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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live from Columbus, Ohio

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Segment Number 1:  The Chris and Kevin Show

They are so proud of what they did last night.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kevin Ow…..welcome to the Chris and Kevin Show.  He has said it before, and he’ll say it again, there is nothing he won’t do to keep the Universal Title on his shoulder, including, taking a Code Breaker on his best friend.

We see video footage from that last night.

Kevin has to admit, he showed up last night, Kevin didn’t know what he was going to do.  But he should have known better that he could count on him.  Because as much as that Code Breaker hit, not being Chris best friend hurt him more.  But everything is good, as long as the title is here.  Chris has to admit, it hurt him hitting that Code Breaker than it did for Kevin.  But he had to make people believe, he had to make the referee believe.  But now that he knows, let him give Kevin the hug of Jericho.  Now, they need to make everyone pay who hurt them.  They are all about giving gifts, like Santa Claus.  But Santa looks stupid in that suit, and because of that, because Santa is a stupid idiot, giving gifts to strange kids.  YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!

But Santa Mick comes out, and he says you don’t say anything bad about Santa.  But you talk about retribution, we see footage of what happened to Chris and Kevin, after the show.  Roman and Seth took care of both of them.

That could have ended Kevin’s career, is he proud of that?  Foley said that is called payback.  But Kevin is a national treasure.  Mick is wearing an awful outfit here, and he shows it in.  But then again, Roman and Seth will get their revenge in a tag team match, right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…..uhhh Mick, this is in Columbus, Ohio.  Chris and Kevin would rather be in Pittsburgh, anyway.  Kevin will find a way to get through this tonight.  Mick brings up how Kevin always finds a way.  So he has a plan set up for Royal Rumble, from Santa Claus.  We have a little cage being lowered.  It will be Reigns Vs Owens at Royal Rumble.  Chris Jericho will be put inside a small cage, so he doesn’t interfere, aga–ain.

Chris goes inside the cage, and tells him it is flimsy, and Mick locks it up.  Mick has the key, but he can’t find it.  The cage is raised, with Chris going up.

Segment Number 2:  Jericho and Owens

Backstage, miraculously, Jericho was sent free, and he’s breathing heavy.  Owens is trying to get him focused on tonight’s main event.

Tonight:  Jericho and Owens Vs Rollins and Reigns

Match Number 1:  Big Cass (W/ Enzo) Vs Rusev (W/ Lana)

My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G, and a bona fide stud, and you can’t teach that.  This man here is Big Cass, and he’s 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Badda-Bang, realest guys in the room….How ya doin’?

Rusev is S.A.W.F.T.

Match starts now.

Oh shit, this match ends in a DQ because Cass keeps on beating down on Rusev.  No chair shot, he just keeps punching him.  This feud has no heat.

Winner:  Rusev, by DQ

Next:  Charlotte Flair Speaks

Segment Number 4:  Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair

Sasha comes out in crutches, from last night’s epic Ironman match.  Last night, she literally gave her blood, sweat, and tears, and gave it all in the ring.  But to tap out not just once, but twice broke her heart.  But the last few months, she and Charlotte made history together.  The first Hell in a Cell match.  The first Falls Count Anywhere Match, and last night, she felt like she let herself down.  The better woman won, and she doesn’t feel like a “Boss” anymore.  She asks Charlotte to come out to the ring, so she can shake her hand.

Instead of Charlotte, we have Nia Jax come out.

Nia doesn’t know why Charlotte isn’t here, she really doesn’t care.  But she calls herself “The Boss”?  She may have these sheep fooled, but not to her.  Sasha is just a little girl, to Nia.  And Nia flips the crutch, and slams her down.  Then she walks away.

Next:  Cedrick Alexander is in action

Segment Number 5:  Cesaro and Sheamus

Mick Foley congratulates the newest Raw Tag Team Champions with new Raw Tag Team Titles.  Mick is like a proud papa with the, setting up this tag team together.  But there is commotion backstage, Braun Strowman is flipping over things.  He was too nice to Sami Zayn last night, and wants him again.  Mick gave Sami the night off, and suggests Braun does the same thing.  Braun is angry, and you don’t want him to be angry.

