Jeff Rich is a Cleveland-born sports fan living in the Arizona desert. His favorite memories include being "in the house" for Game 3 of the 1995 World Series and the Browns fake field goal walk-off win against Minnesota in 1989. Though physically separated from The Land by thousands of miles, Jeff keeps his eye on his hometown by watching the games and interacting with his fellow fans on Twitter (@byjeffrich). You can listen to him every Sunday on Dorf on Sports at from 11 AM-1 PM (EDT)

Jeff Rich (@byJeffRich) has been welcoming Cleveland expats to discuss Cleveland with an emphasis on sports for the last couple of weeks. Reversing course, Jeff welcomes in Zach Mentz (@ZachMentz), a Cleveland transplant originally from the Rochester, NY area. They discuss the bandwagon label on fans, rooting for the home team when it might not be your team, Hue Jackson the Raiders head coach, and good general discussion on Major League Baseball.

As light on the Browns as we should be right now, but the Cavs are in the Finals! The Indians were in first place at the time, and a nice, seldom-had discussion on the lower tiers of college sports.