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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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We are 6 days away from Wrestlemania, which means the heavy push is on.  We are 3 hours away from Raw tonight, so keep checking here.  Will Seth Rollins be here tonight, to sign a contract to fight HHH?  Will The Undertaker be here again, to confront “The Big Dawg” Roman Reigns?  Expect all cards are on deck, we will also have the appearance of the WWE Universal Champion, Goldberg.  I am sure Brock Lesnar isn’t far away.  Find out, tonight.

Video:  The Undertaker

We begin the show, but The Undertaker’s video cuts through.  “The Deadman” is ready for Wrestlemania.

Tonight:  Seth Rollins will answer HHH’s challenge

Tonight:  Lesnar and Goldberg go face-to-face

Segment Number 1:  Bayley

She’s feeling it Philly.  Who is ready for Wrestlemania?  This is her favorite day of the year, that sign gives her butterflies.  She and her friends would gather their money together, and beg their parents to order Wrestlemania.  But this year, she isn’t at home watching it, she isn’t in the crowd, she is at Wrestlemania, defending her title.  And here comes Charlotte Flair.  Did you really dream to go to Wrestlemania as the paper champion?  “The Boss” has made you her pawn.  When she beat Sasha at Roadblock:  End of the Line, she has been out of the title picture, and been dying to get back in.  And she used her, Sasha’s “best friend”, a naive girl living in a woman’s world.  If it wasn’t for Sasha, she would still be the Woman’s Champion.  She almost feels sorry for Sasha, but she wouldn’t even do that to anyone.  But she will walk out of Wrestlemania as a 5-time Woman’s Champion.  Bayley doesn’t even believe this, and Charlotte shows her a video of Sasha’s tweet from a few years ago when they faced each other in NXT.  Wake up Bayley.

But here comes Sasha, saying do not even compare her friendship between the two of them vs the friendship between she and Bayley.  But they both know business is business.  She did beat Bayley to even get in that match in 2015, and she would do it again at Wrestlemania.  Nia Jax is tired of hearing about Sasha and Bayley.  This Sunday at Wrestlemania, when Nia eliminates each and every one of them, that title will have a permanent home.  Charlotte brings up only reason she is in this match is because Sasha didn’t have to pretend to care about Bayley anymore, and this is fighting words, as all 4 women compete in the ring, next.

Match Number 1:  Bayley (Raw Woman’s Champ) and Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax.

Hard hitting action here that saw the Woman’s Champ give Charlotte a Bayley to Belly for the pinfall victory.  Sasha and Bayley are standing tall.  Nia Jax attacks both women, and now takes care of Charlotte.

Winners:  Bayley and Sasha Banks, by pinfall

Video:  Seth Rollins from a few weeks ago

Tonight:  Will Seth Rollins sign a Hold Harmless Agreement Contract?

This Friday:  WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on WWE Network

Video:  Last Monday on Raw with Mick Foley

Segment Number 3:  Sami Zayn Promo

Charly is with Sami, seeing his mentor Mick Foley being fired.  It’s been a tough week, but without Mick being here, it is important to keep his legacy going.  And Sami is here to announce he is going to Wrestlemania, and will be a part of Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.  And he will dedicate his win to Mick Foley.  Stephanie comes in, saying he has to earn that chance.  So tonight, he will earn that shot in a No DQ match against Kevin Owens.  And if he doesn’t win, he will have to join Mick Foley at the unemployment line, because he will be fired.

Match Number 2:  Austin Aries Vs Noam Dar

Austin picks up the win with a Discuss Five Arm, and Last Chancery, making Noam tap out.  Neville was out doing commentary, and we found out their match for the Cruiserweight Title will be at Wrestlemania Kick-Off show.

Winner:  Austin Aries, by submission

Video:  Last week on Raw

Seth Rollins is in the arena, will he sign a No Harmless Agreement?  We find out…NEXT

Segment Number 5:  Seth Rollins and HHH

There are 2 chairs here, so HHH, let’s get this done.  :::Behold the king….The King of Kings…on your knees Punk:::

