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WWE Smackdown Live From Jacksonville, Florida

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga, Todd Phillips, and JBL

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Segment Number 1:  The Miz Promo

Tonight, he faces Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship.  You are looking at the “IT” Couple, the ratings spike.  The most must-see WWE superstar married to the hottest woman superstar of all-time, holding the most meaningful title in the company.  So he has one resolution this year, to be more forgiving.  There seems to be one person who owes him an apology, and she knows who she is.  So if she could grace us her presence, and apologize.  No Renee Young, and understand Smackdown Live will not continue, until he gets his apology.  It’s not Miz, it’s on Renee.  Just like 2 weeks ago, she slapped The Miz on the face.  Just like last week, Dean Ambrose attacked him.  She set him up, and now it seems that Dean Ambrose gets an Intercontinental Title shot.  So it must be nice to be on the good side of the Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, and his co-host of Talking Smack.  And he wants to know how Renee Young can sleep at night, knowing she gave up her journalistic integrity,to do Dirty Deeds, with Dean Ambrose.  Here comes Dean Ambrose.

Maryse stands in Dean’s way, and slaps him on the face, while Miz slides out of the ring.  Miz, I guess the hard part of Dean’s evening is over.  Because she hits harder than The Miz does.

Tonight:  The Miz Vs Ambrose

Tonight:  Royal Rumble Contract Signing with Cena Vs Styles

Next:  Ziggler Vs Corbin

Match Number 1:  Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin

A very good match here, with Ziggler hitting 2 Famouser’s, a Zig Zag, and anything else Ziggler can throw at him.  But “The Lone Wolf” prevails, and nails End of Days.

Winner:  Baron Corbin, by pinfall

After the match, Corbin has a chair and that brings out Kalisto.  Ziggler gets up, and nails a Sweet Chin Music.  Ziggler screams he doesn’t need Kalisto, and he doesn’t need anyone.  All he needs is himself.  Ziggler just turned heel.

Segment Number 3:  James Ellsworth and Carmella

James isn’t wearing the neck brace, and he wants to thank Carmella for the kind words she said last week, and good luck with her match next week.  James gives her the shirt off his back, and she wants him to go to the ring with her.

Segment Number 4:  Dolph Ziggler Backstage

He is throwing his stuff around, while the other guys are trying to talk some sense, and Ziggler goes right after Apollo Crews.

Video:  Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

Match Number 2:  Becky Lynch Vs La Luchadora

Becky makes La Luchadora tap out, we find out though there are 2 of them, and one of them was Alexa Bliss, who tapped out to The Disarmer.  But Alexa and La Luchadora have the final say, taking out Becky.

Winner:  Becky Lynch, by submission

Next:  Royal Rumble Contract Signing

Segment Number 6:  AJ Styles Vs John Cena Royal Rumble Contract Signing

Daniel Bryan comes out to officiate this contract signing.  Both men come out to the ring.  AJ wants to know why they are doing this.  Daniel and AJ have been through this for over 12 years.  They are cut from the same mold.  They have been doing this, because they love this business, but Cena does not.  He has been off TV for 4 months, and he comes back with a title shot?  Why?  Daniel understands what AJ is saying, but last week, Smackdown Live beat Raw in ratings for the first time in history.  And it was because AJ Styles main evented the show last week, and John Cena returned to Smackdown Live.  So they must keep this momentum going, heading into Royal Rumble.  So we give the fans what they want to see, AJ Styles Vs John Cena.  And Daniel says he doesn’t know why AJ is upset, he already beat John Cena three times.  So we are doing this match.

As Daniel leaves, AJ tells Cena he is the luckiest man on this planet.  He is gifted a title shot from basically his brother-in-law.  But we must do what is right.  It’s best for Smackdown Live, and it’s also best for AJ Styles.  So how the mighty tables have turned.  Because a year ago, Cena told AJ if he doesn’t get the win over Cena, he is just an overblown “Indy” guy.  So now he is here to say Cena better beat Styles, or else he doesn’t belong on TV.  And like Daniel said, AJ beat Cena three times, and Smackdown beat Raw because Styles was the champion, and not Cena.  Spoiler alert, we can do this without you, John.  Cena has a ton of respect for AJ.  And Styles said John is just covering his tracks.  John said on Talking Smack, after dogging The Rock, John said he was wrong.  But no John, you were right.  You said The Rock was a phony, he lost his passion, and he left us high and dry.  You spoke the truth about The Rock, and it’s the same about you.  John has been great for WWE, he has been great.  But notice the two key words….has-been.  Hey John, look at me John.  You know what is truly pathetic about you.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, and when it comes to Hollywood, you will never be as good as The Rock.  And when it comes to this ring, you will never be as good as AJ Styles.

