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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live in Chicago, Illinois

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Last Week On Raw:  Braun Strowman Wants Sami Zayn

Segment Number 1:  Stephanie McMahon Promo

The Commissioner, fresh from her “vacation” is ready for business.  Good evening Chicago, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!!  Mick Foley has the night off tonight, and we get our yearly CM Punk chants.  And as she continues to talk, here comes Seth Rollins.

Seth tells Steph Chicago likes him better than they like her.  Merry Christmas, and Seth wants to know how her Christmas was with HHH.  Did she give everything he wanted?  He knows she did, but did she give him what he needs, his manhood?  And Steph tells him when he goes low, she goes high.  And he is the Chief Operating Officer of the company.  Seth cuts that off, and says he used to be the man.  A year ago, he was on his way to be a 14-time World Champion.  But now, she has him in a suit and tie, and is now the biggest coward in the company.  She tells Steph that she isn’t his keeper.  He is more of the champion than Seth ever will be.  Seth knows he isn’t here, but he did come here for a fight.  Braun Strowman interfered last week, and he wants a little revenge, tonight.  But here comes “The Big Dawg” Roman Reigns.

Steph guesses Roman wants Strowman too, after what he did the last week.  Strowman made a big mistake last week, so he will have to pay.  Rollins wants Strowman, he was here first.  Time to get in the back of the line.  Reigns said Rollins will have to wait, and Rollins suggests they go to the back, and do it together, Shield style.  Stephanie gets riled up about this, because The Shield did this to The Wyatts, Evolution, anyone that got in their way.  Stephanie suggests they do this tonight, with a “Lunatic Fringe”, who is in Chicago too, so for one night only, we reunite The Shield?  How about it Chicago?  No, the fans are too easy.  Instead, Rollins will face Strowman, one on one tonight.  And Roman will defend his United States Title tonight against an opponent of Stephanie’s choosing.  But now, WWE Raw Tag Title rematch is set.

Match Number One:  Cesaro & Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Champions) Vs The New Day, for Raw Tag Titles

A great match here, that had New Day try to use their numbers, but Cesaro’s brute strength, and Sheamus quick tag catches Xavier with a Brogue Kick.  Cesaro & Sheamus retains their Tag Titles.

Winners, and Still Raw Tag Team Champions:  Cesaro & Sheamus, by pinfall

Tonight:  Seth Rollins Vs Braun Strowman

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Segment Number 3:  Braun Strowman Backstage

Everyone runs scared, but he is met with Jeri-KO.  Owens said Braun decked the halls last week, and Jericho tells Braun he wouldn’t want to be on the List of Strowman….Squash them all, man.  Owens wants to talk with Strowman.  When he beats Reigns at Royal Rumble, Strowman can be the next in line for a Universal Title shot.  Chris said Reigns and Rollins were talking about Braun earlier, cutting him down like a hickory tree.  And they have been saying things, like he is a one-hit wonder.  And also they said the reason why he couldn’t beat Sami Zayn because he is a stupid idiot.  Just rumors though, and Braun said rumors are stupid, and walks away.

Segment Number 4:  Golden Truth and Bayley

Bayley has a gift for Goldust, a Dusty Rhodes bear.  Bayley said she wouldn’t be in position to be Number One Contender to Women’s Title without the guidance of Goldust’s father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  Very sweet gift, but as she leaves, here comes Gallows & Anderson, who calls them nerds, and rip up the teddy bear.  I hope Golden Truth gets the win here.

Last Week:  Nia Jax and Sasha Banks

Match Number 2:  Nia Jax Vs Scarlett

Scarlett is wearing a Sasha Banks shirt, which isn’t a good idea.  Match is over, with a Samoan Drop.

Now Nia has the mic.  Next time, choose a better role model, and Nia hits a leg drop on Scarlett.

