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WWE Smackdown Live from Bakersfield, California

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga, Tom Phillips, and JBL

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Segment Number 1:  Daniel Bryan Promo

We kick the show off with GM from Smackdown Live coming to the ring, to set up tonight’s show.  We are 40 days away from Wrestlemania, and everyone knows when we are on the Road to Wrestlemania, there are many twists and turns, which is why he brings out the current Woman’s Smackdown Live Champion, Naomi.  Everyone is chanting she deserves the title.  Daniel said there is a reason why, because for many years, she has worked so hard.  She has scratched and clawed, and seen many other women grab her spot.  But here she is, standing as Smackdown Live Woman’s champion.  Which is why this is the most difficult decision Daniel every had to make,  Because he is just like Naomi, where he worked hard, and scratched and clawed.  Daniel became the WWE World Champion, and then he got hurt, and had to relinquish the championship.  Shane and Daniel looked at Naomi’s medical records, and they had found that Naomi can’t defend the title within 30 days, and they have no other choice, but to relinquish the Woman’s Championship.  Naomi has a few words before she does this.  She thanks Daniel for the kind words, and it’s funny how things can change quickly.  Just a week ago, she cried with tears of joy because of winning the Woman’s Championship.  And now she has tears of sorrow because she can’t defend the title.  She feels like she let her fans down.  This is hard Daniel, because she knows Wrestlemania is probably gone too.  She hands Daniel the title.  She will say this, when she comes back, whoever is borrowing the title, will feel the freaking glow.

Enter Alexa Bliss.  Wow, that was amazing.  I could have gone without the sob stories of going through the authority, breaking a finer nail, so good.  But the best part was she had to relinquish the title.  But Daniel, she has been waiting for her title rematch for the last 2 weeks, so Daniel, we are in a bind.  They can work on this together.  What do we do?  We need a champ at Wrestlemania, so what do we do?  Alexa has an idea, since her arms and legs are fine, and she didn’t get the title rematch she deserves.  She thinks, and the fans think Daniel should return the Smackdown Live Woman’s Title to Alexa.  See what they did?  Teamwork.  Daniel said this is a very difficult thing for Daniel to do.  She did deserve a title rematch, and she was the former champion.  So Daniel supposes he can just give it back to her, but he isn’t going to do that.  Even though Alexa has been waiting 2 long weeks for this rematch.  And Naomi is not ready, she will compete for the Woman’s Championship, and her opponent is….

Match Number 1:  Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch, for the SD Live Woman’s Championship.

Alexa becomes a 2-time SD Live Woman’s champ by clutching at Becky’s throat, and rolling her up, with a handful of her shorts.  Mickie James congratulates the champ.

Winner, and NEW SD Live Woman’s Champion:  Alexa Bliss, by pinfall

Mickie James comes in the ring, but Becky is waiting for her, sending her out of the ring.

Video:  Dean Ambrose

Dean is ready for tonight’s Battle Royal, despite what Baron Corbin had done to him last week.  He needs a shot at WWE World Championship.

Video:  Kalisto

Kalisto is the ultimate underdog, and this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Video:  The Miz

The Miz goes through his resume, they should just hand him the title shot.

Segment Number 3: Natalya Promo

Renee Young is backstage with Natalya.  What is her reaction about the overall support from the WWE Universe?  Natalya brings up Nikki has everyone fooled with her fake laugh, her fake personality, and her fake silicone breasts.  She will expose her for her bad wrestling skills, and will send her away.

Match Number 2:  American Alpha (SD Live Tag Champs) Vs Breezango in a non-title match

American Alpha pick up the win with a Steiner Electric Bulldog.  The Usos interrupt the celebration, challenging Alpha to a fight, down the road.  They know they can’t beat two men who has nothing to lose.

Winners:  American Alpha, by pinfall

Tonight:  10-Man Battle Royal To Determine Number One Contender to WWE World Championship.

Video:  WWE Celebrates Black History Month, Jackie Robinson

Segment Number 5:  AJ Styles

AJ is harassing another man it seems, saying he is going to Wrestlemania tonight.

Video:  Dolph Ziggler

The new era has been cancelled, by Dolph Ziggler, just like this….he kicks the background video.

Video:  Mojo Rawley

He has won 2 Battle Royals the last 2 months, but tonight, this is a shot to go to Wrestlemania….the shot to go to Wrestlemania.

Video:  Luke Harper

For years, he followed one man, and now, he is doing this for himself.

Segment Number 6:  Nikki Bella

Renee Young is with Nikki, and she said she did feel sorry for Natalya, but she is the longest reigning Divas Champion for a reason, and after tonight, they refer Natalya as “The Broken Hart”

Match Number 3:  Nikki Bella Vs Natalya in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

During the match, the two women were backstage, and Natalya shoved Nikki into Maryse.  Later in the match, Maryse came back with a lead pipe, and ankle Nikki in the legs and ribs.  Natalya pins Nikki outside of the ring, and we had The Miz come out and try to stop her.

Winner:  Natalya, by pinfall

WWE HOF Inductee:  DDP

Video:  Baron Corbin

Baron loves destruction and chaos, but most of all he loves the spotlight, and will main event Wrestlemania.

Video:  Apollo Crews

Don’t underestimate smile for weakness.  He will prove tonight he has what it takes to throw 9 other men out.

Video:  Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

With such sacrifice comes great reward, and all of the things you have earned for the kingdom.  And whoever wins tonight will be his sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered at Wrestlemania.  Welcome to the era of Wyatt.


Match Number 4:  10-Man Battle Royal Match (John Cena Vs Baron Corbin Vs Dean Ambrose (IC Champ) Vs Apollo Crews Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper Vs Mojo Rawley Vs The Miz Vs Kalisto Vs AJ Styles) to determine Number One Contender

We started to showcase our Wrestlemania matches here.  Ambrose eliminated Corbin, and Baron nails End of Days on Ziggler.  The Miz was eliminated by Cena, and The Miz came right back and eliminated Cena.  But the end here came when both Luke Harper and AJ Styles went both feet on the floor at the same time.  So Daniel Bryan comes out to get word from officials, and said this match is a draw, and we will find the winner out next week.  Bray Wyatt is loving this, as he closes the show, laughing at Luke Harper.

Winner:  No Contest

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Luke Harper will face AJ Styles next week on Smackdown Live, with the winner going to Wrestlemania.  So I guess SD Live has to be on pace with Raw, which makes it stupid to have a PPV in March to begin with.  But it is what it is.  Overall a good show though, and we need to see a true direction next week, after the show.  What was your thought on the show?  Send it to me here.

WWE SD Live Quick Results:

**Alexa Bliss def Becky Lynch, to win SD Live Woman’s Championship, by pinfall

**American Alpha (C) def Breezango, by pinfall

**Natalya def Nikki Bella by pinfall in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

**10-Man Battle Royal ends in a no contest