Styles signs the contract, so it’s time for John to have the final say.  Part of being a man is being humble, and to apologize.  Part of being a man is if someone pushes you over the line, you push back.  You just made the biggest mistake of your life.  You pissed off John Cena.  And you’re right, he needs to win, to push away chumps like you.  Well AJ, you pushed me, so allow me to push you back.  He just lost all respect for AJ, and thinks he is nothing but a little bitch.  And you want to know why everyone is talking about Cena vs Styles at Royal Rumble?  Because people who despises Cena hopes AJ replaces him.  But they know deep down when people push Cena, he just makes them eat their words.  So congratulations to AJ Styles.  You finally found the courage to step up to John Cena, he is about to make him as stupid as he looks.  He said Cena lost his passion, he left the WWE high and dry?  Cena destroyed his shoulder, but he was back in 4 months.  That is passion.  Styles only goes where they tell him to go, Cena keeps going until they beg him to stop.  That is passion.  You come down this ramp every night. because he has to.  Cena walked down this ramp because he wanted to.  That is passion.  And the reason chumps like AJ say Cena is going Hollywood, is because anyone else in Cena’s shoes would be going to Hollywood, and Cena is still here.  That is passion.  So now you sign the contract, and it’s one signature away from being official.  AJ Styles Vs John Cena at Royal Rumble.  He needs this match, Styles needs this match, the fans needs this match.  Because this is more than just you and me.  Because you are no different from any other person who said Cena sucks, and try to knock him off.  They chant Cena sucks, or Has-Been, but realize that on their best day, they could never be Cena.  Cena signs it, and says here is what you do.  At Royal Rumble, you bring your self, your family, your friends, and your A-Game, because Cena will still beat AJ’s ass.  Why?  Because I’m John Cena…recognize.

And here comes Baron Corbin.

On his first day in the WWE, he won Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, so he is making it known, not only is he the first Smackdown Live star who is entering the Royal Rumble, but he is also winning it.  So he is serving notice, it doesn’t matter if it’s Styles, or if it’s Cena, he will beat them at Wrestlemania, and become the new WWE World Champion.

But now this gets Cena fired up.  Corbin says don’t talk to him like that again, or he will shove his fist down his throat.  Cena is ready to fight now, but Styles gives Cena a cheap shot, with a Pele Kick.  Corbin screams at Cena maybe AJ is right, your time is up.

Segment Number 7:  Maryse and Renee Young

Maryse approaches Renee, and says on behalf of her husband, and slaps Renee.  She tells her don’t you ever touch her husband again.

Match Number 3:  Carmella Vs Aliyah

Carmella picks up the win with Ellsworth tripping Aliyah’s knees, and Carmella hitting Code of Silence, making Aliyah tap out.

Winner:  Carmella, by submission

Tonight:  Intercontinental Title Match

Next:  American Alpha in action

Match Number 4:  American Alpha (Smackdown Tag Team Champs) Vs The Fashion Police in a non-title match

Grand Amplitude, match is over, and here comes business.

Nothing lasts forever, so I advice you to revel in this moment while you can.  Cherish, because sooner or later, reality will hit you.  Let’s be honest, you haven’t really won anything.  Now you may think you messed with the light, but what you did was make us stronger.  And next week, we will reclaim what is ours.  Run!!

Winners:  American Alpha, by pinfall

Next:  Nikki Bella Addresses Natalya

Segment Number 10:  Nikki Bella and Natalya

We come back with both women in the ring.  Nattie really despises Nikki, but she can’t feel the same.  She feels bad for Natalya.  She thinks her success had to do with her boyfriend?  Nikki’s sister and herself worked hard to make The Bella name mean something.  Nattie is just living from her family’s legacy.  When we hear her entrance theme, we are thinking about Nattie, and not The Hart Foundation, right?  Or when she applies The Sharpshooter, we are thinking of her, and not the man who made the move famous, her Uncle Bret Hart.  Two weeks ago, Natalya said Nikki was nothing, but Natalya is the nothing of the Hart Family.  That is the response Natalya was thinking Nikki would say.  You want to make this about her family?  Nikki is sick, and she is selfish.  We all saw the tweet that Bret sent her.  We see the tweet, Bret is a fan of Nikki’s.  She doesn’t even want to know the things Nikki did to get Bret to say that, but as far as Bret goes, Natalya is better than Bret has ever been.  And Nikki used her sex appeal to get anything she wants.  Nikki is beautiful, but Nattie says beauty fades.  And when that happens, John will leave you.  And when he doesn. Nikki will die alone, and Nikki nails Natalya with a right hook.

Segment Number 11:  Dean Ambrose

Dasha Fuentes maybe?  She asks Dean is he is in the proper mindset after Maryse slapped Renee Young.  Ambrose said he has the mindset to take The Miz’s IC Title.

Next Week:  Nikki Bella Vs Natalya

Next Week:  Smackdown Tag Title Match:  American Alpha Vs The Wyatt Family

Next Week:  John Cena Vs Baron Corbin

Match Number 5:  The Miz (IC Champ) Vs Dean Ambrose, for the Intercontinental Championship

In another fantastic match, Maryse tried to get Miz DQ’d, but head ref Rudy Charles did not call for the bell, and threw out Maryse, Miz tried to use the IC Title on Dean, but Dean kicked out, and reversed Skull Crushing Finale into Dirty Deeds, to become the new 2-time IC Champion.

Winner, and new IC Champion:  Dean Ambrose, by pinfall

The show ends with “The Lunatic Fringe” celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another great episode of Smackdown, even the segments that lost a bit steam, the next segment, or match picked right back up, and the main event delivered the goods.  Raw writers need to take notes here, because Smackdown Live has blown Raw out of the water every single time.  But the contract signing too was the best segment of the night, you felt every word that was said by both men.  I am looking forward to Royal Rumble for Cena Vs Styles first, and not the Rumble match itself.  That says a lot too.  Send me your thoughts on the show.

Quick Match Results:

**Baron Corbin def Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

**Becky Lynch def La Luchadoras, by submission

**Carmella def Aliya, by submission

**American Alphas (C) def The Fashion Police, by pinfall

**Dean Ambrose def The Miz (C) to become new IC Champion