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WWE Monday Night Raw, Live From Minneapolis, Minnesota

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

Hard to believe tomorrow night, the Cavs will open their NBA season, and defend their NBA Title.  And the Cleveland Indians will play in Game One of the World Series.  But if you want to catch up with last week’s Smackdown, click here WWE Smackown Live 10/18/16

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Live.  

Tonight:  Triple Threat Match:  Jericho Vs Rollins Vs Owens

Segment Number 1:  Chris Jericho Promo

Jericho tells us the match tonight is cancelled, because someone stole The List of Jericho.  And he is not leaving this ring, until someone confesses and hands over The List of Jericho.  Here comes the WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.  Jericho has the nerve to ask if Owens has the list.  KO says he doesn’t have the list, and he doesn’t care who does.  But Kevin knows Chris cares, so he will help him find out, but first they need to take care of Seth Rollins, and then they can take care of the list.  Jericho tells him that list is his deepest, and most prized possession.  He wrote his deepest, and darkest secrets on there.  Stephanie McMahon comes out.  She doesn’t have the list, but she will make sure the list comes out at the end of the show.  But Kevin is right, he needs to focus on his Triple Threat match tonight.  Stop being ridiculous.  Chris is irate about this, there is no match without the list.  So here comes Seth Rollins.  Seth has the list.  Rollins found the list.  Stephanie orders Seth to bring the list to her, right now.  Seth reveals that Stephanie is on the list, for putting his best friend Kevin Owens inside Hell in a Cell.  Owens is on to Rollins, he knows he won’t survive tonight’s Triple Threat match.  Bring the list, and Rollins reveals Owens is on the list too.  Chris denies it.  Seth will return the list, but he needs to modify it first, and that is to list what he is going to do to Owens at Hell in a Cell.  He’s going to prove to Owens and Stephanie that Owens was at the right place, at the right time.  But he will prove that Owens was the wrong choice, and Rollins will burn everything Stephanie believed in down to the ground.  So Chris, if you want the list, come and get it.

Tonight:  Official Contract Signing with Charlotte Vs Sasha at Hell in a Cell.

Next:  Enzo Amore Vs Karl Anderson

Segment Number 2:  Backstage Segment with Seth and Stephanie.

Stephanie wants to know where the list is.  She doesn’t care about the list, but it’s her job to run Monday Night Raw.  There isn’t a Triple Threat match without the list.  Seth denies Stephanie even cares about this, it’s always been about her.  She wants to make sure this Triple Threat match turns into a Handicap Match, so she and her stupid husband assure Seth doesn’t win the WWE Universal Championship.  But tell Chris he doesn’t have the list anymore.  It’s in the locker room.

Match Number 1:  Enzo Amore Vs Karl Anderson

Enzo and Cass had their mic stopped by Gallows and Anderson, but Enzo and Cass do not need a microphone.  How ya doin’?  Enzo wins the match with some help from Big Cass, who lays Anderson out with a boot, with the ref’s back turned.

Winner:  Enzo Amore (Via Pinfall)

Next:  Interview with Rusev.

Segment Number 4:  Rusev Interview

Rusev slept like a baby, because he knows Reign’s United States Title reign will come to an end.  He has done despicable things to himself, and he has done despicable things to his wife.  Rusev isn’t afraid of Hell in a Cell, because he is going to take Reigns out.  He may be entering Hell in a Cell as United States Champion, but he will be walking out crushed.



Segment Number 5:  The New Day Promo

This Sunday, they will put their Tag Team Titles against one of the biggest superstars in the world in Cesaro, and Sheamus.  Break it down slowly, shame on us for facing a man who nobody wants to see in the ring.  So don’t shame them, shame on him.  They will shame him tonight, and they will shame him this Sunday, when they walk out as still our WWE World Tag Team Champions, because New Day Rocks!!

Match Number 2:  New Day Vs Sheamus and Cesaro in a non-title match.

I have no idea why this match is taking place, six days before the match.  But, Sheamus and Cesaro pick up the win when they actually worked as a team, Cesaro took out Big E, and Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick, pinning him.  Tag Team Titles are on the line, this Sunday.

Winners:  Sheamus and Cesaro (Via Pinfall)

Video:  Goldberg Return

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar

Segment Number 7:  Chris Jericho Looking For The List

He asks everyone if they saw The List, Jinder Mahal wants him to do breathing exercises, he is not impressed.  You stupid idiot.

