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WWE Monday Night Raw Live From Brooklyn, New York

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Segment Number 1:  Mick Foley Promo

After what happened last week, Mick has a note as a humbled man.  He has been named Raw General Manager fir the last 9 months.  He would like to personally thank HHH and Stephanie McMahon for giving him this opportunity.  So he would like to apologize for putting Mr. Socko into HHH’s mouth, and people are talking about that, and not Wrestlemania:  The Ultimate Thrill Ride.  So with that being said, he is taking a leave of absence, effective immediately.  Index cards, 10 minutes ago, HHH hands him index cards.  He’s Mick Freaking Foley, there are so many things he wants to have done, and the mic is cut off.  Which brings us Stephanie McMahon.  She gave him a golden opportunity to become Raw General Manager, and what does he do?  He attacks her husband, HHH.  You know why she gave him index cards?  Because Mick couldn’t even get his farewell address in his own hometown.  He’s a complete screw up, and the reason?  Because he banter to the crowd too much, he cares about what they think.  So she has been waiting a long time to say this, Mick Foley….YOU’RE FIRED!!

And here comes Sami Zayn.  What she is doing is wrong, in fact she has done many things wrong, but nobody says it to her face.  Stephanie tells him they have a shot to run, and he needs to help his mentor down the steps.  Sami said Mick has shown more class in his 9 month run as Raw General Manager than Stephanie has shown in her entire life.  Stephanie ignores him, saying he isn’t even on her level to speak to her, so go to the back, and think about what he will do to make it up to her.  Leave the ring now.  Sami thinks about this, and he has second thoughts.  He isn’t about doing the smart thing, he needs to do the right thing.  And here comes Samoa Joe.  Stephanie orders Mick to the back, and says we will have Sami Zayn Vs Samoa Joe, right now.

Match Number 1:  Samoa Joe Vs Sami Zayn

This was a fun match here, but Joe capitalized on Sami’s mistake, and made him tap to Coquina Clutch.

Winner:  Samoa Joe, by submission

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Segment Number 3:  Mick Foley and Sami Zayn Backstage

Mick thanks Sami for standing up to him, Sami told him Raw needs him.  Mick tells Sami Raw needs him to stand up for what is right, it was a pleasure to meet him.  Sami thanks him for everything.  He is greeted by Cesaro and Sheamus.  They thank him for believing in him when nobody else would.  Mick thanks them for doing what they do.  Mick says goodbye to the Cruiserweights, and gives a warm hug to Bayley, when he is greeted by HHH.  HHH smiles, and tells him to have a nice day.  Mick walks into the sunset.

The broadcast crew reminds us that Stephanie fired Mick Foley.

Video:  Last week on Raw, with Seth Rollins and HHH

Seth was doing more rehab the next 24 hours.  He is determined to make it to Wrestlemania.

Video Interview:  Dr. Kevin Wilk

The man who performed the surgery gives us an update on Seth Rollins.  His progress has gone very well, but he never said he would be back for Wrestlemania.  It can take several months for him to be ready.  But he is eager to compete at Wrestlemania.  But their fear is he would be back the next day after Wrestlemania.

Tonight:  HHH Responds

Match Number 2:  Charlotte Flair Vs Dana Brooke

Charlotte pins her former protegé, with a win, hitting a big boot.

Winner:  Charlotte Flair, by pinfall

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Segment Number 5:  Stephanie McMahon and Bayley

Stephanie mocks Bayley for being sad.  Bayley used to look up to Stephanie growing up, but since Mick brought her in to Raw, right here in Brooklyn, New York.  Stephanie tells Bayley she needs to prove she belongs every single night.  Now last week, Nia Jax proved she belongs in the Women’s Title mix, so tonight, we will have a rematch of Nia Vs Bayley.  If Nia wins, it will be a Fatal 4-Way at Wrestlemania, for Women’s Title.  And this will be a No DQ match.  Oh, and be careful, Nia likes to use her power.

