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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live From Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Twitter:  @HexFrank

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This is a first of what I hope many reports.  I want to hear your thoughts, as you’re at the show.  Again, full credit goes to @HexFrank.  Give him a follow on Twitter.  I want to hear more from you, so send me a DM @KevinGillman on Twitter.

Crowd was really energized for the show. Even into Main Event tapings

Eye of Helios 🇵🇷

Big pop for the Brian Kendrick and the crowd was also behind him most of the match as well

Crowd was also pro hometown native Dana Brooke as well

Eye of Helios 🇵🇷

Then Raw kicked off w/ Roman and crowd laid into him but his fans rallied some cheers to make it a split crowd

Of course the crowd went wild for KO and nuts for Y2J hang on the whole promo

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Cesaro vs Gallows was a ok back and forth pace w/ shenanigans from Carl. Felt like the crowd wasn’t sold all the way into the match

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Rollins vs Sami was a great match and had everyone on the edge of their seats

Crowds loses their mind (including me) for HHH and turns on Sami with the Rollins loss

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Regardless of a HHH no show, everyone was pumped

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The cruiserwieght matches were flat for the crowd. No interest what so ever

Tag team match was fun and big pop for Shows return

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The no DQ match was fun even though I was anti Roman, the reactions from Owens and Jericho was priceless

Sadly Candace LeRae didn’t get much shine as sh

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Crowd is going wild for Goldberg

Eye of Helios 🇵🇷

And if tit the Brock hits the scene and ppl are going insane

Taker was the icing on the cake sending the crowd home ecstatic for the epic scene
Overall, one of WWE’s better Raw’s and more importantly one of their better go home show I’ve seen in a while for an upcoming PPV. Crowd was into the show from Main Event tapings, all the way up to Goldberg. All the matches were short but Rollins and Zayn which was a special treat. All the promo’s were good except for Rich Swan’s heavy scripted one.
Only time the crowd seemed restless was near the end anticipating Goldberg so the Cruiserweight match suffered
Crowd was rewarded heavily at nights end with Goldberg, though even one was confused why he was bleeding already. No one expected Brock to be there which got a huge pop and then everyone almost past out from excitement when Taker showed.

I don’t know how long they actually aired but there was an epic moment when Goldberg lefand stared down Taker flexing at roaring at him

Eye of Helios 🇵🇷

This was an awesome Raw and I don’t know if it was also do to being there live.