Understand something before I step into this ring, Seth.  Before you sign this document, 1.  You attack me, I will defend myself, and 2.  You attack me before you sign this, the match is done.  You sit down while I explain things to you, and we can get this contract done.  Seth has heard enough, get into this ring, so he can sign the contract.  HHH orders Seth to sit down in the chair, and don’t listen to the crowd.  If you don’t sit down, the match is off.  Seth sits down, and HHH tells him if he signs this contract, his well-being is done.  If he signs this contract, he takes these crutches of his, and inflict so much pain, he can hear things pop.  Well, he won’t stop too, and when he goes back to the hospital, and his career is done, he gives up all rights to sue HHH or his family.  Seth gets it, sign the contract, so he signs it.  Seth, you did not sell your soul, you bought in to a good thing, and were successful.  He doesn’t understand why that is a bad thing.  Why does that happen?  They are jealous.  You worry about what everyone says about you in the back?  Forget them if you aren’t making money, you aren’t a success.  Why would you sign this?  To sleep well?  HHH would rather eat well than sleep well.  Go ahead and sign this, maybe the doctor can fix you, and you can continue to wrestle in front of 100 people in the Armory, maybe you can do that?  I get it, you missed a Wrestlemania last year, and you can compete this year, but he is like a one-legged man going into a gun fight, and the one legged man always loses.  So go ahead, and sign your career away.  Seth talk about that being the same line of bullcrap he was told 3 years ago, and this isn’t 3 years ago.  So let me explain something to you, when you are rehabbing, you get time to learn about yourself, and he liked himself better than when Seth met you.  It didn’t bother Seth wrestling for a hot dog and a handshake, working for Ring of Honor, a little company in Philadelphia.  This isn’t even about Wrestlemania, this is about redemption, because he gave everything up to stand next to HHH, and for what?  At Wrestlemania, you better be prepared to rip his leg, and out him out of action, he better have a paramedic waiting for him after the match, because this is about redemption getting back what he had before he met him, and that is Seth Freaking Rollins.

HHH backs off, then clips the desk into his knee, and takes his knee out.  HHH has the crutch, but Seth kicks HHH and tries a Pedigree, but HHH clips the knee, and sets him up for a Pedigree, but Seth flings him over the top rope, and nails him with a crutch.  Was this Rollins’ final stand?

Video:  Goldberg Vs Lesnar

Moments Ago:  Seth Rollins Vs HHH

Seth Rollins Vs HHH in a Non-Sanctioned Match at Wrestlemania

Match Number 3:  Over The Top Rope Challenge

Big Show dominates everyone, until they all eliminates him.  But here comes Braun Strowman.  He and Big Show are staring each other down.  If he wanted to, Braun will come over there, and kick his ass right now.  But that is what everyone wants him to do, and Braun does what he wants to do.  And we will have to wait until Wrestlemania.

Winners:  The Field

Video:  Tag Team Title Match last week on Raw

Segment Number 7:  Gallows and Anderson

The new guy interviews Gallows and Anderson.  Tonight, they face Enzo and Cass.  They aren’t worried.

Video:  The Undertaker digging another grave

Pitbull will perform live at Wrestlemania

Segment Number 8:  Roman Reigns Promo

Reigns isn’t worried about The Undertaker digging graves, he will take care of him at Wrestlemania, and has a message for Taker, tonight.

Video:  The New Day in Philly

Segment Number 9:  Cesaro and Sheamus Promo

The new dude’s name is Mike Rome.  Sheamus and Cesaro are not worried about this Sunday, and we have Gallows and Anderson attack both men.

Match Number 4:  Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Champ) Vs Jack Gallagher in a non-title match

Neville picks up the win with Rings of Saturn, making Gallagher tap out.

Winner:  Neville, by submission

Austin Aries News Network

Aries interrupts Neville’s celebration.  Earlier tonight, Neville said nobody can defeat Neville, and Austin has no shot to win at Wrestlemania.  So Austin is putting that to the test.  His guests tonight are The New Day.  New Day says it all determines by who has the hips,  So Austin shakes his hips to say he will win the WWE Cruiserweight Title.  Austin tells Neville he will show him this Sunday at “The Ultimate Thrill Ride”

Next:  Roman Reigns

Video:  John Cena was on Today Show, Al Roker is Special Ring Announcer at Wrestlemania

Segment Number 11:  Roman Reigns Promo

In 2015, Reigns won the Royal Rumble match right here in Philly.  And then he went on to headline Wrestlemania, twice.  And for the longest time he thought that was the biggest moment of his career, and he was wrong.  His biggest moment of his career is this year, wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  And he will do something nobody has ever done before, he will put The Undertaker down.  And this goes out to Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, even John Cena.  He doesn’t give a damn about what anyone says, this sold-out arena is his yard.  And this is his time now.

The Undertaker has a special place for Reigns.  That arena he is in, is his yard.  He has a special place for Roman, at Wrestlemania, The Roman Empire will fall, and The Ultimate Thrill Ride will be his last ride.  We see a tombstone for Reigns.  He would advice him to live every day like his last day, because someday, it will be.  Because at Wrestlemania, he will….

The lights go out, and we hear the gone.  The lights come back on, and there is The Undertaker.  As I was saying…at Wrestlemania, you WILL rest in peace.  The lights go out, and we end the segment.

