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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

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Segment Number 1:  The Highlight Reel

Welcome to The Highlight Reel, and tonight, Jericho’s guest needs no introduction, but he is going to give us one anyway.  His guest is the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in WWE history, and he is his best friend….Kevin Owens.

Here comes KO

This is the second straight week where Owens is the guest on The Highlight Reel, and that is a first time in history.  The crowd cheers the two of them, but we just celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend, and that is where we pretend to like our family, we stuff ourselves, and gain weight.  We also go spend $200 on a cheap flat-screen TV, and we pretend to like it.  But these Canadians don’t do that, they celebrated their Thanksgiving last month, ahead of the curve.  But Owens wants to give thanks, he wants to give thanks for being our WWE Universal Champion.  He is thankful for being the face of the flagship show, Monday Night Raw, but also known as The Kevin Owens Show.  He is thankful for being Chris Jericho’s  best friend.  Chris is thankful for being Kevin’s best friend.  He is thankful for wearing this kick-ass scarf, and he is thankful for Seth Rollins.  He thanks Seth Rollins for using his rematch shot last week, and still fail.  He is proving to be a stupid idiot.  Owens pinned him fair and square.  People think that Chris wore a Sin Cara mask, but it was really Sin Cara putting on a Chris Jericho mask.  He was given the gift of Jericho….Put it on, man.  Kevin said he looked like the real thing too.  But Kevin did beat Seth Rollins without Sin Cara’s help anyway.  In fact, he beat Seth so bad, he isn’t even cleared to appear on tonight’s show.

But Roman Reigns is, and here comes the current United States Champion.

Roman doesn’t know why Kevin stopped speaking, the two have great chemistry, making him laugh.  Chris asks if they are clowns?  Sing and dance, to make the stupid idiots laugh?  You think this is a big joke?  Roman thinks the WWE Universal Champion is a big joke.  So Kevin is a joke?  The only joke he sees here is Roman walking around calling himself “The Guy”.  Roman calls Kevin just a guy, who need a lot of help.  He needs help with everything.  Kevin doesn’t need Chris Jericho.  Roman asks Kevin if he really doesn’t need Chris Jericho?  He believes that if Kevin didn’t have Chris, he would have lost the title last week, and the week before that, and the week before that….Chris asks Roman is he knows what happens when he makes fun of his best friend?  You know what happens?  Owens tells Chris to shut up.  Roman can’t talk to Kevin that way, he is the WWE Universal Champion, or else what?  Owens will give Roman a Powerbomb on the outside, like he did with his little buddy last week.  This is the kind of man Roman wanted to talk to, Fight Owens Fight.  How about setting up a match tonight, one on one.  And if he wins, he gets a Championship match at Roadblock:  End of the Line?  Owens tells Roman he just got booked on The Kevin Owens Show, and Roman likes that, but here is a spoiler alert, at the end of the show, he will be kicking his ass.

Tonight:  Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte for Women’s Title

Tonight:  Paul Heyman addresses Goldberg

Segment Number 2:  Jericho and Owens Backstage

Jericho is upset at what Owens said.  Why did Owens tell Chris to shut up?  He said he doesn’t need Chris, and every time Kevin needs help, Chris is there.  Kevin doesn’t need Chris, so Chris doesn’t need Kevin as a partner, as an ally, and as a best friend.  Mick Foley confirms the match tonight.  And Chris….Jericho cuts Mick off saying he is over this.  See you later, champ.

Match Number 1:  R-Truth Vs Braun Strowman

Strowman wins with ease, pinning Truth with a Powerslam.  And now he goes after Goldust, giving him a bear hug, and here comes Sami Zayn.  Sami fights back, but Braun takes care of Sami, hangs him up in a tree of woe, and is about to destroy Sami, but here comes Mick Foley to stop it.

Winner:  Braun Strowman, via pinfall

Segment Number 4:  Sami and Mick

We come right back with Mick and Sami arguing, Byron Saxton wants to know why Mick has come out to stop this again.  Mick mentioned Sami is never going to quit, and sometimes people will need to be saved from themselves in WWE.  Sami doesn’t need help from himself, he needs help from Mick.  Because he forgets who he needs, and takes orders from someone upstairs.  Mick made the match last week, Stephanie doesn’t even like Sami.  He said he was bringing home the IC Title, and he did not. Stephanie wanted him fired, but Mick saved his job, and made the match.  But this is a match Sami will never win, because Braun isn’t a competitor, he’s not a wrestler, he is a monster.  How many times have people told Mick he can’t do it?  How dare you Mick, you were Sami’s hero.  He was a hero to all of these people, but he isn’t looking at a hero, he is looking at a man who is taking things away from Sami.  He is just looking at a hypocrite, and he walks away.