Segment Number 6:  The Highlight Reel

Welcome to The Highlight Reel, the fans love him.  Kevin Owens thinks he betrayed his friendship, but Chris doesn’t need Kevin’s friendship, he has the fans as his friends, so cheer him on, man.  Chris has the “real” Kevin Owens, and we see a 16 year-old Kevin Owens, striking a Y2J pose, wearing a Y2J shirt.  He is in between a Y2J poster, and some blonde chest woman, who isn’t even the sexy beast that he is.  But we flash forward to 2014, when Kevin Owens was signed to WWE.  He hit him a DM on Twitter, asking for any advice, and he doesn’t want to piss anyone off.  Chris answered back, and he thanked him to write back, and says if he needs anything, drop him a line.  Well Chris would like to take back that stay in the hospital, or even taking back the glass that was in his eyes.  The thing is Kevin Owens was never a friend, he was Kevin’s hero.  Let’s also take a look at the footage of Owens look when Chris Jericho made his return at Fastlane.  Owens had a look of shock, and he realizes that is the look Owens will have at Wrestlemania.  Because he realize he is in the ring with the Best in the World at What He does, and the GOAT, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.  He wants Owens at his best, because he will realize he is in the ring with the best, you stupid idiot.  And you know what happens, Kevin?  You know what happens?  Samoa Joe makes his appearance, and Kevin Owens shows up to do what he does best, he nails Jericho with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  Owens checks the list, and rips all the pages, chews up the paper, and spit them out.  Then he does the Y2J pose, which is awesome.

Tonight:  Exclusive Interview with HHH

Video:  Reigns vs Strowman

Tonight:  Reigns Vs Strowman

Moments Ago:  Owens attacks Jericho

Match Number 3:  TJ Perkins Vs THE Brian Kendrick

Kendrick picks up the pinfall victory with a Sliced Bread No 2., a very quick match.

Winner:  THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

Kendrick has Akira Tozawa’s passport, so Akira isn’t even in the country now, but he needs to learn from the teacher.

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Segment Number 8:  Reigns Promo

Charly shows up, asks Reigns if he is focused on Undertaker, despite facing Braun Strowman tonight.  With all due respect to Undertaker, he doesn’t even think about him, except seeing him lie on the mat after he pins him at Wrestlemania.  He will take care of Strowman tonight, and prove this is his yard.

Video:  Goldberg Vs Lesnar

Next:  Nia Jax Vs Bayley

Segment Number 9:  Stephanie, Sheamus, and Cesaro

Stephanie is not impressed by Sheamus and Cesaro, their big support system left the building.  So tonight, they will put them in a 2-on-4 Handicap match against Enzo, Big Cass, Gallows, and Anderson.  If they lose, they are out of Wrestlemania.

Match Number 4:  Bayley (Raw Women’s Champ) Vs Nia Jax in a No DQ Match in a Non-Title match

Nia picks up the win with a Samoan Drop, so now she goes to Wrestlemania in a Fatal 4-Way for the Women’s Title, with Bayley Vs Charlotte Flair Vs Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax.