Match Number 5:  Gallows and Anderson (Raw Tag Champs) Vs Enzo and Cass in a non-title match

The match does not begin, with Cesaro and Sheamus coming out with a ladder, clipping Gallows and Anderson.  Then they fight Enzo and Cass, but the Tag Champs have the last say, taking out everyone with the ladder.

WWE Honors Women History Month:  Maya Angelou

Segment Number 13:  Kevin Owens Promo

Charly is with Kevin Owens.  She was wrong over calling Chris Jericho his best friend, he was never best friends with Chris.  He was right that Owens was a Chris Jericho fan as a kid, but Kevin ripped List of Jericho to pieces, just like he will rip Sami Zayn’s WWE dreams for good.  He will be responsible for Sami to look at his family, and say he is no longer a WWE performer, he is a failure.  He will rip that, just like Jericho ripped Owens from his WWE Universal Title.   Just like in 6 days, he will take The Ultimate Thrill Ride into Chris Jericho’s Ultimate demise.

Next:  Seth Rollins Vs HHH

Earlier Tonight:  Seth Rollins Vs HHH

Video:  Seth Rollins Vs HHH:  Years in the Making

I love this video, I can’t wait for this fight at Wrestlemania.  We now have a Wrestlemania run down, the Women’s Title match will now be a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match.

Wrestlemania starts at 7:00 this Sunday, the Wrestlemania Kick-Off show starts at 5:00, I will be here covering it all.

Match Number 6:  Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn in a No DQ Match

It was a good match, but I hated the ending, that Sami wins, but uses a fluke roll up.  Anyway, in a No DQ match, Samoa Joe comes out, but Chris Jericho counters, and nails Joe with a chair, twice, then flings Kevin Owens, so Owens is rolled up.  Sami keeps his job, and is now in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Winner:  Sami Zayn, by pinfall

Chris tells Kevin you know what happens when you cross Chris Jericho?  YOU JUST MADE THE LIST

Next:  Goldberg and Lesnar Face-Off

Segment Number 15:  Goldberg and Lesnar Face-Off

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I proudly serve as the advocate of the extemist who shall derail the ultimate thrill ride for Goldberg this Sunday at Wrestlemania, BROCK LESNAR!!  Can you believe this Sunday….and we get Goldberg chants.  Now we have Suplex City chants.  And that is the point, I think we have a little bit of a different opinion, and that viewpoint one way or the other will be settled this Sunday.  Brock Lesnar will face Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title, the one title everyone clamors for, because that is the ONE, boy that is a number we heard before.  This is the ONE title that centers around Raw.  His client needs that title, his client craves that title.  Goldberg did something not many people have been able to do.  Sting tried to get that title, but Goldberg grabbed that title, and Goldberg, you have Heyman’s respect.  But his client is a bad ass, and he needs that title.  And this Sunday, you face The BEAST this Sunday, and he will take you out.  But the fans need a reason to purchase this event, they need a reason to buy a secondary ticket to this event.  Bill, you are going to Suplex City this Sunday, where people check in, but they never check out.  We get Goldberg chants, and this is the final time we hear these chants, because this Sunday, it should be named Wrestlemania 33:  The Death of a Superhero.  His client Brock Lesnar does not fear the spear, because this Sunday, Bill Goldberg, you can’t survive the F-5.

And here comes Goldberg, with his awesome entrance.

People didn’t come here to hear them talk, they came here to watch them fight.  Since not all Philly people can come to Wrestlemania, why don’t they bring Wrestlemania to Philly.  Brock comes to Goldberg, but Bill spears Lesnar on the outside, comes back to the ring, and celebrates with the title.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Cheap plug here, this weekend I had a joy on being a part of podcast, previewing Wrestlemania, Please check out the site, and click on there.  They do a great job on the podcast, and discussed this weekend’s big events.  I will give you my own preview this week, headlining the event.  But I was a bit underwhelmed of tonight’s Raw.  I absolutely loved the segment between HHH and Seth Rollins, but this just didn’t feel too much like a go-home show of Mania.  It was good….BUT…it wasn’t great.  And this is how the build up to the biggest show of the year has been, creative wise.  I know the show will be electric, but here we have with Raw being okay, or good.  It needs to be great.  What are your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Bayley (C) and Sasha Banks def Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax

**Austin Aries def Noam Dar, by submission

**Over The Top Rope Battle Royal Ends in a No Contest

**Neville (C) def Jack Gallagher, by submission

*Gallows and Anderson (C) Vs Enzo and Cass go to a no contest

**Sami Zayn def Kevin Owens in a No DQ Match