Segment Number 8:  Dana Brooke Vs Bayley

I guess this isn’t a match, it’s an arm wrestling match.  Dana wanted Bayley to use her injured arm, and beat her with ease.  Dana did say Bayley can use the left arm, and when Bayley had things going her way, Dana turned the table, and nailed Bayley.  But the former NXT Women’s Champ hit Bayley to Belly.

Tonight:  Charlotte and Sasha in Contract Signing.  And Triple Threat match tonight.

Segment Number 9:  Chris and Stephanie

The List still hasn’t been found, and asks Steph is she can find it.  It’s not in the locker room.  Stephanie tells Jericho he needs to focus on the match at hand tonight.  Not only do we have a PPV this Sunday, but she has to form her own team to compete against her brother Shane at Survivor Series.  So cut her some slack.  Chris tells her his mind is all made up, and Stephanie tells him she must set the example for Chris, so if he does not compete in tonight’s match, he will be suspended.

Match Number 3:  Curtis Axel Vs Bo Dallas

We are in Minneapolis, and when Bo attacked him, he decided he had to go to his roots.  His grandfather is Larry “The Ax” Hennig.  His father is “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig.  Please take your last name back Curtis.  We saw some fire from Curtis, even saw The Perfect Plex, but Bo wins with a rollup.

Winner:  Bo Dallas (Via Pinfall)

Next:  Roman Reigns

Video:  Rich Swann

Tonight:  Swan Vs Kendrick

Segment Number 11:  The List, dammit

Some guy saw someone with The List, yeah it’s Braun Strowman.  Jericho asks for the list, please.  Braun doesn’t see Sami Zayn on the lost.  He’s on page 4, but now Strowman made the list for touching his personal property.

Segment Number 12:  Roman Reigns

A couple of weeks ago, Reigns told Rusev he is going to hell.  But Rusev doesn’t know what it’s like being inside the cell.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to win inside Hell in a Cell.  Rusev, you say he has made this personal?  He hasn’t made it personal, but he will.  It’s not about his family, or his photo albums, it’s about the United States Championship.  He will see him inside Hell.

Video:  Hell in a Cell Rundown

Match Number 4:  The Golden Truth Vs The Shining Stars

The Golden Truth gets some revenge for Mark Henry.  They win, with some help from Mark Henry.

Next:  Official Contract Signing, for Women’s Title.

Segment Number 14:  Official Contract Signing to Women’s Title Match

Mick Foley is here to officiate the contract signing.  Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks can be immortalized.  This Sunday, for the first time ever, Sasha Vs Charlotte inside Hell in a Cell.  He brings out Charlotte and Sasha Banks.  Mick tells them since the two arrived at the WWE Performance Center, the two have shattered the glass of the Women’s Division.  They have set the bar, and while some may say it’s too barbaric for women to compete inside Hell in a Cell, the world has changed, and they deserve that moment.  Sasha has never been more ready for her life.  And where does Charlotte sign to show the world the title will come back home where it belongs, at the shoulder of “The Queen”.  Mick won’t hand Charlotte the contract, but it’s time you hear Mick.  He doesn’t think they know what they are getting themselves into inside Hell in a Cell.  Sasha is a student of The Game, and she knows what is in store for her.  Mick says she does not.  That cell has no hole, has no conscience, and it will haunt at you in night.  When you think you have it figured out, you still don’t.  You are in battle with two opponents, one person, and the cell.  Charlotte tells us she was the first Woman to hold that title, and she will not have a “second-rate” wrestler, who holds it now beat her.  She will go to hell and back to get that title back.  And through it all Sasha, to hell and back, she will respect her “Queen”.  Sasha tells Charlotte she has no queen, but there is a “Boss”.  And if it means she will break her body, she will win.  But Sasha as Charlotte points out has been injured three times this year.  She is weak.  But Sasha will walk in Hell in a Cell as Women’s Champion.  And weak means you can’t stand right back up.  She is stronger, faster, and badder since coming back, and nobody can stop her.  Mick tells them they both should be afraid.  Because of that structure, it hurts the body.  He has no hip socket, it’s just bone on bone.  And he suffers, because of that structure, and look at him, because they are looking at their future.  Mick has known Charlotte since 1991, and while he and her father may not agree with much, they agree that she is everything in this world.  And Sasha, his kids had a picture of Eddie Guerrero.  But they gave it to her, because they know how much it would mean to Sasha.  So you two look at Mick in the eye, and you show him they know how this Hell in a Cell can change their lives.

