Jeff Rich is a Cleveland-born sports fan living in the Arizona desert. His favorite memories include being "in the house" for Game 3 of the 1995 World Series and the Browns fake field goal walk-off win against Minnesota in 1989. Though physically separated from The Land by thousands of miles, Jeff keeps his eye on his hometown by watching the games and interacting with his fellow fans on Twitter (@byjeffrich). You can listen to him every Sunday on Dorf on Sports at from 11 AM-1 PM (EDT)

Hayden Grove of the AP joins Jeff Rich on this week’s edition of The Lay of The Land. Hayden was born Floridian, but raised Ohioan, at least when it comes to sports. Memories of the 1997 World Series and 2003 Fiesta Bowl were told from a different perspective, as well as absorbing those cruel Ohio winters.

The two touched on inspiration, from our peers and our families, not to mention these kind words from’s Joe Vardon, who wrote this:


Though much of this airs like a “get to know you” with Hayden, several topics regarding the current landscape of the first-place Indians come up.  What does the future hold at 3rd base and behind the plate?  Might it be time to go long-term with one of these one-year rentals?  There are some stories or assignments that take Hayden out of the sports arena; follow Hayden as he covers the headline-worthy Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week.

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