Match Number 2:  Cedrick Alexander (W/ Alicia Fox) Vs Noam Dar

Austin Aries joins the commentary, and as far as I’m concerned, he can stay there and replace Byron.  Cedrick picks up the win with Lumbar Check, over Noam.

Winner:  Cedrick Alexander, by pinfall

And Noam congratulates Cedrick on the win.  But he beat him 2 weeks ago, so they are even, right?  No, because Cedrick has what Noam wants, the beautiful Alicia Fox.  And all he wants for Christmas is Foxy.

Next:  New Day

Segment Number 7:  New Day Promo

They might have lost last night, their legendary Tag Team rein hit a roadblock.  But Kofi talks about that is okay, because Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion, but he lost 15 times.  And as Big E. talks about so will Charlotte Flair in a month.  In order to be a 3-time Tag Team Champions, they will have to lose 2 times.  And they will be your WWE World Tag Team Champions, because New Day Rocks.

Here come the new Tag Team Champions, with Sheamus gloating over beating them, and Cesaro is trying to stay humble.  But Kofi talked about being Tag Team Champions for 1 day, they gave you new Tag Titles.  They knew one day someone would out-New Day New Day, and he is happy it was him.  Not Sheamus….SHAME….it’s Cesaro.  They are trying to tell Cesaro he is strong, and Cesaro said they have to be strong to team up with this massive ego.  He doesn’t care what we tank.  It was because of Sheamus that they won last night, but as for these muppets, for 483 days, they disgraced the Tag Team Championship, he can hang on to these for 20 years.  But Xavier said for 483 days, there was music, there was 200 shirts, there was cereal, there was the old day.  Let’s not talk about the old day.  They won’t hold on to their Tag Team Title record, because New Day Rocks.

But here comes Gallows and Anderson.  When they look in the ring, they see a bunch of nerds.  Anderson doesn’t know what is more of an insult, that New Day think they are the best Tag Team Champions in the history, or if these two goofs think they earned the Tag Team Titles, because if it wasn’t for them beating down on “Nerd Day”, they wouldn’t be Tag Team Champion.

And here come The Shining Stars, with some brochures, and all 4 teams start to fight.

Match Number 3:  Sheamus & Cesaro (Raw Tag Team Champs) and The New Day Vs Gallows & Anderson and The Shining Stars

Cesaro picks up the win for his team, with a Cesaro Swing, and Sharpshooter, making Epico tap out.

Winners:  Sheamus & Cesaro and New Day, by submission

Earlier Tonight:  Chris Jericho Locked In A Sharktanks

Tonight:  Jericho and Owens Vs Reigns and Rollins

Segment Number 9:  Enzo and Cass

Enzo feels like he is letting Cass down by costing him his matches, this is Enzo’s fight.  Cass said don’t worry about it, let’s celebrate tonight.  Enzo gets a letter.  He exposed himself on November 21st episode of Raw, and is ordered to attend sensitivity classes, tonight.

Segment Number 10:  Neville Speaks

Last night, he single-handedly destroyed the Cruiserweight Champion, and his little buddy TJ Perkins, and you people cheered for him?  That’s rich, because you people haven’t cheered for him for a long time.  You usually cheer for him if he’s vulnerable, or if he’s small.  Well, you people can stick it.  If your favorite is on Live 205, that is too bad, because he is about to obliterate the division.

Here comes the Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann.  He asks what happened to Neville, and Neville tells him to shut up.  Neville was the one who took him under his wing, he is the one who taught him everything in Japan.  But where is the respect of the true king of the Cruiserweights.  Rich tells him he can call himself anything he wants, but since he has this title, as long as he holds it, Neville can’t handle this.  THE Brian Kendrick comes out, and tells Rich how can he disrespect Neville.  When they started the Cruiserweight Division, he asked where was Neville.  How can he disrespect Neville like this, when they were the pioneers of the Cruiserwight Division.  Neville agrees, and says they are on the same page, and Swann is ready to fight.  Neville and Kendrick start to fight him, but here comes TJ Perkins, and Neville destroys him.  Kendrick hits a Sliced Bread on Perkins for his trouble.

Segment Number 10:  Sensitive Training

Darren Young, Mr. Backlund, Bo Dallas, and Jinder Mahal are here, and here comes Enzo Amore.  The doctor asks Enzo to start.  Enzo said he showed his privates outside the locker room, and his partner locked him out of the locker room.  The doctor asked him how long did he and his partner have problems, and Enzo corrected her, saying his tag team partner.  He is into women, how ya doin’?

