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WWE Smackdown Live, Live from University of South Carolina

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga, Tom Phillips, and JBL

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Segment Number 1:  Contract Signing to Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss

Renee Young welcomes us to Smackdown, telling us we are 5 days away from the Smackdown Women’s Championship, between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, at TLC.  She brings in both competitors.

Alexa sends Renee out of the ringside, this is between champion and challenger.  She tells Becky that at Glasgow, she left Women’s Champion as just dumb Irish luck.  Becky talks about her cousin Neve, because they both cry and moan when they don’t their own way, but Neve is just 4 years old.  What is her excuse?  Alexa’s foot was on the ropes, and Becky told her at Glasgow, she had a choice of either using her foot, or lose her arm.  At TLC, she doesn’t get that choice.  Becky signs the contract.  Alexa mocks Becky about being nice, and that gets her everything.  Being nice did not get Becky to be one of the biggest women’s matches at Wrestlemania.  It didn’t get her to be the number one woman’s draft choice on Smackdown Live, and sure as hell did not get her the Women’s Championship.  She has fought for everything she has had, and Alexa has only been here for four months.  All she has gotten is smacking lips, good talking bits on Talking Smack, and if you think Lexi that is what it takes to be the Women’s Champion, you have another thing coming.  Alexa feels like she is going to vomit every chance Becky talks.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, there is always someone coming in that is better than you.  She is going to do whatever she can to be the new Women’s Champion, and she signs the contract.  And by the way Becky, her name isn’t Lexi, it’s Alexa.  Say it slow with me, and Becky starts laying Alexa out.  Is Alexa going through the table?  Nope, Becky is when Alexa throws her on the table, off the top rope.  Is this going to be a Tables match?

Tonight:  The Ambrose Asylum With James Ellsworth 

Match Number 1:  Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto Vs The Miz (IC Champ) and Baron Corbin

Kalisto had The Miz pinned, but Baron Corbin used a chair for the DQ loss.  This Sunday, for the final time, Ziggler vs The Miz in a ladder match.  And Corbin Vs Kalisto in a Chairs match.

Winners:  Kalisto and Dolph Ziggler, by DQ

Tonight:  American Alpha Vs The Wyatts

Segment Number 3:  American Alpha Backstage Promo

Charly Caruso is with American Alpha, tonight they face Orton and Wyatt.  Are they prepared for the Wyatts?  Gable mentioned they are prepared, but weren’t prepared for last week, when they weren’t involved in the Tag team Turmoil match.  But tonight, they will take care of them, so they can go for the Tag team Titles.

Segment Number 4:  The Wyatts

Their words are very delusional, but if they want to prove they are the best Tag team on Smackdown Live.  Orton interrupts, and says he used to be just like them, very brash.  But he has seen the light, he finally feels as if he truly belongs.  They proved at Survivor Series there is no stronger bond.  They will do what needs to be done tonight, but the question is if Harper will do what needs to be done to Kane.  Bray tells Harper to send Kane back to hell.

Next:  Carmella is in action.

Segment Number 5:  Carmella

Carmella has a message for “Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” himself John Cena.  She is going to hit his girlfriend so hard with a shirt, that her Bella Twins will be reaching her back.  She will handle Nikki so much that Nikki won’t even be talking about a wedding anytime soon.  Here comes Nikki Bella, fighting Carmella.  This Sunday, these two will clash in a No DQ Match.

I guess there is no match here.

Video:  Ellsworth Vs Styles from last week

Next:  The Ambrose Asylum with James Ellsworth

Segment Number 6:  The Ambrose Asylum

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Ambrose Asylum, it’s been awhile since this happened, but he won’t lose his touch.  His guest is the man who has a fighting chance, James Ellsworth.

James, congratulations on winning the contract, he has 2 questions.  How old are those boots?  They need to get him another pair, and the second question did you ever imagine you would be a member of the full roster for Smackdown Live.  James admits he never thought he would be, but he kept showing up, and he was at the right place, at the right time, and it’s because of Dean.  If he can do anything for him, he is here for him.  Dean said he doesn’t owe him a thing.  Actually, if you want to wash his car, that wouldn’t be the worst thing.  Not only did he win the WWE contract, he also earned a future WWE World Title opportunity down the road.  So who would he rather face after this Sunday?  James admits it would be an honor facing Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Title.  But he has beaten AJ Styles 3 times, so why doesn’t he just do it again?  Here comes The Champ.

AJ does not appreciate this humor here.  AJ pokes fun at James chin.  And Ambrose said AJ lost to a dummy 3 times with no chin?  Styles wants his respect, and if you don’t give it to him then this Sunday, he will beat it out of him.  Styles tells Dean he is going to beat him until he can’t stand anymore.  Then he has something special for the “superstar”, he dares him to show up.  Dean talks about the last few weeks being hard on AJ, he knows he has the talent, but he doesn’t have it all up in the head.  He is way too easy, he has never been rattled as much as he is right now.  In 5 days, he goes to TLC, and he thinks about this mutant.  In 5 days, the games will truly begin and when he clears his cobwebs, he will be looking at Ambrose holding the WWE World Championship.

Styles fights back now, lays out Dean, and Ellsworth is in the middle of the ring, holding his fists.  AJ nails Ellsworth with the ladder.  The Champ nails the “mutant” with a chair.  Styles Clash right on the floor.  Ellsworth is being set on a gurney.

Moments Ago:  AJ Styles Destroys James Ellsworth

Segment Number 7:  James Ellsworth is going for a ride.

Backstage, James is being set in the ambulance, with Ambrose saying Styles will pay for this, and they head off to the hospital.

Match Number 2:  Kane vs Luke Harper

Kane wins the match with a Chokeslam.

Winner:  Kane, by pinfall

Earlier Tonight:  Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch

Segment Number 9:  Becky Lynch Promo

Renee Young is with the “Irish Lass Kicker”, confirming she has a bruised back, but she will compete this Sunday.  Renee told her Alexa challenged Becky to a Tables match this Sunday, and becky accepts saying “I’m getting even with that bitch”.

Match Number 3:  American Alpha Vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

Luke Harper comes out to distract Jason Jordan for a moment, and that allows Sister Abigail, but Chad Gable helped his partner out, but Orton hits a RKO out of nowhere on Gable, and Bray pins Jordan with Sister Abigail.  This Sunday, it will be Wyatt and Orton Vs Slater and Rhyno for Tag Team Titles.

Winners:  Wyatt and Orton, by pinfall.

Segment Number 11:  Slater, Rhyno, and Styles

Charly Caruso wants to get a word in from the Tag Champs, but AJ chimes in.  People don’t care about their Tag Titles.  He is The Champ.  Rhyno steps in to The Champ, and Ambrose fights with Styles, and wen end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a boring show today, so much talking, not enough wrestling.  But TLC is this Sunday.  But I don’t get this, James Ellsworth is being pushed better right now than AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.  Check this, Ellsworth has beaten Styles 3 times, but Ambrose has yet to beat him.  What does that say then again AJ Styles?  What does that say about Dean Ambrose?  I am glad for James that he did get that contract, but he’s in the wrong position.  At first it was funny, but don’t forget, after their match at TLC, Ellsworth will get another title shot, down the road here.

And this is WWE in a nutshell.

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Quick Match Results:

**Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto def The Miz (C) and Baron Corbin, by DQ

**Kane def Luke Harper, by pinfall

**Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton def American Alpha, by pinfall