Tonight:  Women’s Championship, Sasha Vs Charlotte

Segment Number 5:  Charlotte and Dana backstage

Dana is bothering Charlotte, while she is preparing her match.  Dana is planning a celebration for Charlotte.  She proves tonight she is the best Women’s Wrestler, and tonight, she ends Sasha Banks’ feud, and deem herself worthy of a celebration.

Match Number 2:  Cedrick Alexander Vs Tony Nese

With some help from Drew Gulak, Tony picks up the win with a Pump Handle Slam.  Cedrick is the hometown guy, and we know how Vince feels about that.

Winner:  Tony Nese, via pinfall

Earlier Tonight:  Trouble with Jericho and Owens

Segment Number 6:  Chris Jericho

Jericho has his suitcase, wheeling it out backstage.  Charly Caruso asks Jericho if this is serious after last week.  Chris makes it clear, if Kevin doesn’t need Jericho, Chris doesn’t need Kevin.  And off he goes, demanding the driver of the limo to open the door, and the driver knocks down The List of Jericho, and Rollins asks if he just made the list, and he beats down Chris, asking if he just made the list.  Now he has a guard railing, throws it against a car, and throws Chris on another car.  He hits a Pedigree on the roof of a car, nailing Jericho.

Next:  Women’s Championship Match

Match Number 3:  Charlotte (Raw Women’s Champion) Vs Sasha Banks, for the Raw Women’s Championship

The match ends in a double countout, but here comes Mick Foley.  Mick has been very busy tonight, and he says this feud can’t end this way.  So later tonight, these two will compete in a no DQ, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere match.

Winner:  No Contest in a Double Countout

Tonight:  Paul Heyman speaks

Tonight:  Reigns Vs Owens

Match Number 4:  Rusev Vs Enzo Amore

Enzo gave us some Lana jokes about seeing the real G last week, and this made Rusev mad, and he crushed Enzo’s balls, causing the DQ.

Winner:  Enzo Amore, by DQ

Tonight:  New Day Vs Gallows and Anderson for Raw Tag Team Titles.

Next:  Rich Swann Vs Noam Dar

Segment Number 9:  Mark Henry and Titus O’ Neil

Mark is one of the stars in the upcoming movie “Incarnate”, opening this Friday.  Charly Caruso wanted to know what it was like being in a movie with Aaron Eckert, but Titus interrupts, claiming he stole that movie role from him, and Mark took care of Titus.

Match Number 5:  Rich Swann Vs Noam Dar

205 Live plug here, and that also included an appearance by THE Brian Kendrick, who faces Swann for the Cruiserweight Title.  Rich wins with a kick to the head.

Winner:  Rich Swann, by pinfall.

Corey Graves gets a word from Rich.  Tomorrow night, he could be 24 hours away from being the Cruiserweight Champion.  Rich sees THE Brian Kendrick.  Is he trying to play mind games?  Trying to get to his head?  No, Brian is doubting himself because he beat him twice.  But tomorrow night, that third time will be that much sweeter, because when he beats him, he will be bringing home the Cruiserweight Championship.  Because why?  You can’t handle this.

Video:  The New Day Vs Cesaro and Sheamus

Segment Number 11:  Cesaro and Sheamus

They are drinking to never teaming together again.  They are drinking together, but they can’t stand each other.  Some guy wants to pick a fight with Sheamus.  I like this team for some reason.  And now they fight together.  You think Vince will pay for the damage here at the bar?

Next:  Reigns Vs Owens

Match Number 6:  Roman Reigns (US Champion) Vs Kevin Owens (Universal Champion), in a non-title match.

Reigns pins Owens with a spear, and that means at Roadblock, it will be Reigns Vs Owens for the Universal Championship.  A good, long match here, and Reigns gets a clean win.