Jinder speaks, but Enzo jumps in when the doctor asked him how to spell the name….S.A.W.F.T.

This is a long night.

Match Number 4:  Titus O’ Neil Vs Sin Cara

And here comes Braun!!  And Braun destroys everyone on sight.

Winner:  No Contest

Braun is kidnapping Sin Cara now!!  Mick Foley stops that, and the crowd is booing it.  Braun throws Sin Cara on to presents, over the ramp.  Okay, that was awesome.

Segment Number 12:  Chris and Kevin

Once again, we have a segment here, where Kevin wants to make sure he and Chris are on the same page tonight.

Segment Number 13:  Charlotte Flair

Bow down to your queen, the 4-time Women’s Champion.  She would call Sasha Banks out here, but after what happened to her earlier, she doesn’t think she would make it.  But after what she did last night, she was easy pickings.  She beat her last night at Roadblock in a 30-Minute Ironman match, and went into overtime.  She proved she is the greatest Superstar in history.  And in any era, Charlotte would dominate.  I mean Trish Stratus, Stratusfaction can’t hold a candle to Natural Selection.  And Fabulous Moolah?  The only Moolah that is great is the money she makes.  She is Ms. PPV, people buy the network to see if she loses, and she always proves them wrong.  She dominates, like Clemson will beat Ohio State in the College Football Playoffs.

Here comes Bayley to interrupt her.  She is here to congratulate Charlotte.  In her opinion, Charlotte Vs Sasha will go down as the greatest women’s rivalry in WWE history.  Enough of her, she doesn’t even know why she has ring gear on, because she doesn’t even belong in the ring, she should be in the crowd.  Bayley believes now that the Charlotte-Sasha rivalry is over, she thinks the Charlotte-Bayley rivalry should begin.  Last night it was all about the scoreboard.  But their scoreboard reads differently, their scoreboard reads Bayley 2, Charlotte 0.  Charlotte says those victories don’t count.  Last night, after her win, she held the four symbol.  One reason because she is a 4-time champ, and the second reason is The Four Horsewomen.  Charlotte is number 1, and Bayley will always be number 4.  Bayley has heard that enough, so why doesn’t she prove it, now?  You want to challenge Charlotte, after the punishment she went through last night?  Okay, Bayley is dressed like a 5th grader, so it’s time to go to school.

Match is next.

Match Number 5:  Charlotte (Raw Women’s Champ) Vs Bayley in a non-title match

This was a good match that saw Charlotte lose to Bayley by a roll up.  She now has a 3-0 record against Charlotte.

Winner:  Bayley, by pinfall

Segment Number 15:  Sensitive Training

More hi-jinks going on here, with the wrestlers partnering up, imitating each other.

Next:  Main Event Tag Match

Segment Number 16:  Sensitive Training

Now everyone is getting their certificates.  Enzo is putting his mac move on the doctor.  He runs into Rusev, and Jinder.  They attack Enzo.  Lana slaps Enzo, and orders Rusev to crush him, and he goes through a table.

Match Number 6:  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens (WWE Universal Champion) Vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (US Champion)

Braun Strowman ruins a great main event, ending the match by clipping Owens, and attacking both Reigns and Rollins.  Braun does his Braun thing, and this is all Mick Foley’s fault.

Winner:  No Contest

The show ends here with Owens and Jericho mocking Reigns and Rollins, and Braun doing his thing.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a filler show, and I am guessing next week’s will be too.  I did like Bayley Vs Charlotte though, so we had one good match.  But 3 crappy finishes, and the Sensitive Training segments were disasters.  Where was Dr. Shelby when we needed him?

Send me your thoughts on the show.

Quick Match Results:

**Rusev def Big Cass, by DQ

**Cendrick Alexander def Noam Dar, by pinfall

**Sheamus & Cesaro (C) and New Day def Gallows & Anderson and The Shining Stars, by submission

**Titus O’ Neil Vs Sin Cara ends in a no decision

**Bayley def Charlotte Flair (C), by pinfall

**Kevin Owens (C) and Chris Jericho Vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (C) ends in a no contest