1085 Gridiron Episode 2

Anthony Joki, Editor-in-Chief of Forever Rebuilding, is joined by Jack McCurry of Believeland Sports on the second episode of 1085 Gridiron.

Anthony and Jack discuss the important free agent signings that the Browns made this offseason, how this offseason is different from last offseason and rank their positions of need.

As many have done, we debate on taking either Myles Garrett or Mitchell Trubisky number one overall in the NFL Draft. We each make our case for one of the players.

Jack recently released his Mock Draft 3.0 on believeland-sports.com so we take a look at that as well as talk about the 5 players Anthony would like the Browns to end up with.

There have been many rumors about trades involving the Browns so we take time to discuss that and discuss if the Jimmy G trade is dead for good.

We answer a couple of questions from the fans to close out the show.