discussion about him and if he is the franchise quarterback. They also discuss on what Browns should do with him this season.

Finally, Jack and Anthony answer a couple questions from twitter about the draft and talk about whether Caleb Brantley will be a part of this team or not.