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WWE Hall of Fame 3/31/17

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Tonight, this is about the legends, as we celebrate what they did for us. Kurt Angle, DDP, Teddy Long, Beth Phoenix, Rock and Roll Express “Ravishing” Rick Rude are all honored here for us. WWE Hall of Fame begins in a little over an hour. Keep it locked here tonight.

WWE HOF Host:  Jerry “The King” Lawler

Induction Number 1:  DDP

Video:  DDP

Inductee:  Eric Bischoff

The word heart, according to one definition is a muscle, but Eric talks about from the bottom of his heart, he wishes someone else was inducting DDP, and he was sitting with us in the stands.  God Bless you Dusty Rhodes, may you rest in peace, and may you be happy, brother.  But Eric is happy to be a distant second.  But he is amazed at the journey Dallas had gone through, since 1988.  He started managing Badd Company in AWA.  But he was troubled by some of the criticism of some of the peers he had respected, because Dallas was 6’5, and he towered over his wrestlers.  Imagine Paul Heyman, standing at 6’11, managing Brock Lesnar?  But Dallas was dedicated, and strived for greatness.  But he was obnoxious, in fact they got into a bar fight, which they had made up in the hotel elevator.  But then Dallas came to WCW in 1991, he managed The Fabulous Freebirds, Scott Hall with his Diamond Mind, and then there was AWA.  Eric was desperate to find a job, and he auditioned badly for WWE the year before, and he came to WCW for an audition to find out his color commentator was….DDP.  But things were forgiven, and Dallas worked hard for hours with Eric to give WCW what they wanted from a broadcast crew.  And they became great friends.  Now, he still is obnoxious, but everyone loves him.  Then Dallas went to the WCW Power Plant.  Because he knew he had to continue to be productive, when he wasn’t announcing.  So he worked with Jody Hamilton and Dusty Rhodes.  Even at the age of 35, people told him he couldn’t do it, but he kept doing it.  Dallas loved to videotape, and they would go over everything, so he became valuable.  Fast forward, he would try anything just to get over.  But he was committed and had a tremendous work ethic.  Diamond Dallas Page would go on to have memorable matches with guys like Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Curt Hennig, Kevin nash, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero, and Goldberg, just to name a few.  He is so proud of Dallas, because even though the definition of heart is defined by a muscle, DDP shows heart by helping others, and care to help people.  Eric names the people he has helped through DDP Yoga, including Jake Roberts and Scott Hall.  2 WWE legends who are with us tonight, because Diamond Dallas Page was there for them.

