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Impact Wrestling, From Orlando, Florida

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Commentators:  Josh Matthews and The Pope

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New video tonight, talking about the past of TNA, showcasing the current, and heading to the future of Impact Wrestling.  All of the names that have cemented their spots in Professional Wrestling was a part of Impact Wrestling.  New music is playing now, ready for Impact!!

Ringside Brawl:  Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

Former brothers are colliding as the show begins, officials are out, trying to sort things out.

A New Broadcaster:  Jeremy Borash

we see a new headset, and a third man being used for broadcasting, it’s Jeremy Borash.  And Josh Matthews is beside himself.  New owners are in this company, and they need excitement in their broadcasting.  Josh Matthews is now a heel, saying this is his chair, not Jeremy.  Borash has been here for 15 years, and one thing that is a fact, Josh isn’t well-liked by anybody, so he is here to say it’s time for a change.  For 12 years, a guy named Mike Tenay sat here, he mentored him that some day, Jeremy would be sitting in that head announce spot, but 3 years ago, someone was fired in WWE, and some idiots who doesn’t work here anymore thought it would be a good idea to bring in Josh.  Some “Ken Doll” lookalike, and look at where this has given us.  So 12 years ago, Jeremy was mentored by Mike Tenay.  But Josh learned about the business from Jim Ross.  But Jeremy said Jim Ross is a friend of his, and Jim Ross believes Josh is a prick.  So from Jim Ross to Gordon Sollie, God rest his soul, that lead announce guy needs to have respect, so Jeremy is going to sit right here, and he has a lot of bombshells to share tonight, because Jeremy knows what is going on, he actually talked to the wrestlers.  He actually talked to the people.  Josh actually goes another route, he doesn’t talk to these people.  Cody Rhodes interrupts things, and says “The American Nightmare” is here tonight.  So who wants to see Cody vs Moose tonight?  The lights go out, and here comes The DCC.

Match Number 1:  The DCC Vs Reno Scum (Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions)

Reno Scum made their debuts in Impact Wrestling, and picked up the win with a Surfboard/Double Foot Stomp combo, picking up the win over DCC.  Josh calls it a “fluke” win, and DCC are having a conversation in the ring, but James Storm assures they are all on the same page.

Winners:  Reno Scum, by pinfall

Video:  Lauren Van Ness and Braxton Sutter’s Wedding

Backstage Interview:  Sienna

McKenzie Mitchell wants to interview Maria Kanellis Bennett, but Sienna is here to tell us Maria is having a nervous breakdown, and isn’t here anymore.  But she has a warning for Allie, she won’t forget about what happened.

Match Number 2:  Braxton Sutter Vs DJZ Vs Caleb Konley Vs Marche Rockett in a Fatal 4-Way Match

Braxton picks up the win, pinning Marche with Roll The Dice.  Allie approves all of this.

Winner:  Braxton Sutter, by pinfall

Impact Wrestling Appearance:  Laurel Van Ness

A bride is scorned, she shows up, screaming at Allie.

Tonight:  The Broken Hardys

Match Number 3:  Sienna Vs Rachael Ellering

Rachael is Paul Ellering’s daughter, and has been trained by Lance Storm.  She has promise, but Sienna hits The Silencer for the pinfall victory.

Winner:  Sienna, by pinfall

Tonight:  The Broken Hardys Vs Smokin’ Joe

In-Ring Promo:  Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard is back in Impact Wrestling.  He has a little something to wrestle with, he’s talking about the fact that Impact Wrestling is simply not the same Impact Wrestling he remembers.  Not the same Impact Wrestling that he knew.  He was in power a few years ago, he was on the cusp of greatness.  They had hope, they had a group of men and women who wanted to do something great.  They were very close, but it didn’t happen.  But he is here to tell us TNA is dead.  New owners, new ownership has a new name, Impact Wrestling.  And they looked for people who have achieved something great.  He was there when Hulkamania was running wild, brother.  He saw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin open a can of whoop ass, he smelled what The Rock was Cooking, he saw John Cena before we could see him.  Bruce knows how to make wrestling great, and he knows how to make an Impact.  How do you do that?  You start at the top, and you start with the most hybrid athlete in the world, and he starts with “Walking Armageddon”, the Impact Wrestling World Champion, Bobby Lashley

Bruce, thank you for acknowledging his greatness.  Lashley does what he says he does, walking through EC3, defeating Jeff Hardy, defeating Drew Galloway, defeating Kurt Angle, and he was the choice to represent our President of the United States.  Bruce says people talk about the great athletes, but Lashley personifies that, because things will change.  People will have to accept his greatness, because there is nobody who can stop him.

Enter:  Alberto El Patron

The former Alberto Del Rio makes his Impact Wrestling debut.  Lashley warns him to not cater to these people, and Alberto tells him to shut his mouth.  Bobby hasn’t beaten Alberto.  And now…..