Winner:  Nia Jax, by pinfall

Next:  Bayley speaks

Segment Number 6:  Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie makes a deal with Charlotte, and here comes Jericho and Owens.  KO brings up he beat Reigns at Roadblock, but now Foley is putting Jericho in a shark cage, high 200 feet in the air, and he is scared of spiders, AND heights.  Chris asks Stephanie to put him in a match with Reigns tonight.  Stephanie will put Reigns in a match against Kevin Owens, for the United States Title.

Segment Number 7:  Bayley

Bayley loves Chicago, holy moly.  She hopes Santa got everything you guys asked for last night.  But Christmas came early for Bayley because she pinned Charlotte for the 3rd time in a row, and she is pretty sure that puts her as new Number One Contender.  It’s always been a dream to be Women’s Champion, and she thinks it’s time to replace the replica, and here comes Charlotte.

Charlotte had to come out here, and set the record straight.  Did she say she beat Charlotte last week?  She didn’t know if her headband is too tight, but she didn’t pin her.  We have footage of Charlotte raising her shoulder up.  Now if this happened to someone like Bayley, she had to deal with it, and move on with her life.  But if this happened to Charlotte, someone who has grown up in this business, her father always said she needs a good lawyer on hand.  They were on the phone with Stephanie last night, and they had the win esponged.  So it never happened, I am so sorry Bayley.  Now, she has always grown up with a silver spoon.  She has never had to wait in long lines.  And with their time in NXT, she always said her dream was to be Women’s Champion.  She smiled, but deep inside, she was laughing at her face.  But she is in the Christmas spirit, so she will grant Bayley another match.  But in agreement with Stephanie, she asked for a referee she can trust….Dana Brooke.

Match Number 3:  Charlotte (Raw Women’s Champion) Vs Bayley, with Dana Brooke as Special Guest Ref, in a non-title match

Dana Brooke did her Dana Brooke thing, and Bayley did her Bayley thing with a Bayley to Belly.  A new ref came in, Bayley did her Bayley to Belly, but Dana shoved the ref out-of-the-way.  Charlotte did her Charlotte thing, rolling Bayley over, and using her feet on the ropes.

Winner:  Charlotte, by pinfall

Segment Number 9:  Stephanie McMahon and Braun

Stephanie catches Braun roughing up a stage hand.  Braun wants Sami Zayn, but Steph talked about Sami having the night off, and he has a match with Seth Rollins tonight.  Braun is multitasking.  Stephanie tells Braun next week, she will make Sami Vs Braun, and Strowman agreed with that.  But he wants a Last Man Standing match, and Stephanie agreed.  But he needs to do something for her, and destroy Seth Rollins.  Make ti think that he is facing Sami.  Braun said he will.

Video:  Neville Last Week

Match Number 4:  Neville Vs TJ Perkins

Neville uses the tights for leverage that impressed Austin Aries.  I would agree with that.

Charly Caruso wants a word from Neville, and he brings up people want to talk to him after he lays out a bunch of bodies.  But us Americans only want to hear from him when they make fun of his accent.  Or you don’t think this face is good-looking enough, and you can’t appreciate real talent like Neville.  But after tomorrow, we will have no other choice but to appreciate his talents, because he will win the Cruiserweight Title, and he will be the true “King of Cruiserweights”.

Winner:  Neville, by pinfall

Video:  Enzo Amore in Sensitive Class

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Segment Number 11:  Enzo and Big Cass

Big Cass is in a wheelchair, giving us his intro.  How ya doin’?  Sensitive class isn’t his speed.  Certificate isn’t his thing, because he is a Certified G, from Certified G University.  Rusev and Jinder are boneless, chicken tenders.  Enzo brings up if you want to find him solo, it would be no problem, but he seemed to spill all the haterade, so Cass, step it up, because you’re batting cleanup.  Cass called Rusev a coward, and he doesn’t have the guts to try to do that with him in a room.  But if you have a problem with Enzo, you have a problem with Cass.  And you do not want to have a problem with Cass.  So why don’t you come out here, and do something about it.