WWE Hall of Famer:  Diamond Dallas Page

DDP brings out all of his daughters, and they give us The Diamond Cutter sign.  Page brings up Wrestlemania 6, driving his Cadillac with Rhythm and Blues.  The car got the gig, not Dallas.  So he now is a Hall of Famer.  Dallas is truly honored and humbled to be here.  DDP was never supposed to happen, which is the story of his life.  It’s bittersweet tonight, because “The American Dream” is not with him tonight.  The time he first met with Dusty was the reflection of his life.  Dream always saw something in Dallas, wanted to turn him into the “Jessie Ventura” of the 90s.  Nobody believed he could wrestle at the age of 35, even Michael Hayes fell off the floor laughing.  But he knows for a fact, if you say you can’t, then you can’t.  Henry Ford said that, and he was right.  DDP was trained by Jody Hamilton, and every time he fell, he said “This fake stuff hurts like hell”.  Every time he asked himself if he really wanted to do this, he would say yes.  After 3 months, Jody Hamilton finally believed in him.  Thank you for believing in him.  He thanks Terry Taylor, Dusty’s wife Michelle, because he knows he doesn’t get those calls back if it wasn’t for her.  He wanted to know who the real Diamond Dallas Page really was.  He was rich, he was homeless, he smoked cigars and chewed bubble gum all at the same time.  He thanks Eric Bischoff, for telling him to get rid of all of those gimmicks, and just be Dallas.  He thanks Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Without “The Snake” there is no 3-time champion.  He filmed every single match, but everyone laughed at him.  Look at Youtube, everyone does it now.  But you know who watched with him?  Jake.  And there were some brutal matches.  You learn more from losing than winning.  Jake was his teacher.  Thank you to Johnny Laurenaitis, for giving him that move that changed his life.  Thank you to Steven Regal for getting him to work more with the move, and Ron Reis was the one who got him to use the Diamond Cutter sign.  Thank you with the fans for giving him that sign, to tell the office to give him that push.  In 1996, he worked his first big match with Sting.  He talks about a funny story of Michael Hayes calling him, but DDP wanted to just leave a message, but DDP picked it up, and admitted that he saw his match with Sting, and is so happy to eat crow, and admitted he was wrong.  In 1997, he received another call from Jake to say congratulation for re-inventing the DDT.  He wants to thank Nash and Hall, for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime, for fighting like hell for DDP to turn down NWO.  It took 10 weeks to pull it off, in New Orleans, and when he dropped Hall, the roof exploded.  And his career took off like a rocket.  But they weren’t done, they had to set the table for him.  PWI’s 1997 Feud of the Year was DDP Vs Randy Savage.  DDP called Macho Man to thank him for giving him that opportunity, because if Savage hadn’t agreed to take that Diamond Cutter in middle of the ring at Spring Stampede, none of this would have happened, so thank you.  Next Monday, Savage found DDP, he played that message many times, and Macho Man wanted to tell DDP that meant a lot, and hugged him.  He wanted to thank Hulk Hogan.  In 1994, he walked up to him, and said it’s not this year, next year, or year after.  But somewhere down the line, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you have the ability to draw money with him.  Fast forward, Hogan and Rodman are on The Tonight Show, and he enters the building with Karl Malone.  They made the most money in WCW history.  He wanted to thank the doctors for putting him  back together, and thanks his ex-wife, Kimberly.  Especially for always backing him up, especially when he was out of his mind.  He wants to thank his wife, Brenda, who is a breast cancer survivor.  She makes him want to be the best man possible.  He wants to thank so many of the past and present wrestlers, including Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Bray Wyatt, and especially Chris Jericho.  DDP talks about getting Chris Jericho to use DDP Yoga, and anyone who is doing this.  He thanks his friends and family for putting up with his life.  Thank you to the fans for always believing in him.  He thanks Goldberg for a hell of a match.  And lastly, he wants to thank his mom.  For always believing in him he can do anything.  His last story, Dusty wasn’t always his mentor.  He was his brother, and his dad.  He would always listen to him vent, except one night when DDP went too far, saying he will never be like him or Flair, or Hogan.  Dusty slapped him, and said what did you just say?  DDP said he would never be World Champion, then what the hell are you doing this for?  Dallas, if you don’t believe you have the ability to be World Champ, then you need to get hell out of the business right now.  DDP remembers exactly what he did, there was a pas, where DDP wrote he would be World Champ in 5 years.  If you have a passion and desire, don’t just think it, own it.  4 years, 4 months, 15 days when DDP stepped into the ring with 3 legends.  The Hulkster, The Stinger, and The Nature Boy.  Thank you Ric Flair for changing his path for one night.  When Randy Savage, the special guest referee handed him the title, just a feeling came about.  Dusty asked him how does holding the title feel?  It feels real.  His buddy Jim Ross called him one of the biggest overachiever in history, and he takes that in a compliment.  You never achieve unless you believe in yourself.  Believe the dream….BANG!!