Winner:  Roman Reigns, by pinfall

Segment Number 13:  Kevin Owens Backstage

Charly Caruso wants a word from Kevin Owens.  Kevin just wants to get some alone time.  Chris is still his best friend, and they just had a disagreement.  All he could think about was Chris heading to the hospital, needing a MRI, after what happened to him.  Mick Foley should have cancelled the match, but he didn’t.  The least you can do is offer me a bottle of water.

Segment Number 14:  Michael Cole’s Exclusive Interview With Paul Heyman

Michael just goes right to the question of what happened?  Heyman admits they screwed up.  They took Goldberg lightly.  Fantasy warfare just got real.  He was a relic, who hadn’t been in the ring.  They thought he was the easiest payday, but right away, Goldberg spears Brock, and broke his ribs.  So the question is, how is Brock dealing with this?  Like Cole cares, like he is up all night worried about Brock.  The injured ribs are a part of the game, they know that.  But the embarrassment of losing like tis.  This is history, you can watch this over and over, that Brock lost in 1:26.  Paul has been there with Brock’s losses before, but now he is focused on this, and that can be scary.  Because it can drive you, it can hurt you, and you have this thing where you have something to prove.  We have never seen this from Brock before.  What is next for Brock Lesnar?  Brock has something to prove, and if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, then Goldberg will be in the Royal Rumble match.  And that can only lead to 28 losers, and 1 victim, and that victim’s name is Goldberg.



New Day are 17 days away from breaking Demolition’s record of longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions….but here come Gallows and Anderson.

Match Number 7:  The New Day (Raw Tag Team Champs) Vs Gallows and Anderson, for the Raw Tag Team Titles

Xavier uses the tights, and rolls up Anderson for the win.  17 days away, and counting for The New Day.

Winners, and still Raw Tag Team Champions:  The New Day, by pinfall.

Segment Number 16:  Bayley and Sasha

Bayley is wishing Sasha luck, and with what she did to her, Sasha interrupts, and says Raw Women’s Title is more important than anyone here.  Charlotte treated her own father like dirt, and will dedicate this win tonight to Ric Flair.

Match Number 8:  Charlotte (Raw Women’s Champion) Vs Sasha Banks in an Anything Goes Match

Wow, what a match this was, all over the building, we had a kendo stick.  Charlotte pulled off a Moonsault off the Raw announce table, everything this match had.  And Sasha had Charlotte in a vulnerable position, up against a guard railing, Sasha hit a Bank Statement, and Sasha Banks is now a 3-time Raw Women’s Champion.

Winner, and new Raw Women’s Champion:  Sasha Banks, by submission

After the match, here comes Ric Flair.  He came out to the ring, and gave Sasha Banks a ringing endorsement, hugged her, and raised her arm.  WOOOOOOOO  This was “The Boss'” night.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say something about these two women, and Charlotte deserves this credit just as much.  These two make the best out of each other.  This is Flair-Steamboat, and the best part is they switched victories to truly make this a rivalry.  I can’t see any other woman right now that can outdo what these two have done.  I hope they prove me wrong, but I can’t see it.

The rest of the show was fun too, this felt like a big night, with a big match, and 2 other matches with importance too.  We have the main event for Roadblock:  End of the Line, as it will be Reigns Vs Owens.  I can’t see Roman losing the US Title though anytime soon, so I guess the US Title won’t be on the line, but why not?  Just make it a winner take all match, since the PPV is subtitled “End of the Line”, right?  And will Cesaro and Sheamus be the team that finally beats New Day?  And are New Day slowly turning heel?  For the second straight week, they are cheating to win here.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, and am hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  One more thing, keep those Ohio State students in your prayers, with the shooting that took place at the campus.  Such a tough time, but know they will get through this.

Quick Match Results:

**Braun Strowman def R-Truth, by pinfall

**Tony Nese def Cedrick Alexander, by pinfall

**Charlotte (C) and Sasha Banks ends in a Double Countout

**Enzo Amore def Rusev, by DQ

**Rich Swann def Norm Dar, by pinfall

**Roman Reigns (C)  def Kevin Owens (C), by pinfall

**The New Day (C) def Gallows and Anderson, by pinfall to retain Tag Titles

**Sasha Banks def Charlotte (C), by submission to become new Raw Women’s Champion.