Charlotte signs, says she will see her in Boston.  Sasha signs it, and says see you in hell.  This will steal the show this Sunday.

Tonight:  Brock Lesnar Speaks

Next:  Swann Vs Kendrick.

Video:  Emmalution

Match Number 5:  The Brian Kendrick Vs Rich Swann

Swann picks up the victory, rolling up on Kendrick.  The challenger to the Cruiserweight Title does not have momentum heading into this Sunday, as Cruiserweight Champion is looking on.

Winner:  Rich Swann (Via Pinfall)

Tonight:  Triple Threat Match

Segment Number 16:  Kevin Owens Promo

Tom Phillips is with Kevin Owens.  How will this Triple Threat match look into tonight.  Owens says he and Jericho are on the same page.  Owens brought up what Rollins said earlier tonight about Hell in a Cell.  Owens has wanted to be in this match ever since he first saw it 20 years ago.  So he is going to take out Seth Rollins this Sunday.  This WWE Universal Title means more to him than anything.  And this Sunday, he and Rollins will go to hell together, but Kevin is the only one coming out alive.

Next:  Braun Strowman Vs Sami Zayn

Match Number 6:  Braun Strowman Vs Sami Zayn

The match never takes place, because Strowman tells Foley he wants competition.  Sami took offense to this, hits a couple of dropkicks, but Strowman throws him into the barricade, and walks away.

Winner:  No Contest

Segment Number 18:  Backstage Segment with Brian Kendrick and T.J. Perkins

Brian approaches T.J.  He says this is his last chance, and he needs to keep food on the table for his wife, and children.  Brian took care of T.J. when he was just starting out, he loses the Cruiserweight Title, he can win it again.  But this is Brian’s last chance.  So he needs T.J. to let Brian win.  T.J. takes his title, and walks away.

Next:  Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Segment Number 19:  Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Promo

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And my client, Brock Lesnar has authorized me to talk about this guy, this Superdad.  This wannabe Superhero.  This guy who thinks he was Brock Lesnar before there was Brock Lesnar.  This guy name Goldberg.  Suplex City chants, but Heyman sees a “smart-ass Goldberg” fan, but he wants them all to know those chants are starting to piss Brock Lesnar off.  When fantasy warfare meets the reality of his client.  Goldberg will be like Humpy Dumpy, because nobody can put Goldberg back together when he is victimized, and conquered by his client Brock Lesnar.  And when people chant this phenomenon named Goldberg.  We have dual chants here.  He will advise those of us who are chanting Goldberg to refrain from doing so before his client takes matters into his own freaking hands with us.  Chants are continuing.  Brock Lesnar comes home, and half of this crowd chants for Goldberg.  Bill Goldberg, this is all your fault.

Segment Number 20:  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens Backstage

Owens wants to make sure he and Jericho are on the same page.  Chris asks Kevin if he meant what he said earlier tonight about how the only thing that matters to him is the Universal Championship.  Kevin denies that, saying they are best friends, and Chris assures him no matter what happens tonight, they will still be best friends.

Next Week:  Raw Halloween, and Goldberg Returns

Match Number 7:  Seth Rollins Vs Kevin Owens Vs Chris Jericho

Rollins pins both Jericho and Owens after the two men constantly double-teamed him.  After the match, Jeri-KO took out Rollins, but Seth fights back with Owens, as security blocks both men.  This Sunday, both men go through hell.  Owens nails a Powerbomb on Owens onto the apron.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a boring show tonight.  Other than the final hour, nothing exciting happened, and we spent half the time looking for the damn list.  Speaking of The List, I am putting WWE on The List, just for giving us a stupid show.

The best part of the show though was the women’s segment.  I’m looking forward to seeing Sasha Vs Charlotte, inside Hell in a Cell.  Do you agree?  Send me your thoughts, and go Indians.  Let’s make history by winning the World Series.

Quick Match Results:

**Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson by pinfall

**Sheamus and Cesaro def. The New Day (WWE Tag Team Champions) by pinfall (Non-Title match)

**Bo Dallas def Curtis Axel, by pinfall

**The Golden Truth def. The Shining Stars by pinfall

**Braun Strowman and Sami Zyns ends with a no contest.

**Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick, by pinfall.

**Seth Rollins def Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens (WWE Universal Champion), by pinfall.