Induction Number 2:  The Rock and Roll Express

Inductee:  Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette back in WWE, wow.  This is a live microphone, and he thanks King for a great introduction.  He and Kenny Bolin tried to carry Lawler’s bags when he was a kid.  But 34 years ago, King had a great idea, with MTV and music videos, he had a couple of young guys wrestling in Memphis, named Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, but they needed a little bit of sizzle.  They debuted in March 1983, and legends were born.  They had grown up in a ring, because Ricky Morton’s father was a referee and a promoter.  Robert Gibson’s younger brother Ricky Gibson was a gifted wrestler himself.  Not only did Ricky and Robert learn how to wrestle, they connected with the crowd.  The passion and emotions of wrestling fans, that make up this sport.  But the fans in Memphis had already seen Ricky and Robert, so they needed to get away, and that is when “Cowboy” Bill Watts grabbed them, and they were able to shine.  Jim witnessed this connection, because Ricky and Robert had more sex coming to the ring than most people in a year.  But it wasn’t just the women, the man liked them because they were the underdogs.  But if you got Ricky down, he took a great beating, he had that look on his face, and would reach out to the fans in the audience, and would yell out help me, and boy did the fans help them.  But against the odds, Ricky would finally tag Robert, who would be the cleanup hitter, and suddenly they would hit that Double Drop Kick.  But they wrestled so many great tag teams, but Batman needed Joker.  Superman needed Lex Luthor, and Rock and Roll Express needed Midnight Express.  Watts brought in Dennis Cowdrey and Bobby Eaton, the battle of the two Expresses.  Like Opposites attracted, the magic was amazing.  For 2 guys in their 20s, who was in front of small crowds, but main event at the Superdome, that was a cool moment.  They had opportunities to go anywhere they wanted, but 2 men wanted them to come to Charlotte, North Carolina.  One of them was the World Champion “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and the other was “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  This feud would tear up in cities all over the world.  Then Midnight Express added Stan Lane, and lasted even throughout the Smoky Mountains.  Through politics, Midnight Express ended, but Rock and Roll still was going strong.  Even in the 1990s, they debuted in WWE.  Jim thanks The Rock and Roll Express for being the backbone of Smoky Mountain Wrestling for as long as they did.  But the teams influenced current wrestlers, and they knew they would become wrestlers because of them.  But even in 2000s, they would fight guys half of their age, and continue on strong.  Rock and Roll Vs Midnight Express feud lasted for 34 years, ending in 2011.  But because of that passion, it was born in their blood, and they can’t stop, nor will they.  Fans would look at Rock and Roll as part of their family.  Jim talked about a family who took Christmas pictures, they thought so much of Ricky and Robert, they would send them the pictures.  On the left standing with them was Jesus Christ, on the right was Rock and Roll Express, that is when you know you’re over.  The fans would chant Rock and Roll, it rocked the arena, and so did Ricky and Robert.  He brings out Rock and Roll Express.

WWE Hall of Famers:  The Rock and Roll Express

Jimmy and them are living proof that anything can happen in WWE, because surely, hell has not frozen over.  Robert brings up the call he got from WWE, but right after that, he got a call from his kids, he was going to be a Grandpa.  Robert talks about them knowing each other so well, they dress each other.  And they are still in the business.  People have asked how they feel about the Hall of Fame, they grew up in the business, but they have to thank the fans for giving them this opportunity.  To watch this business grow for 40 years, to start out as one of the most sacred clubs, and turned into a global empire.  Ricky always stood up for the boys, because unless you’re one of them the sacrifices you have made, you are still professional athletes.  They are 2 guys who didn’t think they would amount to much in the business, but Jimmy Hart and Jerry “The King” Lawler believed in them.  They thanks “Superstar” Bill Dundee and Jim Ross for believing in them.  They thank Dusty Rhodes, his vision helped them become what they were.  Ricky had one of the great pleasures of working with some of the best.  Guys like Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Robert gives us a Ric Flair story about Flair telling Jim Crockett about Rock and Roll.  Ricky brings up Michael Hayes.  Robert and Michael at age of 15 used to hitchhike just to put up the ring, they loved this business.  Ricky is honored to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame, but he hopes The Midnight Express are inducted one day.  Robert thanks God, and thank you to his fiancée, his kids, family.  Ricky thanks his wife, who never tried to change him, because he met a woman who was as crazy as Ricky.  Now, for over 35 years, Ricky and Robert have been through the world, they have shared so many great moments, and went through some tragedies.  He has 4 brothers, but he really has 5.  The greatest tag team partner he can ever have, Robert Gibson.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Rock and Roll Express.