Winner:  Nia Jax, by pinfall

WWE Celebrates Woman History Month:  Mae Young

Next:  Exclusive Interview With HHH

Wrestlemania 33 is 13 days away

Segment Number 11:  Michael Cole and HHH


HHH will be on tomorrow morning’s “First Take” and all over ESPN.  HHH asks how everyone is doing, he is having a nice day.  Cole wants a reaction from what the doctor said earlier tonight.  HHH is disappointed, because he is in the best shape of his life.  He wanted to teach Seth Rollins a lesson, but unfortunately, for the second straight year, Seth Rollins will miss Wrestlemania.  He heard Cole earlier tonight say HHH was responsible for Seth’s injury, but he disagrees.  Seth is to be blamed and it started when he started listening to the fans, and stopped listening to HHH.  He gets it though, because people think it can be addictive listening to the crowd.  But HHH doesn’t need to do that, he knows how damn good he is.  But Seth is like Mick Foley, he has to listen to the crowd to get approval.  And it happened last week, when Seth Rollins came out here, dropped his crutch, the place was electric.  But it lasted all of 30 seconds, until HHH beat him in a bloody pulp, and we have footage of that.  That’s on the fans.  Don’t try to deny it, your fault.  Cole talks about how Seth used to be his protegé, and that relationship turned toxic.  Would he have done anything different?  HHH looked at Rollins as the future, and people called him “The Architect”, but HHH gave him the blueprint.  Then, he started to listen to the crowd, and when he got sent down, he started to cry.  If he did things anything wrong, he made it too easy for him, but he was like Seth’s crutch.  How fitting is it that HHH used a crutch on the crutch.  So he is officially done with Seth Rollins.  But he doesn’t want to sound heartless, he has comp tickets for Seth Rollins to be at Wrestlemania.  Not front row seats, but nose bleed seats, there ya go.  Wait a second, he wants to face Seth Rollins, Seth wants to face HHH, so how about we make that happen, if we have a contract signing, where Seth Rollins won’t sue anybody when HHH cripples Seth, for good.  So show up next week Seth, and show us you are Seth Freaking Rollins.  Show us, or are you just a freaking coward?

Tina She sings America The Beautiful at Wrestlemania

Match Number 5:  Gallows and Anderson (Raw Tag Team Champs), Enzo and Cass Vs Sheamus and Cesaro in a 4-on-2 Handicap Match

Sheamus and Cesaro win with the Hart Attack, pinning Anderson.  They have their spots for Wrestlemania.

Winners:  Sheamus and Cesaro, by pinfall

Segment Number 13:  New Day Promo

They run down the Wrestlemania card, literally.

Match Number 6:  Austin Aries Vs Tony Nese

Aries wins the match with the Discuss Punch.

Winner:  Austin Aries, by pinfall

Neville comes out after the match, and Aries asks what he wants.  Neville tells him they will face each other at Wrestlemania.  He will show why he is “The King of the Cruiserweights” and Aries will show us that he indeed is as good as Neville, and even better, when he takes that Cruiserwight Title.

Video:  Goldberg Vs Lesnar Part 2

Next Week:  Lesnar and Goldberg face-to-face

Segment Number 15:  Braun Strowman Promo

Charly appears out of nowhere again, when Braun is getting ready for his match.  He won’t be facing Roman tonight, he will fight him.  And if Undertaker wants to face Reigns at Wrestlemania, he will need a shovel to dig him back up.

Match Number 7:  Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman

The match ends in a no contest because we heard the gong, and the lights went out.  But when they came back on, there was The Undertaker.  Braun Strowman tried to attack Taker, and the big man gave Braun a Chokeslam, but he runs into a spear.  Reigns walks out, and The Undertaker sits up, and tells him he is still standing.  The show ends here.

Winner:  No Contest

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show, but I have to question why Mick Foley is stepping down when we are 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania.  I guess his hip surgery is before Mania.  I’m not even mad that we had a no contest, because it is still chilling to see Undertaker’s entrance, even hearing the gong is amazing.  Next week will be a loaded episode.  Lesnar, Goldberg will be there.  We also will see Seth Rollins.  Will he sign the “No Harm” contract?  Jericho had a great Highlight Reel tonight.  We will see more from he and Owens.  All of the major angles will be thrown at us.  13 days away from Wrestlemania.  What were your thoughts on the show tonight?

WWE Raw Quick Match Results:

**Samoa Joe def Sami Zayn, by submission

**Charlotte Flair def Dana Brooke, by pinfall

**THE Brian Kendrick def TJ Perkins, by pinfall

**Nia Jax def Bayley (C), by pinfall

**Sheamus and Cesaro def Gallows and Anderson (C), Big Cass and Enzo, by pinfall

**Austin Aries def Tony Nese, by pinfall

**Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman ends in a no contest