Cleveland Cavs, Indians, Browns, and Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeff Rich is a Cleveland-born sports fan living in the Arizona desert. His favorite memories include being "in the house" for Game 3 of the 1995 World Series and the Browns fake field goal walk-off win against Minnesota in 1989. Though physically separated from The Land by thousands of miles, Jeff keeps his eye on his hometown by watching the games and interacting with his fellow fans on Twitter (@byjeffrich). You can listen to him every Sunday on Dorf on Sports at from 11 AM-1 PM (EDT)

Waiting For Next Year’s Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) joined Jeff Rich (@byJeffRich), for this, the 25th edition of The Lay of The Land.  There was a little more math than we’d care to have on this program, but most of the answers felt correct.  There’s a lot of euphoria and optimism in the air, over the American League Champion Cleveland Indians, and apparently looming paranoia is a remote thing most local don’t need to deal with.

Keeping people interested in your website, more importantly, keeping your website alive presents its own challenges.  The mainstream may be desperate enough to deploy tactics that are dirty, but unfortunately, also effective.  Craig shares some of WFNY’s approach towards using new social media tools and both share their thoughts on the blogging community in general.

Show Topics (Champion Edition)

  • Memories of the 1997 Postseason
  • Former Indians President Mark Shapiro
  • Marlins Man
  • Canadians and Fans From Other Parts
  • World Series Ticket Availability
  • Reinventing The Game Recap
  • Presentation of Web Content
  • Customer Acquisition Tricks
  • NFL on Thursday is not a Treat
  • The Despicable Side of Today’s NFL
  • Who Do We Want to Win the NLCS
  • Character of our American League Champions
  • What to Expect from Defending NBA Champions
  • Due to Time Constraints, Browns Talk was Tabled