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Impact Wrestling From Orlando, Florida

Thursday, February 14th, 2017

Commentators:  Josh Matthews and The Pope

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Last Week:  The Broken Hardys Wants To Take Over Mexico

Last Week:  Davey Richards Turned His back on Eddie Edwards

Match Number 1:  Crazzy Steve and Rosemary (Knockouts Champ) Vs Moose and Brandi Rhodes

Moose and Brandi pick up the win, when Moose pins Steve with the Game Changer, and we saw Brandi hit that move too on the Knockouts Champ.

Winners:  Moose and Brandi Rhodes, by pinfall

Video:  Eddie Edwards is here to fight

Moments Ago:  Moose and Brandi Rhodes won their match.

Video:  Brandi and Moose celebrate their win.

Segment Number 2:  Eddie Edwards

The former World Champion heads to the ring.  He’s here for one reason, and that is to beat Davey Richard’s ass, and that is something he thought he never would say.  But last week was the true low point of his career, and his life.  His tag team partner, his best friend, his brother turned his back on him.  Then, he had his innocent wife attacked while sitting at ringside.  That is a line you do not cross, so Davey come out here, and take an ass whooping, like a man.  Angelina Love speaks for Davey.  It doesn’t work that way.  Eddie doesn’t want Davey when he wants him, he gets Davey when she says so.  Why exactly is Eddie so mad about?  Where was Eddie when Davey tore his ACL?  Where was Eddie when she was 9 months pregnant, hobbling around, taking care of Eddie, did he even text him?  Did he call him?  No, go after the World Title, screw his brother.  So now he can her husband, “The American Wolf” Davey Richards.  Here he is Eddie, the one who carried him, reach into your purse, and grab his balls back so he can fight Eddie.  Davey created this team, not Eddie 8 years ago.  And now that he created it, he will destroy it.  Eddie wants to know if that’s how he really feels, or is that how she feels?  This is how Davey feels, if you’re smart, turn your ass around, and walk away.  Or else he will expose him to the whole world how he really is.  Edwards comes out to fight, but security comes out.  Eddie wants Davey tonight in a streetfight, one on one.

Last Night at Braxton Sutter’s Bachelor Party

Bennett is drunk, informs Braxton that this is the bachelor party he wants, but he really does not.

Video:  The Broken Hardys in Mexico

Matt is here to seek the promoter, so they can delete the opponents.

Matt thinks this worker only speaks spanish, he speaks english.  The Broken Hardys Vs Psychosis and Super Crazy.

Next Week:  Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter marry

Last Night:  Bachelorette Party for Laure;

Allie thinks they are throwing a bachelorette party, but it’s Laurel that is getting married next week.

Match Number 2:  Kingston Vs Jessie Godderz

Jessie picks up the win with a Springboard Forearm, and here comes Storm and Bram.  But Godderz disappears from the ring, and Jessie says he has their number one on one.

Winner:  Jessie Godderz, by pinfall

Last Night:  More bachelor party

Next:  Fact of Life, with Tyrus

Last Night:  Bachelorette Party

Nobody is having fun with Allie

Segment Number 4:  Fact of Life

Tyrus is the host, and he brings out someone we all hate, Eli Drake.  Eli needs to give us some truth.  The arm is fine, but let’s go back to last week with DCC.  He chose to go with 2, not 3 with Eli.  Let’s go back to EC3 with the Race for the Case two weeks ago, he had the case, and he chose EC3, not Eli.  He enjoyed him being beaten out of Impact Wrestling.  But he picked the wrong guy.  They had the ball in his court, and he dropped the ball.  He was stuffing cheeseburgers in his mouth.  Now let’s discuss last week, yeah he did leave him, but he needs to make this completely clear, he paid Eli to watch his back, so you watch his back.  Eli is the one who wrestles in the main event, Tyrus is the guy who watches them.  That’s how his career has been, and it’s all it ever will be.  The only thing he must understand is he is Eli Drake, and you’re not.  Shut up, this is his desk, his chair, he owns this show, and he owes Tyrus.  Tyrus grabs his throat, says nobody owes him.  And he will show him that next week.