This brings out Rusev and Jinder Mahal.  Jinder slaps Enzo, and Enzo returns the favor, and Cass takes care of Rusev.  He now flings Enzo onto Jinder with a Badda Boom Shaka Lacka.  Cass nails the big boot on Rusev.

Tonight:  Strowman Vs Rollins

Match Number 5:  The Shining Stars Vs Darren Young and Bo Dallas

And Braun Strowman comes out, destroys them all.

Winner:  No Contest

Match Number 6:  Braun Strowman Vs Seth Rollins

Awesome match for what it was, but then….Sami Zayn ruined the finish, came out and got the DQ win for Strowman, by attacking Braun.  But the monster was able to sustain that, and run after Sami, who runs back through the crowd.  But Rollins is met by Jericho, with 2 Codebreakers.  Drink it in, man.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, by DQ

Segment Number 13:  Jeri-KO

We go right to the monitor backstage, with the Universal Champion looking on very proudly.  But Charly Caruso sneaks up on Kevin, and wants to know what his plans are for tonight’s match with Reigns.  Kevin dismisses anything she just asked, but did say Jericho took out the only friend, if you can call him that to help Reigns win, which means they will win United States Title, and be both Universal Champion, and United States Champion.  Jericho comes to brag about what he had just done.  The two walk out in the sunset together.

Match Number 7:  Gallows & Anderson Vs The Golden Truth

Gallows and Anderson pick up the win with a rollup.  Okay, moving on.

Winners:  Gallows & Anderson, by pinfall

Next:  Rich Swann answers the challenge

Tomorrow Night:  John Cena Returns to Smackdown Live

Match Number 8:  Rich Swann (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) Vs Ariya Daivari in a non-title match

A kick to the head, that is it.  Superkick, the champ wins.

Winner:  Rich Swann, by pinfall

That Charly woman again wants a word from Rich.  Neville calls himself “The King of the Cruiserweights”, but it seems to Rich, he is a royal sourpuss.  But despite that, he is still one of the best athletes in WWE.  But if it’s a fight Neville wants, it’s a fight Neville will get.  Neville attacks Rich, and hits Red Arrow, right on Rich’s back.

Segment Number 16:  Ariya Daivari

Charly is with Ariya, and blames that scoundrel Jack Gallagher from interfering tonight.  Jack comes over, and for calling Jack that statement, he challenges Daivari to a duel, and then he takes his glove, and slaps it on Daivari.

Video:  Goldberg’s WWE Return

Next Week:  Goldberg Returns to Raw

Next Week:  Last Man Standing Match:  Sami Zayn Vs Braun Strowman

Match Number 9:  Roman Reigns (US Champ) Vs Kevin Owens (Universal Champ) for United States Title

We had Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins come out, and help their respective friends, but KO was distracted by Rollins is met with a spear by Reigns, and picks up the win.

Winner, and still US Champion:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

After the match, Rollins and Reigns has some fun taking out Jericho and Owens, to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Certainly a better show tonight than last week.  But this 3rd hour kills any momentum they have.  Smackdown Live is giving us 3 title match, and the return of John Cena.  Tonight?  We get to see a Nia Jax squash and Ariya Daivari match.  9 matches too that doesn’t mean much, except the first match and the main event.  Though the main event is giving us Owens Vs Reigns for the 4th time in a span of 7 weeks, after Rumble.  A bit of overkill, but here we go.  Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s show.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

Quick Match Results:

**Cesaro & Sheamus (C) def The New Day, by pinfall

**Nia Jax def Scarlett, by pinfall

**Charlotte (C) def Bayley, by pinfall

**Neville def TJ Perkins, by pinfall

**The Shining Stars Vs Darren Young and Bo Dallas ends in a no contest

**Braun Strowman def Seth Rollins, by DQ

**Gallows & Anderson def The Golden Truth, by pinfall

**Rich Swann (C) def Ariya Daivari, by pinfall