Induction Number 3:  “Ravishing” Rick Rude

Inductee:  Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

8 years ago, he was standing in front of the audience getting this special night, and he wears this ring proudly.  Rude began training with Eddie Sharkey in 1982, wearing numerous championships in territories.  Intercontinental Championship in WWE, United States Championship and World Heavyweight Championship in WCW.  Rude shared he never wanted to share his heel heat with anyone.  He watched him train in the gym.  Curling 80 pounds, shares more gym stories.  He talks about shaking hands with Rude, you can feel the strength of Rude.  And the ability to sell for his opponents.  Around 1997, he was the enforcer of Degeneration X.  He was a part of Bobby Heenan’s Family.  Ricky talks about Rick’s mind for the business, he was not stiff in the ring, but snug.  You knew he was in the ring.  So he ends it with this, he introduces us to Rick Rude’s family.

WWE Hall of Famer:  “Ravishing” Rick Rude

Rick’s son tells them to cut the music, which is awesome.  How do you speak on one of the most charismatic, outspoken Sports Entertainers in the business, what would his father say right now?  So what he needs right now is for all you fat, out of shape Central Florida Sweathogs to hold your noise down so all of the ladies can get what they really came for.  Rick was raised in a small community called Robindale, Minnesota, coming from 6 kids, and a single mother.  But he learned the work ethic from his Grandfather.  Rick worked as a bouncer and competed in Bodybuilding, until he saw his high school friends have success in the wrestling world, and he trained with Eddie Sharkey.  He did all of this for the fans, his father enjoyed fishing, boating, and even trying to hunt.  But he loved being with his family, and worked as hard as he did for his children, that they can have what he didn’t as a child.  He married the strongest woman he knows to raise their children.  Rick’s daughter is about to graduate from college, he is a successful business owner, and his late brother, Colton was the strongest man he has ever known.  He thanks the fans for everything they have given them, and thank the WWE for this moment.

Induction Number 4:  Beth Phoenix

Inductee:  Natalya

Nattie credits Mark Henry for putting them together as a team.  Beth wrote to Nattie, saying she wanted to be a wrestler, and her 2 influences were Bret “The Hitman” Hart and the late, great her Uncle Owen Hart.  Owen was an inspiration to Beth, and she became Natalya’s sister.  They did their best to impress Fit Finlay and Arn Anderson, they dubbed themselves as “Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah”, they never wanted to be supermodels growing up, they wanted to kick ass.  In 2010, they teamed up to face Layla and Michelle McCool in the first ever Diva’s Tables Match.  And of course Beth wanted the spotlight to be on Natalya, because she always wanted to lift another person up.  They roomed together in hotels, on the road together, all over the arenas.  But they shared tough times together too, and those moments teach you what you’re made of.  Beth was family to her all the way.  Beth is a mother of 2, a pianist, a master’s degree in psychology, she can bench press over 200 pounds.  She is a 3-time Divas Champion, and one of the 3 women who ever competed in the Royal Rumble.  To this day, she believes Beth was a gift from her uncle Owen from heaven.  Because of Beth, she believes in faith.  So give it up for her sister, her best friend, her destiny, the incomparable Beth Phoenix.