Trouble:  EC3

EC3 is so sorry to interrupt this sore, but Patron, sorry my friend.  You don’t just come right in, and get a title shot right away, you have to earn that shot.  And someone who has earned that right, the top athlete, and franchise of Impact Wrestling, EC3, bitch.  And he challenges Lashley tonight.  Bobby denies that shot, tells him he has beaten him before, and will head back to the end of the line.  Now if you want some Patron, tell me what you want.  Patron takes the mic from EC3, and tells him he wants a fight.  Prichard asks Patron what he wants, and he will give us Lashley vs Patron, tonight.  EC3 is standing there, beside himself.

Backstage Promo:  Eddie Edwards

McKenzie is with Eddie, he feels this isn’t over with Davey, they were once brothers, and he wants one more match.  Angelina Love comes up, and tells Eddie that they were once brothers, but when Davey was hurt, nobody cared about him, and Eddie turned his back on his “brother”, and “The American Wolf” has one more message to share.  Angelina slaps Eddie, and Eddie brings up if Davey is a better man, than why does his wife hit harder than he does?

In-Ring:  Cody Rhodes

Cody interrupts the broadcast again, looking for Moose.  Jeremy informs him that Moose isn’t even here, he is in Japan.  Cody dismisses that, and says he isn’t leaving until Moose comes out.  Cody has a sit-in now, waiting for Moose.

Impact Video:  Bobby Lashley

In-Ring Promo

We get the Impact Wrestling debut of Dutch Mantell.  He used to be Zeb Colter in an alternate universe.  But his real name is Dutch Mantell.  And this marks as the first time he has been in Impact Wrestling.  And he earned the nickname of “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, he didn’t get that name by kissing babies.  He has been in and around this business for 45 years.  He has been all over the world, and this business of professional wrestling has gotten him there.  But he isn’t here to talk about himself, he wants to talk about what got him here.  TNA is now become Impact Wrestling, and when the ink was barely dry, they gave him a call, and asked him to come here.  Dutch gives us a history lesson of being here 8 years ago, when impact was great.  He can sit here until he is blue in the face, but a picture is worth 1,000 words.  He remembers when AJ Styles was here.  Samoa Joe was here, Bobby Roode was here.  Sting was here, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Booker T.  They were all here, but as time went on, they slowly drifted away.  And the reason they left?  A lack of leadership, a lack of vision where the company is headed, and a lack of respect.  They all left, but they didn’t expect someone would leave, and it happened….the fans.  The people who paid the bills left.  And when the ink was dry, they called him, asked how they can make Impact Wrestling great again, and Dutch said bring the fans back.  Dutch is here, not as an authority figure, but rather make suggestions.  And Dutch’s boss are the fans.  We are the ones who will make this great.  No Dutch Mantell won’t be complete until he says something, please rise….put your hand on you heart and say We The People…Dutch approves this message.

Next:  Lashley Vs Alberto El Patron

Video:  The Broken Hardys Vs Smokin’ Joe

Decay stole the Tag Team Titles, and The Broken Hardys are now obsolete, and deleted.

In-Ring Promo:  Jeremy Borash

JB is in the ring to tell us Slammiversary is set for July 2nd, live on PPV.

Match Number 4:  Lashley (Impact Wrestling World Champ) Vs Alberto El Patron, for the Impact Wrestling World Championship

Alberto El Patron defeats Lashley to win World Heavyweight Championship, with a belt shot to the head, while both referees were out.  Or did he?  After the match, we had three different referees talk about this decision, while Impact Wrestling officials all talked about what we just saw.  El Patron though celebrated to end the show, with the championship in hand.  But EC3, who watched this match at the top of the ramp was just standing by.

Winner, and NEW World Heavyweight Champion:  Alberto El Patron, by pinfall

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the message Impact Wrestling sent, and the video, an amazing presentation that made it feel different.  But I hated the ending, and overall, it didn’t deliver like I was hoping.  There are way too many new guys coming in.  I am guessing by what we just saw here that Reno Scum will be built big.  But when Braxton Sutter wrestled, I didn’t even know who his 3 opponents were.  JB did a great job however filling in the blanks, but Josh Matthews is awful.  I always hated Michael Cole as the heel announcer, but they are doing this, with Josh in the Cole spot.  4 matches here, which we need more of.  Perhaps that will change in the coming weeks?  I also want to say one more thing, Rockstar Spud is now the ring announcer, and I think he did a great job on the introductions.  What did you think of Impact?  Was it a GREAT show?  Sound off.

Impact Wrestling Quick Match Results:

**Reno Scum def DCC, by pinfall

**Braxton Sutter def DJZ, Caleb Konley, and Marche Rockett, by pinfall

**Sienna def Rachael Ellering, by pinfall

**Alberto El Patron def Lashley (C) to win World Heavyweight Title