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WWE Smackdown Live 3/28/17 From Richmond, Virginia

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Commentators:  Tom Phillips, David Otunga, and JBL

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Segment Number 1:  Official Contract Signing with AJ Styles and Shane McMahon

Daniel asks us if we are ready for Wrestlemania, and brings in Shane McMahon and AJ Styles.  8 months ago, when Shane says when Smackdown became Smackdown Live, he and Daniel Bryan wanted to form a place where individuals had opportunities to showcase their skills, families can come watch them perform, and AJ was at the top of that vision.  And no matter what happens in 5 days, AJ Styles, you are one of the best performers to ever step foot in a WWE ring, ever.  AJ, you truly are phenomenal.  And AJ agrees with that comment.  And AJ, you have traveled all over the world, and you came into WWE, the fans loved to see you, chanted your name, AJ Styles, and you used that adulation to take you to the WWE Championship.  Congratulations, but while you were champion, your ego got you in the way.  It’s why you lost to John Cena, it’s why you lost to Randy Orton.  And it’s why AJ did what he did to Shane because he didn’t have a Wrestlemania match.  But Shane wants AJ at his best this Sunday.  Because of what happened last week, when Shane dropped the elbow on AJ, he saw in his eyes that AJ is second guessing this.  Shane wants AJ to know he is in for a fight.  If he doesn’t have his A-Game this Sunday, how humble will it feel when it’s his hand being raised at Wrestlemania.  Shane signs the contract.  You do know what kind of match we are having?  It’s not a Hell in a Cell match, it’s not Falls Count Anywhere match, if you’re outside the ring for longer than 10 seconds, you lose.  You won’t be using chairs, ladders, and tables, because if you do, you’d be DQ’d.  This is what is called a traditional match, and AJ doesn’t know if Shane has been in one before, but if he has, you’re in AJ Style’s world.  This ring is his home, and when he steps his foot through the ropes, AJ is untouchable.  So if you want to come here, they will wrestle, if you want to throw hands, they will do it, if you take it to the air, please do, AJ will show you off.  And you’d think Shane would learn by now, he has been in the ring with Kurt Angle, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, and last year, you were in the ring with The Undertaker.  But here is the thing, you have never been in the ring with AJ Styles.  AJ is the best in this business, ever, and this Sunday, you will find out how phenomenal he really is.  AJ signs the contract, stands up as does Shane.  Daniel gets in between them, saying to calm down and seal the deal with a handshake.  Shane extends his hand, and AJ walks away.  This Sunday, Shane O’ Mac Vs AJ Styles.

Tonight:  Bray Wyatt Vs Luke Harper

Next:  Becky Lynch Vs Carmella

Match Number 1:  Becky Lynch Vs Carmella

This match ends in a no contest again, when Alexa Bliss and Mickie James interfered, and we end the segment with Mickie and Becky looking at the sign.

Winner:  No Contest

Match Number 2:  Becky Lynch and Mickie James Vs Alexa Bliss (SD Live Woman’s Champ) and Carmella

During the match, Natalya came out, and she made her presence known, Ellsworth tripped Becky Lynch, and Carmella rolls her up for the win.

Winners:  Alexa Bliss and Carmella, by pinfall

All five women start to fight again, but here comes Naomi, to take out all of the women, and she is back in time to wrestle for the SD Live Woman’s Title, in her own home city of Orlando.  Everyone can now feel the glow.

Segment Number 4:  Breezango and Daniel Bryan

Daniel is talking to his wife Brie on the phone, when Breeze, dressed as Nikki wants to be in the SD Live Woman’s Title.  Daniel doesn’t buy it, and says no.  Fandango comes in, tells Breezy he should have worn the headband.  So now Breezango won’t be in Wrestlemania.  Daniel will give us a 10-man tag match tonight, where the winning team gets the final 2 spots in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match.

Next:  Miz TV, with the final episode of Total Bellas

Segment Number 5:  Miz TV

Last week, we got a glimpse of never before seen footage of John Cena and Nikki Bella.  We now see the shocking finale of Total Bellas.

This is dinner at the Cena table, we must follow these rules, NOW.  But John, don’t you have something to ask me, yes I di.  Nicole, will you have the honor of making me happy, and follow these rules.  Nicole now has no other choice, but to ask him to marry her.  She gets on a knee, and asks, but John doesn’t know what to say.  Will he say yes?  We find out, after the break.

We come back, and see the continuing footage.

John Cena will never marry Nikki, because he would bury his own brand.  Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, he hustles the fans, and only cares about one thing….money.  He always says Never Give Up, but he would never give up that spot, because he doesn’t want someone more talented, and more deserving to get that spot.  But it happen this Sunday at Wrestlemania.  He uses Nikki just to make himself look good, but he never loves her, because he can’t see her.  Now The Miz takes off his Cena hat, and Maryse takes off her wig, and tells Nikki and John that they will make sure this Sunday, this will be their final curtain call,  You will leave WWE thinking you will have a career in Hollywood, but you will have nothing without WWE, because you’re a big dumb circus act, you are done.  The Kids Choice Awards, Maryse tells Nikki this will be the closest you ever will get to having kids with John Cena.  And this Sunday, you will find out your entire life is Total Bull****.  They kiss, and we go right back to the ring, but here comes Cena and Nikki.