WWE Hall of Famer:  Beth Phoenix

Beth talks about never forgetting your first love, and that first love for Beth was wrestling.  She remembers getting into wrestling with her Grandma, and remembers Wrestlemania 10, seeing her 2 favorite wrestlers Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart.  She always wanted to be a pro wrestler, and thanked her college roommate Janice for giving her encouragement.  She thanks her trainer Ron Hutchinson, who trained Edge, Christian, Trish Straus, and herself.  She thanks all of the wrestlers she trained with.  She talked about her first WWE tryout in Canada.  She brings up gathering herself, giving herself a pep talk, and smacking the door into Brock Lesnar.  She saw the wrestlers she saw on TV, like Edge, Christian, Simon Dean, Nick Dinsmore, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, who gave her time and effort getting into the ring with someone who didn’t even have a contract.  She became good friends with Molly Holly, who gave her contact information with Danny Davis and Nick Dinsmore.  She quit her job, handed Danny her tuition money, and everything was paid off by Molly.  She always went out to help anybody who needed it.  Her time in OVW was exciting, hungry journey.  She thanks everyone involved in helping her out.  She gives credit to Paul Heyman, who believed in her, and saw something in her that not even herself saw.  Thank you Paul.  Tommy Dreamer, who has had the pleasure of working for, and with, he is the champion of the little guy.  She doesn’t know if anyone loves pro wrestling more than Tommy.  He has guided her when she has made mistakes, opened doors when she wasn’t given many opportunities.  Thank you for everything you have done.  She thanks all of the women she has worked with.  Within her first few weeks, she was in rotation with Candace Michelle, who had something special, and thanks her for in part creating “The Glamazaon”.  Mickie James was her first opponent she ever had.  Eve Torres, who had always had time for Beth as a peer, and as a friend.  She almost forgot, one of her favorite opponents, Santino Marella.  Beth had the storyline with Santino.  They were in Milan, Italy.  Beth wanted Santino to translate Italian for him, and he said something so sweet, but she ran into an Italian fan, who translated for her.  He talked about how she can’t cook, and he needs help.  He is starving.  Then, there is Natalya.  She is one of the best people she knows.  She loves performing, so much so that she lost her two front teeth, took them to the referee, and continued the match.  They tell stories, make each other laugh.  She believes Owen had a part in putting them together, she thinks as a friend, she truly is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.  She thanks WWE for evolving, and making women strong.  She puts over the current woman wrestlers, and names them.  The future is so bright.  She brings up her support system.  It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to raise a WWE Superstar.  She thanks the wrestlers who have paved the way for her and others.  Including Chyna, who paved the way for women like her to compete in the Royal Rumble.  She was 16 when she first saw Chyna, and she started lifting weights because of her.  She thanks the class of 2017 for standing next to them in this fantastic experience.  She thanks the fans for demanding more from women.  She thanks her parents, who her mother just had open heart surgery a month ago.  Her father always supported her, and her mother’s favorite song is Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”, which is very fitting, since that is what she is to her.  She thanks her brother, her in-laws, and her amazing father Adam, who we all know better as…Tony Chimmel comes out to give us his awesome Edge introduction.  This was awesome.  She thanks Adam for everything he has given her, and tells a great joke about a wrestler being married to another wrestler.  But he gives Beth and his daughters unconditional love, and she thanks her 2 daughters.  She says they are her two greatest accomplishments.  This journey, all of this wants her to know she was meant for greater things than to fit in a square peg.  Don’t try to be something you aren’t, just accept what you have become because that is what makes you great.

Inductee Number 5:  Eric LeGrande

Inductee:  Dana Warrior

She talks about how once upon a time is a good story to believe in.  We are because of characters, who WWE fans love, or not like.  We have evil queens (Stephanie McMahon), I love the camera work here, and women who slay the evil queens (Sasha Banks), and anyone who asks where the good guys gone, have you seen the men in WWE?  We have giants and warriors, men who get rammed into ladders, how are you feeling fella?  She brings up tough guys, like Enzo.  These wrestlers ask have no off-season, so they have to ask who is the man?  Once upon a time, there was a Warrior who sleighs giants, they called him Ultimate.  He did this for his legion of fans, and his message was always to believe in yourself.  3 years ago, this Ultimate Warrior took this stage for his place in history, and even in the days he took his last breath, and jumped into parts unknown, not every story has a happy ending.  But every Warrior has a spirit, and Eric LeGrande has that spirit.  His message even when he had that accident was to always believe.  And if Eric is a hero, his mother Caroline is a heroine.  As a mother to mother, she bows down to.  If her son is a Warrior, she is a Warrior Queen.  Eric is in a chair, but he is not the chair.  He has vowed to walk again, and Dana believes him.  Eric is not concerned with his own mobility, he believes in achieving this for anyone else.  Search out Team LeGrande, and give to the cause of recovery, we never know which dollar will help achieve that goal.  Throughout the world, one word represents all Warriors, love.  Eric is the shining example of inspiration, love, and service.  You will be loved by Eric, and inspired by him.

