Jeff Rich is a Cleveland-born sports fan living in the Arizona desert. His favorite memories include being "in the house" for Game 3 of the 1995 World Series and the Browns fake field goal walk-off win against Minnesota in 1989. Though physically separated from The Land by thousands of miles, Jeff keeps his eye on his hometown by watching the games and interacting with his fellow fans on Twitter (@byjeffrich). You can listen to him every Sunday on Dorf on Sports at from 11 AM-1 PM (EDT)

Jeff Rich is joined by Josh Flagner (@RailbirdJ) and Jeff Nomina (@SportsNom). We’re still happy about the Cavs winning it all for Cleveland, so we start off with some stories from the parade. You know else is (allegedly) fun? Pokemon Go, which was Jeff Rich’s first discussion of Pokemon in any capacity. Isaiah Crowell made headlines in the area with a social media post, which warranted discussion.

If you don’t know Mr. Nomina, you might not know anyone who really hates Lonnie Chisenhall, but the Tribe’s former first-round pick gets some mention. Corey Kluber is great, whether you watched the All-Star Game or not, and why is Francisco Lindor swinging at the first pitch with the bases loaded? After the jokes about the pseudo-exhibition game in San Diego, we get into the meat and potatoes of the second-half Indians.