John, Nikki, what a shock.  He was thinking they’d be out here before they did.  John had as much fun as everyone else watching this.  Miz brought up the Cena house rules, he brought up how Nikki and Brie might be dumb every now and then, they brought up how Cena walks around like a robot, and the fact they aren’t married, because, well they aren’t married.  One of the few good things The Miz has done here in WWE.  But then the jokes were over, and you stopped acting like John Cena, and you started to act like The Miz.  They don’t have a problem with Total Bellas, but they do have an issue with them.  Because they truly believe what they say, like Maryse saying Nikki cost her WWE job, yet here she is standing in a WWE ring.  How is that possible then?  Don’t you realize how dumb that is, here is the truth, they didn’t ask you back, because you did nothing.  You don’t believe him?  Check WWE Network, and look up Best of Maryse, and you find 0.  And The Miz, he has his life planned out.  This is a 15 year plan to use WWE to go to Hollywood, and he’s not loyal?  Dude, are you high?  He is as loyal as Vince McMahon, and he’s not even as cool about it as Cena.  He’s going to make a movie, and come back.  Many superstars have done it, HHH has done it, Randy Orton has done it, Sheamus has done it, Maryse has done it, and oh wait….you’ve done it.  It slipped his mind because the only movies he’s in are crappy bootlegs he has already made.  It’s cool, because at least Miz is doing something.  He still hasn’t figured out what Maryse is doing.  Did you know there is currently a Woman’s Revolution going on?  Each and every week, women aren’t just allowed, they are encouraged to prove they are not just as good as men, they are even better than them.  Last week, Nikki picked up a dude, and threw him down.  Every week, Maryse picks up a paycheck, and prove she is just a waste of space.  This one will sting too, only reason why Maryse is back, is so WWE can hire her back, and he can be on Total Divas.  So he is just using her to be on Total Divas.  So you want to talk about how Nikki has no kids?  How many kids do you guys have?  0, so what is the matter, you’re shooting blanks, there sport?  Long time ago, he told Miz you never bring a knife to a gun fight, but you didn’t listen.  All you do is talk and talk and talk, you won’t even listen to yourselves, because you would realize how dumb you sound.  Where he comes from, you fall, you get back up, and you’re ready to fight again.  But when Miz loses, he stumbles, and blames someone else for his down fall.  And that type of attitude, you create this ego like you’re unstoppable, and untouchable, but Mike, that’s not real, dude.  Cena will punch Mike into reality this Sunday.  Miz had Cena laughing, but then there was that moment when you took your stuff off, and got serious.  Now Cena takes off his stuff, I think that is a hell of an idea, Cena stripped everything he thinks that makes Cena Cena, but he stands right here with nothing on, and this Sunday, he can tell us they will be in the fight of their lives, they will destroy them at Wrestlemania.  You know why?  Miz wasted time remembering Cena’s house rules, but if you want to talk tough, you better be tough, but you’re a pussy.  These two are nothing but gutless, spineless, cowards.  They aren’t the It-Couple, they are the S*it Couple.  Prove him wrong, they are live here in Richmond, Virginia, close to Wrestlemania, so go ahead Holmes, give me your best shot.  Just remember he had his nose pushed sideways, he got back up, and was ready to fight, so he will punch back.  And if Maryse makes a move, Nikki will just shove the Botox right off your face, so they are feeling froggy, you want a piece of this?  Miz and Maryse backs off, but Miz wants to fight.  Maryse tells him to wait until this Sunday.

Now Nikki tells Maryse they are nothing but fake-ass jealous haters, but this Sunday, there is nowhere to run, because her man and she will kick their ass.

Tonight:  Bray Wyatt Vs Luke Harper

Match Number 3:  The Usos (SD Live Tag Champs), Breezango, and Dolph Ziggler Vs American Alpha, Slater and Rhyno, and Mojo Rawley

Mojo picks up the win for his team with a Pounce, pinning Breeze.  Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is this Sunday.

Segment Number 7:  Luke Harper Promo

He told Bray never to trust another snake, but Bray didn’t listen, instead he kicked him to the curb.  So now, Luke is not afraid of Bray, and now Bray he should run.

Next:  Bray Wyatt Vs Luke Harper

Wrestlemania Rundown

Match Number 4:  Bray Wyatt (WWE World Champ) Vs Luke Harper in a non-title match

Bray picks up the win with Sister Abigail, when things went Luke’s way, Bray got himself into a trance, and that made Luke back up for a second, so Bray can strike.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt, by pinfall

Randy Orton shows up on the screen, saying he is on hallowed ground, and Bray knows where that is.  The place where Orton set on fire, the place where Bray said he got her soul into him, so he can be the all-powerful.  But he is here to take that back from Bray, at Wrestlemania, he takes his title away from him, and take Sister Abigail’s soul from him.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a promo-heavy episode, covering the main matches set on Smackdown Live.  Not much from Orton, except a cryptic promo.  Nothing from Ambrose or Corbin, they have an IC Title match.  I loved Miz TV though, and we will see how that match goes this Sunday.  But I also loved the contract signing of Styles Vs Shane.  No question, AJ should have had a better opponent, but I know those two will have a good match.  AJ made a great point, Shane has been in many gimmick matches, how can Shane be in a traditional wrestling match?  It was also great to see Naomi come back, and she will indeed work a match at Wrestlemania, in her own home city.  SD Live was good, and we are 5 days away from Wrestlemania.  Going to be a fun week of coverage.  What was your thoughts?  Send them to me here.

WWE Smackdown Live Quick Match Results:

**Becky Lynch Vs Carmella ends in a no contest

**Alexa Bliss (C) and Carmella def Becky Lynch and Mickie James

American Alpha, Rhyno and Slater, and Mojo Rawley def. The Usos (C), Breezango, and Dolph Ziggler

**Bray Wyatt (C) def Luke Harper, by pinfall