WWE Hall of Famer:  Eric LeGrande

Eric thanks God for all of his blessings, and it’s been a positive journey through his injury.  He thanks HHH and the WWE family who have given him this opportunity.  HHH got to know each other through a mutual fan, and HHH took him to Summerslam 2 years ago.  He got to be a part of Fox Sports show called “The Impossible”, and he discusses this story he told on the show with a kid who lost his legs, but he had his love for wrestling, and brought HHH on the show.  He discusses October, 2010 of the football injury.  He didn’t know where his life would take him, but he remembers praying to God so he can catch his breath, and he did that.  He gives so much credit to the people around him, who had to go through those few days, the doctor telling his mom that he had a broken vertebrae in his neck, and was paralyzed.  His first words to his mom was he would be back.  From that moment on, only positive people would be around him, keeping believing that he can walk again.  5 weeks later, he was able to breathe on his own.  That was the first step in his recovery, and was able to eat solid food again.  He shared Thanks giving with his family then.  He could barely turn his neck, but February 2017, he shook his neck just a little bit, now he can shake his neck all over the place.  He has had friends pass away due to this, but he knows he is blessed to do this, and is giving back.  Now hopefully one day, they can look at spinal surgeries, like ACL tears, he brings up Christopher Reeves, giving back to make sure we have empty wheelchairs.  Unfortunately Christopher passed away 11 years ago, but he plans on continuing on this fight.  Eric discusses being a wrestling fan, starting in 1995.  He brings up “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kane, and The Rock.  He loved how The Rock controlled the crowd.  This is why WWE will always be like family to him.  He thanks his mom, who is watching this on the network.  She takes care of him every day, dealing with insurance companies, or any other thing.  He thanks his teammates from Rutgers University, who have been by his side, and he hopes he can represent The Warrior the best way he can, and he will walk again someday.

Induction Number 6:  Teddy Long

Inductees:  JBL and Ron Simmons

We get an APA chant going here.  Teddy Long is the cheapest human being walking on God’s green earth, says JBL.  He never paid for hotels, he never paid for car rentals, never paid for food.  In fact, Teddy owes APA around $72,345.73.  But we won’t see that money.  Teddy was the driver of APA, but he failed a sobriety test, despite not drinking one bit.  Teddy Long will blame it on APA.  But they tease him, but all honestly, Teddy is one of the few that can say they drove the ring truck, put the ring together, became a great manager of the tag team known as Doom, and is the longest reigning General Manager on TV.  Teddy was born in Birmingham, Alabama, who had been through so much, based on the color of his skin.  But people will see now people needs to be based on their content, and not by the color of their skin, as the great Martin Luther King, Jr. said.  If there is anyone more deserving of this award, it;s Teddy.  Because if you put in the great work, then you will be rewarded.

WWE Hall of Famer:  Teddy Long

Teddy still moves, and dances.  There is only one Teddy Long.  If you love Teddy Long, give me a holla, holla, holla.  He wants to correct some stuff Bradshaw and Ron Simmons said about him being cheap, he is cheap.  But he will tell us the real story about the sobriety test.  He made a mistake, and got pulled over.  The cop says he smells alcohol in the car, and JBL says ahh, we got a bloodhound now, right?  He ignores what he hears.  The cop sees 82 beers by Bradshaw, the cop tells him to get out of the car, and take a sobriety test.  He passes it, but still gets a ticket.  He found a way for Bradshaw to pay for it.  Teddy started in TBS in 1983.  He saw someone who didn’t know much around town, and decided to drive him around, and hang out backstage.  He started to do other things, collect trash, take the ring jackets off, and he got started in the business.  One day, they didn’t have a referee, and the TV exec said he has to ref.  He never did that, and they said the wrestlers would take care of him.  His first match was Ron Bass Vs Black Bart in a Texas Death Match, he was scared to death.  He started as a manager by riding with Kevin Sullivan and “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert.  They found out he can talk, because he used to DJ, they talked to Jim Ross, and he managed Doom.  He also managed Johnny B. Badd, “Ice Train”, Scott Norton.  Then in 1998, he came to WWE, and started to referee, for a year.  Then they put him in a manager role with D’ Lo Brown.  Vince was so impressed, and he had the chance to manage Mark Henry, Rodney Mack, Mark Jindrak, and so many others.  Then he was told he was going to be the General Manager.  He was nervous again, but he couldn’t let the McMahons down, and he found a way to make it work.  He became the longest reigning General Manager for 9 years.  He wants to thank God, the WWE Universe, and the McMahon family.  They gave him an opportunity, and he wanted to thank them.  Teddy thanks his son, who at the age of 6 years-old helped him put the ring together in WCW.  He thanks his wife, who has put up with him for 20 years.  Ladies and gentlemen, he thanks us for supporting everyone being inducted in this 2017 Hall of Fame.