Video:  The Broken Hardys meet Konnan

Tonight:  The Broken Hardys Vs Psychosis and Super Crazy, from Mexico

Video:  Bachelorette Party

Maria is being a big bully to Allie, even shoves a cupcake on Allie’s nose.

Video:  The Broken Hardys are talking strategy.

Match Number 3:  The Broken Hardys (Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champs) Vs Psychosis and Super Crazy (Mexican Champs)

This was a highlight match here, complete with Jeff Hardy’s music “Obsolete”, but the Hardys wins the match, and are Mexican Tag Team Champions now, with a Swanton and Side Effect.  Vanguard 1 helped them disappear into the wind, with Konnan wanting to find them.

Next Week:  The Broken Hardys attempt to win Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions.

Video:  Brooke Vs Sienna

Match Number 4:  Sienna Vs Brooke

Brooke picks up the win with a roll up, after Sienna attempted the AK-47.

Winner:  Brooke, by pinfall

Last Night:  Bachelor Party

This is just awful

Next:  Lashley

Video:  Eli Drake

Next week, Eli will put his hands on Tyrus, and you have to think about this, just like what happened to EC3 will happen to Tyrus.  It’s not just an insult, it’s a fact of life.

Segment Number 7 World Champion Lashley

Lashley wears the gold again, and he tells Pope to say something good about him.  And he still stands here World Heavyweight Champion.  4-time World Champion, and the baddest man on the planet.  He told us he loves to fight, he loves to battle, he loves to hurt people.  Whether it’s wrestling or MMA, he shows he is the best.  And nobody can beat him, it just won’t happen.  And here comes former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh Barnett.

Josh asks Bobby how he is doing, he sees him wearing the World Title.  He won’t lie and say he is a great champion, he has been in his corner many times.  But he isn’t living up to the term as champion.  Josh is here in TNA to show him, and teach him a lesson of being worthy of being World Champion.  Bobby tells him not to do what these idiots tell him to do, and bully in to what the fans want, because he has proven that to not happen.  He wants to welcome Josh to the Impact Zone.  Josh is a very impressive fighter in MMA, he knows what he has done, but in MMA there are rules.  In Bobby’s world, there are no rules.  So as tough as he is, he can’t handle Lashley, so go back to the back, relax, and watch the show.  Josh flips on Lashley, and gives him the Armbar.  Lashley tells Josh if he wants to fight in Lashley’s world, let’s do it.  Josh tells Lashley there is no man he is afraid of, so if he wants Josh, put that belt on the line, and show the world what kind of champ Lashley is.  Lashley has said he will fight anyone at any time, so if he has to put this title on the line, he accepts.

Last Night:  Bachelor Party

Braxton snaps a picture of Bennett passed out drunk with the “guest” he invited, passed out drunk too.  He sent it to Maria, and slipped out.

Match Number 5:  Eddie Edwards Vs Davey Richards in a Streetfight

The match ends in a no contest when Angelina Love gets involved, she has a chair in the ring, throws it to Eddie, while Davey nails him with a chair shot.  We have Eddie;s wife, Alisha come out to help her husband, but Angelina takes care of her, and has handcuffs to the ropes.  She kicks the refs in the balls, and Eddie pins Eddie with his foot, with Angelina counting to three.  The power couple is standing on top, with the show ending here.

Winner:  No contest

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This just wasn’t a good show.  I hated the bachelor segments, I guess with the wedding next week, it was needed.  But at least make it funny, it wasn’t.  I did love the Hardys though, the main event was good, and I am fine with the no contest in that regard too.  But this just wasn’t a good show.  Did you agree?  Send me your comments.

Impact Wrestling Quick Match results:

**Moose and Brandi Rhodes def Rosemary (C) and Crazzy Steve, by pinfall

**Jessie Godderz def Kingston

**The Hardys (C) def Psychosis and Super Crazy (C) to win The Tag Team Gold of Mexico

**Brooke def Sienna, by pinfall

**Eddie Edwards Vs Davey Richards ends in a no contest