Video:  2017 Hall of Fame Legacy

Induction Number 7:  Kurt Angle

Inductee:  John Cena

The fans love Miz, but John wants to talk about how great Kurt is.  This has been long overdue, and nothing before, and nothing again we will have someone so athletically gifted.  But at the same breath, can have you laughing.  As an amateur, he didn’t just win, he won with an injury that would put us in a hospital be.  He had so much hype going in, and he achieved that.  He was even tested, but in less than 2 years, he was the measuring stick.  But he then can make you laugh.  He is someone a father can tell his son about when he gets older, and his son doesn’t believe he can be that great.  But it’s true, damn true.  Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Angle.

WWE Hall of Famer:  Kurt Angle

Kurt wants to thank John Cena, he has so much respect for him.  He has a story about how he joined WWE, after winning a Gold Medal, with a broken freaking neck in 1996.  Vince offered him so much money, more than he has ever seen.  He thanked Vince for the offer, but he said he can never lose a match ever in WWE.  He never heard from Vince again.  2 years later he watched Raw is War, he called Jim Ross, who he says he;s in prayers with with the loss of his wife.  He asked Jim if that offer was still on the tablre, and he said no but he can try out, like everyone else.  Kurt never had anything easy, so he took the challenge.  He thanks all of the wrestlers who gave him that chance.  In 12 months of training, he made his first PPV appearance.  In order to do that, he needed some great guys to help him along the way.  Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Edge and Christian, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, HHH.  He discovered in 2 years time, he was having the great matches.  He can’t forget his Wrestlemania 22 match with Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, John Cena, and he had that great match with Shane McMahon, and is looking forward with his match against AJ this Sunday.  He has advice to the young wrestlers, don’t make mistakes with your choices in life.  He had done that, and you don’t want to ruin your chances.  He does say take chances with your character, showed the example of singing and wearing that tiny cowboy hat, like he did with Vince and Austin.  How about wearing that wig and head-gear, making Hulk Hogan tap out.  Riding a tiny little moped to the ring against The Undertaker.  Or doing a battle rap with John Cena.  He sings “Sexy Kurt” off HBK music.  The fans are loving this, and so am I.  I’m just a sexy Kurt….I will make your ankle hurt.  He is saying the young wrestlers have to make moments.  They will remember your matches, but the moments will last a lifetime.  His favorite moment was the milk truck.  He thanks God for giving him the ability to do this.  He thanks the WWE Universe, whether he is a good guy or bad guy, to always be entertained by him.  He thanks his brothers and sister.  He thanks his kids, and the one person who saved his life, who saw him at his very worst, and see him in the very best, his wife Giovanni.  He will celebrate this WWE HOF induction the only way he knows how, with milk.  We are looking at the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017, it’s true….it’s damn true.  Milk all over Kurt.  The show ends with Kurt thanking the crowd.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Thank you so much to the men and women who have paved the way to entertain the fans, and give us moments.  I hope Kurt has a role moving forward, such as the Raw General Manager, perhaps?  Give me your thoughts on the show.  I will be here tomorrow night, with NXT Takeover:  Orlando.